2007 Fishing Reports

Captains Log – 2007 SEASON COMING TO AN END
Well we had an outstanding year on the water with and I do not know were to begin with a re-cap or “year in review” just yet. We will be going over
all our notes and trips for the season and will publish one final captains log over the next few weeks for everyone.

We wanted to let all of you know that despite the poor weather and strong NE winds over the last few weeks, the few times we did manage to get
out on the waters around Plymouth, the bass and blues were still around. Lots of small fish and the water temps have been cooling quickly. Cod have
moved in just outside of Plymouth in 80-200′ of water however, the new regulations are in place now beginning Nov. 1st. (2 fish per person).

With that said, we pulled the Jersey Girl from her slip at Brewers Marine this Friday (11/2) due to the storm that was coming up the coast. 70+
mph NE winds and 20’+plus seas were predicted and we did not want to take the chance leaving her in, especially since it is easy enough to put her
on the trailer. With that said, we made the right decision. She probably would have been fine in the water since all the boats that stayed in the
water around us were fine come Sunday morning, unfortunately, we hate to say this but two boats did sink right at the docks. They were on the
bottom, still tied to the docks. What we found out was that there was a 35′ sail boat that was on a mooring ball in the harbor. It broke loose and
drifted into the marina area. The sail boat managed to find a 40’+ sport fisherman on an end slip and it plowed right into the stern of the sport
fisherman. The sail boat put a nice hole in the transom and they both sank at the docks. We watched the salvage crew try to recover both boats on
Sunday as they sat on the bottom in about 14′ of water. It was a very sad sight to see.  If someone else does not take the time to prepare, it
could spell a disaster for others. Check out the pics of the two boats that sank on our photo page.

We may try to venture out for some end of the season Cod/Haddock/Pollack if the weather holds. Our last day on the water weather permitting
will be 11/12. If you have an interest in getting out for some late season fishing, give us a shout. It could be your last chance to catch a fish in
2007, besides, there is nothing like getting on the water early in the morning when the frost is still on the truck and putting some fish in the boat.
We will be publishing our season re-cap soon and thanks again to everyone that made it on the water with us. If you need pictures from your trip,
information about bookings for 2008 or have any general questions, feel free to contact Capt. Roland Lizotte anytime at.

Captains Log – Sept 29 & 30, Oct 6 & 7
Well, can you believe it is already the second week in October?!! The weather has been up and down the last few weeks with NE winds one day and
SW the next. I have to admit though, these last few days have been picture perfect with temps in the mid 80’s and very light wind. These were
probably the best weather and bass fishing days of the year so far. We have spots available now through the end of October for full and half day
Contact Capt. Roland at 774-437-1882 to book your fall striper or “fill the freezer” cod trips now.

Striper fishing this fall has been outstanding with our limits of nice sized bass being reached within our first hour of fishing on most trips.  We had
the largest striped bass of the year so far boated this past weekend. Roland Jr managed to nail a 47″, 44lb (check out the picture) bass on the
wire line. We also have had a nice string of fish in the 25-30lb class on many of our trips.
Remember, striped bass fishing is our specialty and
we can guarantee putting you on these fish.

By the way, do not let October fool you, there are still some great fishing days ahead of us provided that mother nature cooperates. We are going
to be heading off shore these last few weeks to get in on the great cod action that has really been heating up. The word spreading around is that
cod action is hot now that the dogfish have moved out.
NOTE: Regulations change on Nov. 1st with the cod fishery so get your freezers
filled up now to get you through the winter.

We will be wrapping up our 2007 season in a few more weeks and we wanted to THANK EVERYONE for an excellent year on the water.
Keep an eye out for our “end of the year” update and news letter that will be going out. We are planning some creative trips that will
add more excitement to your day on the water for those of you that book in 2008. Stay tuned for more…PLAN YOUR TRIPS AND

Captains Log – Sept. 22nd
Today we started the day with another striped bass charter leaving the docks at Brewers Marine by 6AM. We had 4 guys from Central Mass. on
board for the morning, Mel (who flew in from Baltimore the night before), Vinny, Chad and Ross. The sunrise was at 630AM so as we were pulling
away from the docks, there was still a dark glow to the sky with a light fog around the harbor area. We decided to hit the hot spot in Plymouth
harbor that we had from the previous weekend as our first stop. After about 15 minutes and marking a lot of fish, Chad had a small bass up to the
boat which broke the ice for the day.

I made the decision to move out of Plymouth and head off to the Race Point area in order to try and find some nice sized fish for these guys. After
a quick 30 minute ride across the bay, we had our jigs in the water. Within minutes, the guys had their first of many nice sized fish in the boat.
The first fish up in the boat was around 37″ (25lbs) but the next 3 fish that came in were 40, 41 and 42″ weighing over 30lbs each. Once of the
fish had a nice belly and was up around 35lbs. After putting fish like that in the boat, anything smaller typically does not compare but the non-stop
action made up for it. We managed to put 7 nice bass in the box ranging from 28″ to 42″ with the prize fish of the day being released by the
captain himself. It was not planned that way but I have to admit, I missed the nicest bass of the day by letting the hook pop out of its mouth while
trying to pull it into the boat. Ross who was the master angler (along with Mel) and the one that brought the fish in, ribbed me quite a bit for
dropping his fish at the side of the boat. You win some and loose some I guess but that fish will be around for another fight.

I decided to keep the guys on the water for some extra fishing time to see if we could bring up another nice bass like the one I dropped. In the
end, we had 7 nice fish in the box, 20+ released fish, lots of fun and laughs, along with an excellent day of fishing. We were back to the dock by
11:15, had the fish filleted and packed on ice by 11:40. Thanks for the fun guys!!! We enjoyed watching you catch all those fish!!! CONTACT CAPT.

Captains Log – Sept. 16th
This Sunday proved to be another excellent day on the water with some great fall Striper action in our local Plymouth waters. Our day started
with plans to head off shore for some small bluefin tuna fishing but with the NE winds, 3-5′ seas and chilly air that moved in overnight, we decided
to hit the local waters instead for some bass fishing. Let me tell you, the bass were in!!!

Within 30 minutes of fishing, we had our limit of fish in the boat and were releasing them for the rest of the day. We had Tom, Tracey, Derrick
and Daisey on board for a few hours of fishing. Tom managed to catch his largest striped bass (30″) and Derrick managed to catch his first and
largest striped bass for the day (33″). Daisey watched all the excitement from the captains seat while Tracey took turns cranking in some of the
fish. All in all, it was an exciting day on the water with fast fishing. There is nothing like watching someone catch their first fish ever or reaching
your limit of fish within the first 30-60 minutes you are on the water.

Well I think the theme for this weekend was the winds!!!! We had SW winds gusting to 30 on Saturday that kept us close to shore and the
weather team at NOAA really missed the forecast for the winds on Sunday. Our striped bass/bluefish charter Sunday started out by leaving the
docks at Brewers around 730AM with Mike, Mike, Wayne and Steve. We were watching the weather carefully as there were thunderstorms north
of us that were moving out into the bay. Once we left the dock, we had very light SW winds for the ride out to Race Point. The ride home proved to
be a different story so more to come…..

After quick 35 minute ride across the bay at 30mph, we had our jigs in the water searching for some bass and blues. Within 10 minutes, we had our
first hook up and bass to the boat. Mike managed to land a nice 20lb, 35″ striped bass. With the guys switching on and off the rods with each fish,
Steve was the next one to get a nice bass up to the boat. Steve’s fish was the prize for the day. He managed to pull in a 27lb, 41″ bass that had a
belly full of sand eels. There were lots of bluefish around and we managed to fill the box with 12 nice sized blues ranging from 8 to 14lbs. During
the fishing action, we watched the schools of small bluefin tuna (about 100yds, 50-80lb fish) off the side of the boat jumping clear out of the
water. The guys had never seen fish like that before and what a show it was. The tuna are magnificent to watch and catch so I rigged up one of my
spinning outfits just in case they came within casting distance of the boat or the guys wanted to take a stab at hooking one.

Around 130, it was time to head back to Plymouth and this is when we knew that NOAA missed the winds forecast. Through late morning and early
afternoon, the winds were gradually increasing out of the E, NE. By the time we left, they were easily blowing 10-15. As we started off, the ride
was nice and we ran with a following sea at 30mph but when we hit the 12 mile out point from Plymouth, it was a different story. At 12 miles out,
we were faced with 4-6′ white capped seas which we were taking on the starboard side. With the wind blowing and the cresting waves, it made for
a slower (20-25mph) and wet ride the rest of the way in. On days like that, it is tough to predict the winds/weather and even the pro’s are wrong
sometimes. Always keep the rain gear at arms length when on the water….even on a beautiful day I always say. In the end, there are 3 things that
matter the most to me on a trip
: 1-Making it home safe after a great day of fishing. 2-The crew having excellent day, with a full fish
box. 3- Having lots of laughs and fun for everyone!! We accomplished all 3 yesterday.

Captains Log – August 30th and Sept. 1st
Call 774-437-1882 to book your next trip with us.
Once again, we decided to take some personal time and try to rustle up a giant or two. Friday the 30th was a day spent on the water with my
father. We had an early start to the day since they were forecasting NE winds up to 20mph later in the day which was prompting the small craft
advisory. After leaving Plymouth, we had fog all the way out for the 15 mile ride out to our fishing spot and that was the rule of thumb for the rest
of the day, solid fog with visibility to 1 mile or less and NE light winds through early afternoon. When the fog would lift a bit, we had about 35
boats around us and we did not see any action around us in the fleet. After about 4 hours of floating live bluefish, the winds started to kick up and
the dogfish moved in. That was our queue to start our trip home and it was just in time because the ride back across the bay proved to be a long
windy ride with the building seas.


Captains Log- August 25th

Well we took the day off on Saturday and decided to spend the day fishing for Giant Bluefin off Race Point. The winds were foretasted to blow
out of the SW 20-25 late in the day but with just my father, Denise and I, we do not mind the ride in rough water. We knew coming home would be
a challenge but it would be worth it if we got into a giant.
Next statement……WE  MISSED A 400lb TUNA AT THE BOAT BY 12″. We were live lining bluefish on my big Penn reals and there was lots of
action all around us with whales, boats and the occasional tuna busting the water. The boat off our stern hooked up and landed one that was about
300lbs, the boat off our port hooked up and lost the fish after 20 minutes. My father was standing at the console watching the fish finder, I was
in the rear and Denise was up front just talking with us. The fish finder lit up and 30 seconds later, we had a tuna off our port side (about 6′ away)
chasing a bluefish. Come to find out after 15 more seconds, the bluefish was the one on my balloon off the rear port of the boat. All of this
excitement happened within 1 minute and 6-10′ from the boat. We all saw it go down and it all happened so fast. The tuna came up again, chased the
blue right out of the water, missed, made another pass at it. The tuna had the tail in its mouth, then it went down, I was getting ready to start
cranking and then it just stopped. The tuna missed the blue by 8-12″. Teeth marks all over the tail of the blue. Talk about exciting. We estimated
the fish to be 400-500lbs. Needless to say, that was the only action for the rest of the day. It was amazing and I still get excited thinking about
trip availability at 774-437-1882.

Today we had a cod trip scheduled with Dean, Ken and Ken Jr. Dean was up from Florida with his son Kenny to visit with his family. The forecast
was calling for 3-5′ swells off shore with light SE winds 5-10, temps in the low 70’s with sun. Well when we left the dock around 6am and hit
Stellwagen, we had clouds, temps in the 60’s, light winds and 3-5′ swells which quickly turned into 7-9′ swells the closer we came to the NE corner
of Stellwagen.
It was going to be another tough day, especially with the dark clouds that were showing rain which was also not foretasted. We decided to tough it
out and watch the weather with the building swells. We started fishing at one of my favorite spots up on the middle back before we continued off
to the NE corner. As soon as the jigs hit the bottom, we had dogfish so we decided to continue on. My next spot started off with producing dogfish
but as we drifted out off the spot, we start to get into some cod. Most were small, less than 19″ and Dean managed to pluck 1 that was about 22″.
After some repeated drifts and an hour of pulling up small cod, we decided to move. At our third spot, we found more of the same, small cod with a
few dogs here and there. As much as I hated leaving the small cod knowing there were bigger ones down there, we made a move to some deeper
water to try and get away from the dogfish.
After about 5 hours on the water, moving across several different spots in the big swells, it started to rain and the fog came in. The guys were
wet so they made the decision to start running back to Plymouth. As a captain, fisherman and just the kind of person that loves to see people happy
when they are pulling up fish, it was tough for me to start making the trip back. I managed to talk the guys into stopping along the way if the
weather broke up or we saw any fish on the surface during the trip back (tuna, blues, bass). That is exactly what we did, as soon as we hit the 2
mile mark outside of Plymouth, the clouds broke, the sun came out and it was about 75. We saw some huge schools of bluefish busting the surface
of the water chasing bait so we decided to stop and throw some lures at them. It was not long before we had some blues chasing the hooks and up
to the boat.
All in all, the day turned out ok. It is tough when the weather does not co-operate and the fishing is not what you expect but that is why it is called
fishing, otherwise, we would call it catching. I hope the guys enjoyed their time on the water and I look forward to getting them out again under
better conditions.

Well a lot has happened over the week that have prevented us from getting on the water to date. My wife’s (The Jersey Girl) sister was married
so we took some time off to spend a few days with the family and enjoy a beautiful wedding down in NJ. Upon coming back home, mother nature
decided to throw some NE/E winds into the mix on various days through early August. When we were able to get out, fishing was tough. I am happy
to report that today we did get out on the water (a little chilly) trolling for some bluefin tuna. Although the action was not hot, we enjoyed a
beautiful day on the water with great whale shows which never stop amazing me.

Saturday would prove to be an interesting day on the water given the chilly start to the morning. We started are day by meeting Dale, Amos,
Annette and Kevin at the dock around 6am. After a slow start of loading the tuna gear into the boat, we managed to make our way out of Plymouth
Harbor in search of some small school bluefin tuna. The interesting part came when moved out just beyond Duxbury and away from the protection
of the land. The winds had been out of the NE for the last few days which really had the waters churned up. As we moved out beyond Duxbury, our
30mph ride turned into a 20mph ride out to Stellwagen. The winds were out of the NE 10-15 with 3-5′ chop in our face over the port bow the
whole way out. Needless to say, it was a longer than normal ride out.
After about a 55 minute ride out to the bank, we had our lines in the water. I knew it was going to be a tough day trolling for tuna with the heavier
seas and winds out of the NE. I have never had much luck fishing with NE winds and you know what they say, “winds out of the east, fish bite least”.
Within the first two hours of trolling, we saw two boats hook up with small fish and that was it for the day. There were close to 45 boats on the
bank trolling around and we did not see the fish on the surface nor did we see people on fish. So after a long day of trolling for tuna, we decided to
try and put some fish in the boat by heading up to Race Point for some striped bass fishing. I can pretty much guarantee that we will put bass and
blues in the boat for our customers and that is what we did. We had only an hour to fish so we managed to catch some schoolie bass and Amos put a
nice 31″ fish in the boat. All in all, we had a decent day despite the lack of tuna bite.

Captains Log-July 24th-26th
Well, we have been off again for the last few days fishing for striped bass and again, I have excellent news to report. I can honestly say that I can
not remember seeing so much bait and fish in the water in years. The striped bass were boiling the surface of the water all week long feeding on
sand eels and eventually the live eels we threw at them. Tuesday was a fantastic day on the water. We left Plymouth at 5AM to another beautiful
sunrise and headed east to Race Point. From that point on, we were on fish all day long with non stop action. My wife managed to pull up another
30lb bass that was 41″ long. We ended up with 18 bass that were all over 34″ and many were 25+lbs. We lost track counting how many fish we
threw back but I can tell you it was over 70 fish.

Wednesday and Thursday were again very slow days, I am not sure what it is or what the change was but what a difference 24 hours makes when it
comes to fishing. Wednesday we were able to put 3 fish in the boat that were over 34″. We had one of our repeat shared trip customers (Rob) on
board for the day to see if we could get him in on some of the action we reported from Tuesday. Needless to say, we marked and saw a lot of fish
on the fish finder but only managed to put a 3 fish in the boat with about 25 fish that were released. Rob had an excellent day on the water and we
actually caught him dozing off on the ride home, 10 hours is a long day on the water.

Thursday started out as another slow day on the water. We had 2 fish in the boat to start the day and then it just died off. The trick this time
was that we brought some live bait, the striped bass favorite food, live eels. That did the trick. For the rest of the afternoon, we drifted live
eels on light tackle (which is the first time this year for us) and let me tell you, what a rush that is. When that bas picks up the eel and runs with it
on light tackle, it is like a freight train tacking line off the reel. We managed to put 2 more nice fish (30lbs) in the boat, released 5 more and had
several pick ups before we had to pack up and head home. Another long day on the water for us, we were pushing 12 hours. With all that said, we are
back to business now and ready to get you on the water. TRY BOOKING A  NIGHT TIME LIVE EEL TRIP FOR BASS, NOW IS THE TIME

Captains Log-July 21st
Today we had a 5 hour striped bass trip scheduled with Jim and Melissa from Foxboro. Our day started by leaving the docks at Brewers Marine in
Plymouth around 730AM and it was a fairly quick ride across the bay to the Race Point area. Light winds and 1-2′ seas allowed us to run the Jersey
Girl across at 30mph most of the way. By 815AM we had our lines in the water and it was not long before Jim and Melissa hooked into their first
fish. Jim managed to get a nice bass up into the boat that was about 39″ long, 27lbs while Melissa managed to get a 35″, 22lb fish into the boat.
Not bad for the first two fish of the day and considering that both had some bets placed on who would get the biggest fish for the day. (Melissa
did not know that Jim paid me off to get the bigger fish on his line.) All jokes aside, both Jim and Melissa filled the boat with bass and within 2
hours, we had 8 nice fish in the boat with many fish that were throw backs. It was non stop fishing for the 5 hours we were on the water. Jim and
Melissa ended up taking home about 50lbs of striped bass fillets.

I have to say that it was non stop laughter and fun on the boat all day with these two. The prize for the day goes to Melissa for catching the most
“variety” of creatures out of the ocean. In between all of the bass, Melissa managed to find snails, crabs and sand dollars.  While there is still
debate on who caught the biggest fish, Melissa definitely managed to catch the most fish. It was a pleasure to get these guys fishing on the water
and share some of the fun we always have. PS, I have passed along my striped bass “poor mans lobster” recipe to Jim and from what I have
heard, it was a hit.

We look forward to seeing them on the water soon with a shark trip in August. FOR ALL OF YOUR CHARTER TRIP NEEDS, CONTACT CAPT.
ROLAND LIZOTTE at 774-437-1882. Ask about our August Specials.

Captains Log-July 17th-20th
Well, these next few days have been vacation days for us and how do we spend our vacation days in the summer, fishing of course. This week were
spent Tues, Wed and Thursday fishing striped bass and what a few solid days of fishing we had. Tuesday we had 10 fish that were well over 25lbs
and 2 that were pushing 30lbs. We must have released close to 70 fish again all ranging in size from 24″-33″.  Wednesday and Thursday were
slower days. We had 5 fish that were 38+” with at least 40-45 fish that were released. Wednesday and Thursday, we had 0 visibility leaving
Plymouth Harbor all the way out to about 15 miles out in Cape Cod Bay. Thanks to our radar and GPS, we were able to safely navigate out of the
harbor and offshore to our fishing spots. Check out some of the pictures of Bug Light in Plymouth. That will give you a sense of the visibility we had.
CONTACT CAPT. ROLAND AT 774-437-1882 for our August Specials.

Captains Log-July 12th
Today we enjoyed an early morning departure from Brewers Marine in Plymouth. We were on the water by 6AM and headed off due East to the
Race Point area for some really heavy striped bass fishing. The sun looked like a big red ball just sitting above the water as we moved across the
bay at 35mph. Winds were out of the NW at 10-15mph.

We had another outstanding day on the water with 11 bass ranging in size from 34″-42″ (17-30lbs). We also managed to release 75 bass that
ranged in sizes from 24″-33″. There were a lot of big bluefish around as well with the biggest one weighing in at 15lbs. Tie one of those bluefish on
with light tackle. How can you beat that action with 10 hours on the water yesterday?

On the ride in, we came across a few schools of 50-75lb bluefin tuna busting the surface of the water. We only had one of our Penn 80STW’s on
board and we decided to throw a spreader bar out to see if we could entice one to the boat. After about an hour of chasing the fish around and
trolling, we decided to continue into shore to put an end to a long and exciting day of fishing. Talk about a day of forearm burning fishing. WE
RATES. $400 for 4 guys on the water for 4 hours, how can you beat that with the action we have had. CONTACT CAPT. ROLAND

Captains Log-July 8th
Well, you have to take your good days and your bad days on the water when it comes to fishing in New England. Today proved to be one of those
days that you knew was going to be a challenge right out of the gate given the fact that the winds started blowing 20-30 out of the SW.

We had a mid day charter leaving from Brewer’s at 1230pm with Mary Beth and her father, Tom from Michigan. We left the docks at 1230 sharp.
The winds were gusting and we knew it would not be fun trying to get across Cape Cod Bay so our goal for the afternoon was to try and find some
stripers around the Plymouth area. As soon as we nudged out beyond the breakwater and long beach, the winds were really blowing (gusting to
25-30). Even in Plymouth Bay, there were white caps which made it a challenge to find the fish.  We fished for 3-4 hours around the area trolling,
live bait and drifting and could not raise a fish, not even a bluefish. When you can not find a bluefish to chomp on a live eel, you know there just are
not any fish around.

In the end, we had a very enjoyable and relaxing afternoon on the water. I learned alot about the Michigan area and the lake fishing that takes
place out there. The sun was hot even with the breeze and we managed to get some nice pictures from on the water.

Captains Log-July 7th
Well what can we say other than we had another amazing day of striped bass fishing on the water.  Our day started out at 4:45AM leaving the dock
at Brewers Marine in Plymouth with Rob, Ron and George from central Mass.. Our goal for the early morning trip was to catch some nice sized
stripers that would find their way into the Jersey Girls fish box and ultimately, onto the grill. That is exactly what we accomplished. In addition to
the beautiful sun rise, our ride east out to the Provincetown area was fairly smooth with winds out of the west at around 10-15mph. Seas were
running 2-3′ and we were able to run at 27-30mph across the bay. We arrived to our fishing spot around 5:30AM  and were one of 4 boats in the
area at the time. We got our jigs in the water and within minutes Rob was able to put our first striper for the day in the box. Rob, Ron and George
managed to put several fish in the box that were around the 40″ mark and pushing the scale close to 30lbs. After 4 hours of forearm burning
fishing, we had a full box of fish and decided to make our way back to port. It was another excellent day on the water with an outstanding group of
guys. We look forward to having them on the water with us again.

We have some spots available this week for any type of fish you are looking to target. Give us a call for booking details and ask about our
discounted rates. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882.

Captains Log-July 4th
Here we go again, another day on the water trying to run with the tuna and stripers. With winds forecasts to blow out of the S, SW up to 25-30
knots, we decided to hit the water early in the day. We left Brewers Marine at 630am and made our way off shore to the SW corner again. This
time, the water was a little rougher so it was much harder to spot the tuna running around on the bank. There were a lot of boats up on the bank
trolling spreader bars for the football sized fish. After 2.5 hours of trolling the bank and bouncing around in the building seas, we decided to pack
up and head inshore for some striper fishing.

Once again, as soon as we hit the inshore waters around Provincetown, dropped the wire line with jigs to the bottom, we had 20-25lb stripers in
the boat. It was not long before we had our limit and it came just in time as the winds really kicked up. We are usually not ones to run in heavy seas
but it was a good day for us to run the Jersey Girl hard across the bay back to Plymouth. We had winds gusting to 25 knots with seas that built up
to 3-6′. The Jersey Girl ran hard and fast back to Plymouth and I must say, for a 24′ center console, she performed like a much bigger boat.
Running at 25-28 mph on the way back and with the trim tabs buried in the water, the Hydra Sports hull really ate up the confused seas and gave
us a solid ride. Despite the wet ride (not much you can do with quartering waves and a 25 knot wind pushing the spray), the hull really performed
and we never felt uncomfortable or unsafe at anytime. CALL CAPTN. ROLAND LIZOTTE TO BOOK  YOUR JULY CHARTER.

Captains Log-July 2nd
We had a quiet evening on the water after work with some striper and bluefish fishing around Plymouth Harbor. We did not have to go very far to
catch some small bluefish on light spinning tackle. What a blast that was. The fish were all over the harbor. Looking forward to the 4th of July and
the tuna/striper trip we have planned. The tuna are still around!!!

Captains Log-June 30th
Call Captn, Roland Lizotte to book your striper trip while the fishing is HOT!! 774-437-1882
Our first tuna trip of the year and it proved to be another fun day on the water for everyone. We started our day our with plans for a 1/2 day tuna
trip and 1/2 day of striper fishing. We ended up with tuna fever that made the day more along the lines of 3/4 day tuna, 1/4 striper.

We left Plymouth in the morning heading off to the SW corner of Stellwagen in search of those stealthy bluefin tuna that have been reported all
over the bank in the last few days. After our quick 30 minute ride out, we reached the bank and stopped in about 120′ of water to pull out the
spreader bars, our Penn International 80STW’s and get ready to let out our lines. As soon as we stopped and had the spreader bars dangling in the
water, we had a 30′ humpback whale come right up underneath the boat to take a closer look. I think it was interested in the colorful squid we had
dangling over the side of the boat.

After we put out our spread, we trolled across the bank for an hour or two before we had our first tuna sightings. It always amazes me how fast
these fish really are and as soon as you spot them, they are on the run. Just seeing these fish within 50′ of the boat got our adrenalin flowing. So
the decision was made to stay up on the bank and chase the bluefin for the better part of the day. We had one fish come up after the bar towards
the end of the day and that ended our tuna chase for the day. Then we made the move to the inshore waters in order to jig up some bass.

On the way into Race Point, we came across a school of bluefish busting the surface of the water. There had to be about 1/4 of a mile of fishing
breaking the surface. We stopped to throw a few popping plugs at them and within minutes, we had 4 12-15lb bluefish in the boat. These were big
bruiser blues that do a number on your gear and arms. Now it was time to round out the day with a few stripers and that is what we did with jigging
wire line. Within 30 minutes of bass fishing, we had 6 fish in the boat that were all 25-30lb stripers. Talk about fast and exciting fishing. The
waters were loaded with nice sized bass and that is how our day ended. Almost a triple play with bass, bluefish and tuna. (you can not win them all).

Captains Log-June 24th
Summer is here and what a week it has been to be on the water. Our week started last Sunday 6/24 with some striped bass fishing around the
Plymouth area. We decided not to make the run over to Race Point because fishing has been so good in our area. Last Sunday I am happy to report
that among the small stripers caught, we managed to put a 30lb striper in the boat. What a nice fish on fairly light gear. It was about 37″ long and
had a big belly full of crabs. It was one of those fish that had the “true striper gut”.   Among the bass we had our first battles of the year with
some small bluefish. No matter how you slice it, bluefish are always a fun fish to catch on light tackle.

Check us out at www.reel-timefishingcharters.com. We have spots available for this weekend and over the holiday week. We are heading offshore
in the next few days to try and find those bluefin tuna that have been cruising around the banks.

As always, happy fishing and contact us anytime at 774-437-1882.

Captains Log-June 16th
Well, the weather the last few days has been really tough. The strong NE winds have really turned everything upside down from the fishing to
getting out on the water. However, today we managed to get out with Amy E. from NJ on board in search of striped bass. The winds were still out
of the NE to start the day but the sun was shining, the waves had turned into rolling swells and the air was warm. We decided to make the run
across the bay over to Race Pt. out on Cape Cod.

About 4 miles off of Race Point, we could see all the boats lined up like they were in a parking lot trolling for striped bass. At about 1.6 miles, we
came across a 64′ piece of piping that was floating on the surface of the water. All I could think of was the mess that could have caused if
someone was running in the dark or fog and could not see it floating. The visibility was over 8 miles so for us, it was an easy target to see, even
running at 37mph. We stopped to get a closer look and then I contacted the coast guard base in Provincetown to let them know of the pipe. They
dispatched a unit to come investigate and shortly after, issued a warning to mariners in the area.

After that little excitement, we made our way up to the point,  pulled up in the line of boats and began to fish. We were using wire line and trolling
our jigs along the sandy bottom. This style of fishing works well for striped bass when you have a sandy bottom. It was not long before Amy had our
first fish boat side and a keeper in the box. After a few hours of fishing, the winds died off and it was a very relaxing afternoon on the water. We
also made a new friend (we call him Junior) at the dock when we returned to Brewers Marine. He was looking for some fish on the Jersey Girl as
well. We will be back on the water this week and have openings for this weekend. We have a full day open on 6/23 and a half day available
for Sunday afternoon 6/24.

Captains Log-June 9th
Sunday turned out to be an excellent day of striper fishing on the water despite the strong NW winds. We started the day in search of some early
season fluke. We fished some of the usual spots around the Plymouth Harbor area and just could not manage to find them. It is still a bit early in
the season and I expect that the fish will begin to move up into the harbor areas within the next few weeks. With the strong winds and the tides
running full, the drift was very fast as well. We covered a lot of ground but could not find the fluke.

With that said, we decided to make a move and find the fish we specialize in, striped bass. We did not have to move to far from where we were
fluke fishing before we were on the bass. Within minutes of the lines getting into the water, we had fish on and in the boat. We ended the day with
quite a few small bass in the 24-28″ range with the biggest fish coming in at 35″.

Captains Log-June 2nd
Saturday proved to be another great day on the water for us. Today our trip started out in search of striped bass and let me tell you, we did not
have to travel far out of Plymouth Harbor to find them.

We started our day on the water around 11am and headed just outside of Plymouth Harbor when we came across terns diving at the water and a
small pod of boats casting toward them. We were in about 25′-30′ of water when we put down our jigs and began trolling along the channel. It was
not 5 minutes before the jig was on the bottom and we had out first fish of many more to come. We must have caught about 20 or so fish that
were under 28″ and we were able to get our recreation limit of 4 fish of 28″ with the biggest just over 31″.

The best part of the day was seeing the Jersey Girl herself pull over a 27″ striped bass with a tag in it. Fishing was incredible and if you like
fishing for stripers on light tackle, Saturday was the day.

Captains Log-May 26th
What can we say about the weather today other than it was a perfect day on the water for the party of 4 we had with the Checkoway family. We
had Pete, Jeff, Sean and Bob on board for a day of cod, haddock and striper fishing. Our day started out with a 630am departure from Brewers
Marine in Plymouth Harbor.

We were running out to Stellwagen Bank for some late May cod/haddock fishing when we came across a pod of 20-25 humpback whales feeding
along the surface of the water. We stopped the boat and within minutes, we had an amazing show all around us. It was as if the whales knew we
were there watching. We had whales breaching, tails high out of the water and fins slowly rolling across the surface as they fed on plankton. Sean
(originally from San Diego) had never witnessed anything like that before in his life and it was quite amazing for the rest of us as well. No matter
how many times I have seen these whales, they never stop amazing me. Pete ended up with about 65 pictures for his photo album.

After the whale watch, we continued east (fishing along the way) up onto the bank and finally found the cod/haddock in about 100 feet of water.
We had about 1-2 hours of fairly fast fishing with most fish falling in the 20″-23″ range. We did manage to rustle up 8 legal size fish with Jeff
taking the largest cod (17lbs) for the day. Despite the lack of keeper cod, we had a fun hour or two of fast cod fishing in the shallow waters.

With the cod/haddock behind us, we started to head up towards Race Point to see if we could end the day with a couple of keeper bass. Sean
managed to get onto a small schoolie striper before we needed to head back to the dock.

All in all, the day was full with a variety of fish caught. After 8 hours on the water and a nice tan, the Checkoways left with some nice fillets of cod
and haddock in the cooler.

Captains Log-May 22nd
Well the weather has definitely taken a turn for the better, especially for those that love to spend time on the beaches or the water. Today we
were able to catch our first stripers of the season on some light tackle right in Plymouth Harbor. They were less than 20″ in length and very fun to
catch on light gear. Having so many small fish around with lots of bait is hopefully a great sign of things to come within the next few weeks. Sand
eels, squid and mackerel have been thick across the harbor and off shore waters which means bigger fish are on the way.

Captains Log-May 20th
Well once again the last few days have been real damp, windy and cold for mid May. With winds that have been steady out of the East/North East,
fog and rain, we have not left the dock. We have heard a lot of reports that there are stripers all over the area. If the weather clears for this
evening, we may venture out and play around with the schoolies in the harbor. I will tell you that when we returned from our cod trip on the 11th,
our neighbor in the next slip over was bagging his first “keeper” of the season. He had managed to find a 30″ striped bass out of all the schoolies
he was catching. We hope to get out on the water this week and with the holiday weekend coming up, there will be plenty of time for some great
fishing. We have openings for this week and 1 spot over the weekend. This could be a great opportunity for a solo trip.
Call Captain Roland at
774-437-1882 if your up for some striper or cod fishing this coming week.

Captains Log-May 11th
We re-scheduled our charter of 5 guys from Weymouth the night before (captain’s decision) due to the weather forecast that was given however,
we did manage to get a solo trip out at last minute with Mike Langfield from Somerset MA.
Despite the forecast of thunderstorms and 0 visibility, the day started with sun and visibility around 5 miles. We were on the water by 930 am
and headed east out of Plymouth. After hitting a few of the local spots, we ran out to the SW corner of Stellwagen to find about 50 whales
churning up the waters. We started our drift in about 90′ of water fishing a few of the humps where the bottom comes up from 190′ to about 70′.
We were able to locate a few pods of cod hovering around the bottom along with some mackerel. Mike Langfield from Somerset was the single
charter that came on last minute and his first day on the water for 2007 proved to be lots of fun. With a few mackerel, lots of whales and pods of
cod around the boat, we were able enjoy the day on the water.
UPDATE: We have outfitted a few of our rods with some new Okuma T20L (lever drag/level wind) reels and let me tell you, they are perfect for
any kind of fishing we do. Mike Langfield was the first to try them out and he was impressed with how smooth and easy they were to use.

Captains Log-May 7th
Well the last few days we have been making final preparations to the Jersey Girl and getting her ready for the boat slip we were able to sneak
into a boat slip down at
Brewers Marine in Plymouth. This was a great opportunity for us that we could not pass up. The good news is that we still
have the flexibility to trailer our boat anywhere you request however, the boat slip now reduces the time spent at the boat ramp and provides
much easier access for our customers. The Jersey Girl is in the water ready for our cod/haddock charter scheduled on May 11th. We have a full
boat on the 11th and hope to hit them hard during the 8 hour trip we scheduled. I will post some updates after the trip Friday.  Of all the days this
week, the weather on Friday is looking a bit dreary with fog and showers foretasted. The Jersey Girl will get us out to the fish, I am sure of that.
The reports I have heard have been excellent from others on the water within the last few days .

The herring a running in all the brooks around the harbor which means only one thing…..stripers are right behind them. We may actually head out to
some of our early spring striper spots on Saturday 5/12 for a cod/striper combo trip. We have openings for 2 people on a solo charter if your
interested. Call Captain Roland at 774-437-1882 if your up for an early striper trip this weekend.

Captains Log-April 27, 2007
Once again we are back in the foul weather and mother nature just will not let the warm, sunny weather sink in. Sunday is looking like it will be the
better weather days of this coming weekend. Highs in the lower 60’s and light winds should make for a nice ride out to the cod grounds.
Captain Roland at 774-437-1882 if your up for some weekend cod/haddock fishing.

Captains Log-April 21, 2007 COD/HADDOCK TRIP
It finally happened, spring has sprung. Typical New England weather, from the storms furry to summer weather.  We ran out of Plymouth Harbor
around 9am today in search of Cod, Haddock and other ground fish. Today brought us 50 degree weather at the dock to start the day and once we
were on the water, we ran with 3-6′ ocean swells just off shore from Plymouth. With water temperatures slowly rising into the upper 40’s, the air
temperature matched the water temperature on our ride out. Once again, we ran off to our favorite hot spots to the eastern edge of Stellwagen
Bank. We fished on the bank in water depths from 60 to 210 feet of water and I have to admit, it was a slow day. We had a couple of hours of real
fast fishing with Cod in the 24″ to 30″ range. The wind and swells dwindled for the ride home after a fun day in the sun. Denise, Roland Jr, Bob and
his dog “minnie” were on board for the day of fishing. Minnie even had her tangles with a few of the fish.

Captains Log-April 11-20, 2007 POOR WEATHER and MAJOR NOR’ EASTER STRIKES
Well, what else is there to say, this weather has kept us on land for a good part of the month. We decided to venture down to the beach on
Tuesday April 16th to see the high tide come in at Plymouth Beach around 12:00AM. We arrived at Berts Parking Lot 2 hours before the high tide
and were amazed by what we saw. We had 3-6″ of sea water rushing around our truck with 10’+ waves crashing over the sea wall and flooding out
Rt 3A. This was definitely not boating weather although, those of you that watch “The Deadliest Catch” might have thought you were right in the
middle of the ocean if you could have watched what we witnessed. Mother Natures furry at her finest.

Captains Log-April 1, 2007 COD/HADDOCK TRIP
Today was a beautiful day, the temperatures started off close to 38 degrees and rose through the mid 50’s by noon time. Denise (my wife and
Jersey Girl), my father and I dressed for the cold weather with our ski jackets, hats and gloves on.  We made our way out from Plymouth Harbor
and cruised by the Mayflower for the first time this year. About 5 miles due east of Plymouth, we ran through schools of dolphin and whales
breaking the surface of the water. It was quite a show to see and reminded us that spring is here. We made our first stop on the south west
corner of Stellwagen Bank and managed to hit a few smaller (20-26″) cod along with a family of sea robins. We continued heading east to the
eastern edge of Stellwagen and fished a few of our “honey holes” that typically produce nice sized fish early in the season. Within 1 hour, we
managed to fill the fish box with some nice sized cod and haddock.
Check out our reports at fintalk.com.
Once on the fin talk website, click the drop down box, select
“Massachusetts Fishing Reports”, then GO.

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