2008 Fishing Reports

Captains Update – 11/8 and 11/12 TUNA ACTION WAS WILD
Well our final trip of the season was today as sad as that sounds. You would never know it with the weather we had this past weekend and today.
Along with the hot tuna action with fish all over the place between Peaked Hill and the SE Corner of the Bank. Today Mike and I ran offshore for a
last run at a nice fish.

Captain’s Update – 10/25 TUNA, TUNA and MORE TUNA…..
Today we had a small window of opportunity to get out and fish the early morning tides before the 40mph+ gales from the SE kicked in. We
started our day by leaving Brewer’s Marine around 6:15am before the sun could get up over the water. We had my father, brother and Rob aboard
for the day, our goal, to put some tuna in the boat and that is what we ended up doing. Today we were going to target tuna and cod but with the
winds forecasted to blow late morning, we made it a tuna day instead.  We hit one of my favorite spots where we have seen tuna all season long
(giants and small fish) and decided to put the bird bars out for a little bit to see if we could raise some fish while looking for pods on the surface.
About an hour into or troll, we came across some large schools of bait, lots of birds (I MEAN A LOT, ENOUGH TO PICK UP ON RADAR) and then
we saw the fish. The weather was perfect, stiff breeze which chopped the water and overcast skies. After pulling through some pods of fish, we
pulled in the bars, broke out the spinning gear and now it was time to run these fish down. We made a few moves after watching how the pods of
fish were running along with our drift and started to cast. We saw a boat off to our starboard side hook up and within minutes, we had fish all
around us. It was frustrating because every cast was perfect and we could not get one to bite. Then it came, Rob had a hit and missed, I had a hit
and missed and as we were making the decision to head back because of the building seas and wind, Rob nailed one. The battle was on. Rob worked
the fish up in the bow as my father and I switched off running the boat to keep it in perfect position for Rob to fight the fish. After several runs
to the bottom, the Okuma V65A worked the fish up to the boat. It was a nice fish, 120+lbs. After a 30-40 minute battle, building 3-6′ seas, winds
blowing to 20, we had the fish boat side.  We gaffed the fish and we pulled it over the rail. The fish was 60″ and fat. Probably one of the fattest
fish I have seen in a while.
After bleeding the fish and getting into the fish box, we secured everything in the boat and started our 22 mile ride back to Plymouth. One thing I
have to say about the Hydrasport 2390 is that
it is a tank on the water. If you are a die hard fisherman, you know what I mean. If you do not
mind getting wet and are dressed for it with foul weather gear, this boat handles the rough stuff well. I do not care what size center console you
are on, when the wind is blowing 15-20, the spray will get you. So with that said, we were able to trim the boat and run at 26 mph most of the way
back to Plymouth up on top of the 3-5′ seas, which made for a safe and fast ride back.
Back at the dock, we took some pictures and cleaned the fish. Since the Jersey Girl was not on board for this trip today, she managed
to get some great pictures at the dock for us. We probably carved about 400-500 dollars worth of meat off the fish. Bluefin tuna are
just awesome fish to watch, catch and most of all, eat!! It was a great way to possibly end the season and think about what next
season will bring. The good news we have to report is that the Tuna are still feeding and around in good numbers. If the weather holds,
these fish should be around into early November. So with that said, are you interested in getting in on some of this last minute action?
We will be pulling the boat out for the season on 11/15. We will run some cod trips through 10/31 and tuna trips daily weather
permitting. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday look like they may be good days to get out. So give us a call and contact Captain Roland
at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update – 10/19 WINDS, WINDS and more WIND!!
As predicted, the fall winds have kicked in. For 3 days in a row, the wind has been out of the E or N/NE gusting to 30 which just does not favor
well for us or anyone for that matter. The next few weeks will be hit or miss I am sure and if there are any breaks, we will be on the water. Our
last weekend (10/25 & 10/26) is still open so if the weather cooperates and you can break away last minute, give us a call. The tuna are still around
and I heard a few reports of nice sized cod showing up around the bank. Contact Capt. Roland for details on getting out to fill your freezer before
the season comes to an end. Look for our last fishing report posts the first week of November.

Captain’s Update – 10/12 Striped Bass Trip
Can you believe it is October 12th!!!! I am not sure where the summer went but it is almost coming to a close. The bass fishing has been hit or miss
and there has been a real good tuna bite the last few days. This weekends trip was probably our last one for bass this year. By most people’s
expectations, I think they would say we did well. The day started by leaving the dock’s around 7am to catch the 9am high tide over at Race Point.
We had John, his younger brother, John’s son Alex, John’s father and John’s friend aboard for the day. We were looking to put some late season
striper’s in the boat. We had a cool 30 minute ride across they bay with early morning temps in the mid 50’s.

When we arrived over to Race Point, there were a few boats casting and jigging for bass in the usual spots. I gave the guys a quick lesson on how to
use the Okuma reels and work with the wire line once let out and we were off. It took about 20 minutes before we had our first fish up to the
boat, it was a small 25″ schoolie bass. That fish set the pace for most of the day. Fish after fish came up and they were all small, ranging in sizes
from 24-27″. For the most part, fishing was fast and consistent with small fish coming over the rails. After about an hour or so, John’s brother
hooked into a nice fish. We all knew it was good because the fish made some nice runs that stripped line from the reel. When we put the fish in the
boat, it measured 35″ and was around 16lbs. This would be the biggest fish of the day for us. John and his crew managed to put 3 nice fish in the
box that were keepers and we probably released about 15-20 short fish in total for the day. From the wire line to casting with light tackle and
pink ronz baits, we had lots of small fish come over the rails. The weather was perfect, the crew was great and the only thing I could have asked
for was that it was still August.

We have spots open for the rest of October for Cod or Tuna weather permitting. This time of year it is hit or miss with the winds so if you are
looking for some last minute action before we put the rods away for the season, give us a call. Contact Capt. Roland at 774-437-1882 for end of
year fill your freezer trips..

Captain’s Update – 8/25-10/5 Striped Bass Fishing Still HOT with Tuna and Sharks on the Prowl
Well for those of you who use our site for reports, we apologize in advance for not staying up to date these past few weeks. In all honesty, the
month of September was quite a challenge with the weather and winds that seemed to keep us off the water every weekend. When we did get out,
we had great success. We had repeat customers Rob and Tim aboard with their crew from work for another excellent bass trip. We managed to
limit out on bass again as we did in the previous trip.
We had Anthony, his fiancée and his friends that flew in from the western states for a day of bass fishing. Despite my warning of the winds and
sea’s, we made a tough go of a few hours of bass fishing. In the tough conditions (3-5′ seas) we managed to catch a few bass and put a nice fish in
the boat.
We ran a few tuna trips during late September and the fish definitely seem to love the live porgies vs trolling the plastic bird bars. Now here we
are, OCTOBER!!!! Can you believe it, we can not!!!! Last weekend was more of the same, we moved our Saturday trip due to nasty west winds and
decided to stay local. Sunday we ran a bass trip that produced the largest bass of the season up to the boat (40+lbs) and we lost it boat side. The
25+lb bass are still biting and it is still very fast fishing.
We are running a bass trip this Saturday 10/11, we have Sunday 10/12 open right now and many spots during the weeks through the end of the
month. Right now our goal is to run 1-2 more tuna trips, 2 more bass trips (before 10/19), 1 shark trip and 3-4 cod trips. So pick one of those trips
and let us get you on the water. We expect that bass fishing will slow down by 10/19 so if you are interested, book a bass trip within the next
week or so. Tuna/shark fishing should remain active through the end of October provided the weather does not get real cold and we will run Cod
trips right up to November when the regulations change. WE HOPE TO GET YOU OUT THERE FOR ONE LAST TRIP…..the morning have been chilly
and you know winter is not too far away!!! Contact Captain Roland Lizotte for details at 774-437-1882. STAY TUNED FOR ALL OF OUR UPDATED

Captain’s Update – August 24th Striped Bass Birthday Trip
Today was a planned birthday fishing trip for Issaac. Cheryl, Joel and Issaac were on the water for a day of striped bass fishing and a “beach
break” to relax. We started out leaving Brewer’s Marine around 11am. It was a real quick ride across the bay today with smooth water and very
little wind. We ran at 35mph most of the way across the bay. Once we hit Race Point, we started off in our regular spot and it was not long before
Issaac had his first fish on. Up from the bottom came a small bluefish. Then Cheryl managed to pick up a bluefish while Joel was on the other rod
fighting what I felt was a bass. Sure enough, Joel pulled up a nice 33″ striped bass. First fish for the box. We decided to make another pass over
that same pile of fish and as soon as the jig hit the bottom, Issacc had what would turn out to be the biggest fish he had ever caught. After a 5-10
minute fight, Issaac pulled in a 40″ striped bass that was pushing 25lbs. It was a very nice fish for a 10th birthday present. After all the
excitement of catching some nice bass within the first hour of fishing, the crew wanted to take a break and soak up some of the sun at the beach.

We brought the boat up close to shore off of Hatches Harbor and anchored in the shallow, warm water. Everyone relaxed at the beach and swan in
the warm waters for the remainder of the afternoon. This was truly one of those “relaxing” trips for me. Even though we left the fish while
fishing was hot, it was a nice break to get my feet in the sand and relax with everyone. After a couple of hours in the sun, we decided to head back
to Plymouth. It was an awesome ride on the way back with the sun low in the sky and flat waters. We took our time running back and enjoyed the
rest of the day on the water. Once again, we had another hit for a birthday trip. The weather was great, the fishing was great and it was such a
relaxing afternoon on the water. The big fish are in and we have been hitting them consistently every day we fish. Now is the time to get
out on the water for one of the fall “trophy” fish that will be cruising the waters off the Cape. Who knows, maybe you will get the next
world record fish aboard the Jersey Girl. They are around and fall fishing should be great!!!! Contact Capt. Roland at 774-437-1882 for

Captain’s Update – August 23rd Tuna/Bass Combo
The day started out just before 5am with plans for a morning tuna trip with the possibility of some bass fishing in the afternoon. We met Rob and
Caroline at the marina this morning and planned to head out before sunrise to see if we could get in on the early morning tuna bite. We made our
way out beyond the entrance of Plymouth Harbor and once again, the weather guys blew the forecast for winds. What should have been a S/SW
wind less than 5 was a Northerly wind 10-15 with a heavy 2-3′ chop. We still made a pretty good run at 25-30mph most of the way out to the
southwest corner of Stellwagen. When we arrived, we were greeted to a fleet of boats trolling bars around. It was the typical Saturday AM
crowd. So we set out our gear and trolled around the edges of the corner a bit before we started to move off to the NE. We did see a couple of
boats hooked up early on so it looked very promising. The spread was riding real nice with the bird bars from fisherman’s outfitter. We were
excited and anticipating a hook up at any moment. Everyone on board had a specific job to do if and when we hooked up. After 6-7 hours of trolling
across the bank, almost up to the eastern edge to get away from the crowds, we decided to pack up the gear and run in for some bass fishing.
Today was another disappointment on the tuna front. We had lots of nice mark’s on the sonar but just could not get them to bite. From the sounds
of it, not too many people hooked up either. That is tuna fishing though and you know what, the anticipation of that hook up and run with the fish is
enough to keep me wanting to get back out there for more.

We made a quick run up to Race Point and started jigging. It was not long before we had our first hits and Rob had a bass up to the boat. The next
pass, Rob landed the biggest bass of his life. It was a 40″ bass, pretty close to 28lbs. A very nice fish. In about an hours time, we managed to
catch and release a few short fish and put three nice fish in the box. All in all it was a great day on the water, despite the sloppy conditions early
and late in the day. Rob and Caroline were a great crew to have on board for the day. Lot’s of great conversations, pretty solid bass fishing and we
hope to get out on the water with them again soon. Come on and try a combo trip for tuna and bass with us, while we can not guarantee a
tuna, WE WILL CERTAINLY GUARANTEE BASS/BLUEFISH IN THE BOAT FOR YOU. There is no better way than ending a day with
some nice striped bass for the grill. Get HOOKED UP ON THE JERSEY GIRL. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte or Denise for details at

Captain’s Update – August 21st Striped Bass Trip
The weather guys have definitely been off the mark with the forecasts for the winds of late. Our trip today was planned for a later start with
Paul, his wife and two children (Gabby and Mike). We left Brewers Marine around 7am today and were off for another striped bass trip over at
Race Point. The winds were forecast to be from the south less than 5mph, when we made out way out beyond Plymouth, they were from the NE 10-
15. To top that off, we were greeted with a 3-4′ slop for the ride across. I asked Paul if they wanted to stay around Plymouth instead of making a
slow ride across the bay, he said, “No way, the kids are fine and this is the fun of the trip. A little salt spray and bumps will not hurt anyone, it is
part of the experience.” It was nice to hear him say that and actually, we made out pretty good. We managed to stay fairly dry and at a slower run
(20-25mph) across, it was a pretty comfortable ride. The Deep V on the Hydrasport 2390 makes this boat a tank on the water. It never pounds
and gives you a nice soft ride.

Anyway, it took us about 50 minutes to get across today and we were off fishing. Mike (who is 8) started working one of the rods while Paul helped
Gabby (almost 6) with the other one. Once again, it was not long before we had the first hook up. Gabby had a hit and then Mike hooked into a fish.
The talk between the kids was that Gabby hooked the fish first and then it swam over to Mike’s line, so Gabby really caught the fish first. It was
a cute conversation and for a 6 year old girl, Gabby was a trooper and had me laughing with her comments all morning. Mike had his fish to the boat
and it was a smaller 26″ bass. I knew the fish were around so we started another pass, it was not long before Gabby hooked up. It was fun
watching her reel in the fish while the rod was bent over in the rod holder. She cranked and cranked on the reel, finally a nice 30″ bass came up to
the boat. We moved around a bit and found another nice pile of fish. A few minutes went by and then Mike was on. After a pretty good fight, Mike
managed to put a nice 36″ bass in the boat. For both kids, it was their first striped bass and biggest fish ever. For the rest of the morning, we had
a few fish here and there, all in all, I would call it a good day on the water, especially for the kids.

It was another great trip with a great family. The kids had a blast which really does bring me back to when I caught my first fish, Paul and his wife
were great to talk to all morning and Gabby was a riot. The water was like glass for the ride back to Plymouth. It was so flat that Gabby slept the
whole ride back and did not wake up until we had the lines tied up on the boat at the dock. We are looking forward to getting Paul and Mike out
later in the season for some cod fishing. If you have kids that have never caught fish before or are just looking to have a great day on the
water, come on and give us a call at 774-437-1882. We will create some memories that will last a lifetime for you and your family!!!
Happy Fishing!!

Captain’s Update – August 16th GIANT TUNA FISHING
Well, this was our 3rd Giant Tuna trip of the season and once again WOW. We had our second attempted hook up with a big fish. We had an early
start to the day and managed to get our baits in the live well (live bluefish) for some Giant Tuna fishing. We made it over to one of my favorite
spots off the back side of the Cape and noticed that there was an orange ball sitting right near our spot. Seeing that meant only one thing, someone
had hooked up with a tuna. We set the anchor and set out our baits. Sure enough, after about sitting for an hour, the missing boat pulled up along
side of us and had a 600+lb fish in tow. We were in the right spot and it was exciting to see someone with a big fish. The one downfall about Giant
Tuna fishing is that it is a waiting game. You need to be in the right place, at the right time and everything needs to go right from there. Well, we
were in the right place and it was just a matter of time.

After about 4-5 hours, the tide was slack and that is when all the activity kicked in. It was like someone turned on a light in the dark. The birds
were active, the whales were feeding, bluefish were running (NO DOGFISH TO SPEAK OF) and there were Giant’s busting the surface of the
water around us. We must have seen 6-8 Giant’s come clear out of the water chasing blues. That is when our line started running off the reel.
Once again, we were disappointed. The fish hit the bait broad side and buried the hook into the bluefish so when it ran with the fish, it missed the
hook. Talk about total excitement and disappointment at the same moment!!! We will get one, it is just a matter of time and a numbers game. I
spent some time the other day talking with an old timer and he gave me a couple of “tricks” for rigging the bluefish that I would have never
thought of that will prevent the “buried hook syndrome”. We shall see if it works.

Well, we are 0 for 2 on the giants and you know what they say, the 3rd time is a charm. So if you are interested in putting in some
time on the water trying to catch one of these magnificent fish, give us a shout. We can also set you up for a shot at the smaller ones
with a combo trip (1/2 day small tuna, 1/2 day bass or cod). The combo trips are nice because even if we miss a tuna, we will guarantee
that we can put bass in the boat for you. You will end up with fish in the boat one way or another. So come on, give Capt. Roland a call
at 774-437-1882 to book you fall trip.

Captain’s Update – August 14th Striped Bass
Today started around 530am with a pretty heavy fog leaving Brewer’s Marine. We had Mark, Tim and Rob aboard for a few hours of striped bass
fishing. When you think fishing has slowed down, just give it a day or a change in the winds and it comes right back. That is what we found out with
this trip or with the fog but as soon as we made it out into the bay, it opened up a bit and made for a quick ride across. As we got closer to Race
Point, the fog settled back in with near zero visibility and that is when the radar comes in handy. The radar was our eyes for the first 3 hours of
the day today. It was also nice because we could see where all the boats were grouped up, more than likely on fish.

After giving the routine lesson on how to work the Okuma T20L reels, Mark and Tim were up first. It was not long before Mark and Tim had their
first fish of the day in the boat. We managed to put two nice keeper bass in the box right off the start and that set the pace for the day. We
were marking piles of fish on the sonar and I knew with the fog keeping the sun at bay, these fish would stick around for a while. Rob switched off
at the rod with Tim and within a few minutes, he had his first bass up into the boat. For the next two hours, this cycle continued with our rods bent
over all morning and doubles with each pass over the fish. As a matter of fact, we managed to get out limit of fish within 1 hour and 30 minutes,
talk about fast fishing!!! It became one of those trips where we started picking which fish we wanted, throwing back a lot of nice fish, casting with
light tackle and the crew getting sore arms from all of the action. You can not complain about that.

One other interesting note was that the coast guard was diligent today and they were boarding every boat in the fog. As we were fishing, every
now and then you would see an orange 8′ zodiac (rubber raft) pop in and out of the fog with about 6 coast guard guys on board. They were making
their way around the fleet of boats running boarding inspections. One of the nice things for us is that we had a “formal” coast guard inspection as
soon as the boat went in the water at Brewer’s earlier this year. After the USCG go through the long checklist of requirements, they give you a
signed inspection document along with a orange sticker of certification that is placed on the port side of the console. This proved to be worth while
because on the water, if the USCG can see that inspection sticker, they know you have already been boarded and approved. This will save us about
30-45 minutes of boarding time on the water.

In the end, we had our limit of fish in less than two hours of fishing and a great day on the water. Tim was amazed at how calm the water was and
how fast the fishing was. Rob and Mark were impressed with how many fish we caught and how fast it was. We ended up with 8 nice fish in the boat
ranging in size from 28″ to 36″ and lots of throw back fish (many of which were keepers). The guys had a blast on the water and we are looking
forward to having them aboard again. As I mentioned earlier, if one day is slower with fishing, rest assured, the next day will be better. Now is
the time of year when those striped bass begin to feed for their fall migration. Expect the big fish to move in through September and
we will be moving right along with them. Come on and get “Hooked Up” on the Jersey Girl with Capt. Roland Lizotte and 1st Mate
Denise. We have some Sunday’s open through September and a few days during the weeks coming up. Call 774-437-1882 for details
and discounted rates on fall fishing..

Captain’s Update – August 10th Bluefin Tuna (Land of the Giants)
I think one word can describe today, WOW. So we will get to the WOW in a minute. Our day started a little late today but that was ok since the
tides were perfect for what we wanted to do. We started the day off by Race Point trying to find some bluefish for our tuna bait. Yes bluefish….
funny to say that we were looking for them because when you want them, you can never find or get them. It took us over 3 hours to put 2 bluefish
in the live well. All we could manage to catch for about 3 hours straight were bass and some nice sized bass at that, I am talking bass over 40″.
After putting our two bluefish in the live well, we made the decision to head just off the shore (about 1/2 mile or so) and set up our drift. We
were 1 bluefish short so we could only fish two of our rods and we were praying that the dogfish would not find out baits. So here comes the WOW.
After we just set out our first bluefish and were working on the second (maybe 30 minutes into our drift), wham, the line started running and the
clicker was screaming from the reel. As I walked over to the reel (about 20-30 seconds into the run), it stopped. Denise and I sat for a few
minutes to see what would happen, our hearts were pounding and I was on an instant rush. Nothing more came of it. So we slowly reeled in the bait
and sure enough, there were some nice mouth marks around the belly of the bluefish, right up to the hook. We are guessing that we had a small
giant pick up the blue and run with it for a few seconds and then drop the bait. It happens, everything needs to be right in order for the hook up to
happen. Not too much drag, the baits in the right place and so on. For us, it was not our day today with a giant but it sure brought some excitement
to the boat and kept us going for the rest of the day.
All we can say is WOW…..nothing else. Giant tuna fishing is something that will get the blood pumping, even just sitting in the boat
knowing that any minute, one of these monster fish could put you in the battle of a lifetime. Small or Giants, the bluefin tuna will give
you a run for you money, oh and test you will as well. Give us a call to book your striper, tuna or fall cod trips now. The tuna are
starting to run, the bass fishing is still great and we can put you on the fish. Come Hook Up on the Jersey Girl. Contact Capt. Roland
Lizotte for details at 774-437-1882. We will be out on the water again Saturday August 16th trying our luck again for a giant…if you
are interested, give us a call.

Captain’s Update – August 9th Striped Bass/Bluefish Fishing
Today we had three brothers, Lamar, Jamaal, and Kyle out for a striped bass and bluefish trip.  We left the dock around 6am from Brewer’s
Marine in Plymouth with overcast skies, calm seas and light winds.  We were able to make our quick run over to Race Point at 30mph and start
fishing right away.  After a quick lesson on how to fish with our
Okuma T20L reels and the wire line, older brothers Lamar and Jamaal were up
first with hopes of catching their first ever keeper bass.  Jamaal landed the first fish – a nice sized bluefish.  We moved around to a few of our
favorite spots and found a nice pile of fish – we would soon find out that they were stripers and big blues mixed together.  After tangling with a
few more bluefish, Jamaal put the first keeper striper in the boat.  Lamar followed right after with the biggest fish of their trip – a 36 inch 15lb
bass. Kyle ended the day catching a keeper striper of his own.  One of the nice things about this trip was that everyone had their chance a putting a
keeper bass in the boat. We made sure that all the guys caught fish so there was no sibling rivalry, but Lamar definitely went home with bragging
rights at the end of the day.
It was a quick ride back to the docks with the sun finally coming out, that made for a perfect ride back to Plymouth. Once again, a great day on the
water. Fishing was what we would call “good”, they guys had a great time and they all went home with some nice fillets for the grill. We have some
spots coming up in the next few days. We will be running some bass trips later in the week and a combo trip on Friday (tuna and bass). Stay tuned
for some tuna updates. Bass fishing continues to be great around the tides so “Come Hook Up on the Jersey Girl” and fill that cooler with some
fish. Tomorrow is our first day off since June so we will be heading out to try and tangle with the Giants……bluefin that is. We watched someone
take in a 705lb bluefin last weekend so now we have the bug (for those that have caught one of these magnificent fish, you know what I am talking
about). Time to put those Penn 80STW’s to the test!!!
Contact Capt Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for trip information and booking

Captain’s Update – August 3rd Striped Bass/Bluefish Fishing

Well as all of you know, things change very quickly here in the North East and it proved to be one of those  challenging days for us. The forecast
called for morning sun and light SW winds. When we arrived at the dock, we had a light NE wind that has pushed a ground fog up into the harbor.
The day started with another birthday trip that Judi had planned for her son Dave. Along with Judi and Dave were Charlie and Sean. It would prove
to be an interesting day since the guys had never caught big bass or bluefish before and in addition to that, Judi mentioned the “curse” that they
always seemed to be plagued with. The curse was that Judi and the guys have never caught fish on any trips they have been on. We had hoped to
break that curse today.

We pulled out from the slip at Brewer’s Marine in Plymouth around 9am today and made our way out through the fog. Once we were out into the
bay, we were able to run at 30mph across to Race Point. It was overcast and we would run through areas of fog the entire trip across the bay.
When we hit Race Point, the visibility was down to about 1/4 of a mile. It was interesting because you could not see the boats around you but they
clearly showed up on the radar. After the quick lesson and explanation on how to work the rods/reels, Dave and Charlie were off fishing. Within a
few minutes, the guys had hits and then Dave hooked into his first fish. After a good fight, Dave managed to put a big bluefish in the boat. The
first catch of the day. Next it was Sean at the rod while Charlie took another pass at trying to get a fish. We worked our way back around through
where we had marked the fish and then Charlie hooked up. Charlie hooked into another big bluefish which turned out to be the biggest of the day.
Then it was Judy at the rod and within minutes, she was on. The theme for the day was fast fishing to start with some big bluefish and then with
the slowing of the tide, so did the fishing. We moved from spot to spot searching for bass and we just had a hard time finding them today. There
are two things that I must note, 1) The winds were from the East and North East, my saying is “when the wind is from the North and East, the fish
bite least” and 2) the tides were a challenge. So the challenge was to find a bass and Dave managed to do that, in an odd kind of way. We have seen
fish caught many different ways before and I must admit, I have only seen the way Dave caught this bass done maybe 2-3 times in my life. Dave
was jigging when he felt his line get heavy, it did not feel quite like a fish but something was definitely on the line. As the line came up to the boat,
it was clear that Dave had snagged someone’s lost wire line. When I grabbed the loose wire, I could feel a light tug and sure enough, there was a
fish on the other end. So we pulled the line in by hand and up came a small bass. Surprise!!

So in the end, we had a few big bluefish in the box, a small bass and a fairly relaxing day on the water. The fishing was much slower than usual but
that is fishing. You have to take the good days with the bad but the run still continues with bass and bluefish up to the boat. Everyone said they had
a blast tangling with the big blues and the fog burned off late morning which gave us an awesome ride back home. We hope to have these guys out
again soon. Now is the time to start planning a fishing trip. There is nothing better than spending a relaxing day on the water, seeing the
whales, catching nice fish and going home with some great fillets for the grill or freezer. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-
1882 for details.

Captains Update – August 2nd Striped Bass Fishing
Finally, after 4 re-scheduled dates due to poor weather and strong winds, Kirk and Donna made it out with us for a great day on the water fishing
for striped bass and bluefish. This was a birthday gift for Kirk and they were chomping at the bit to get out and get into some of the great bass
fishing we have had lately.

The day started by leaving Brewers Marine around 10am today, a little later start than usual but the tides and winds were perfect for the trip.
We had a very smooth ride across the bay over to Race Point. Light winds allowed us to run at 30-40mph the whole way across. The water was like
glass and you could easily see fish on the surface of the water if they were around. After a 30 minute ride, we went through the quick lesson on
how we would be fishing, how to work the rod/reels and what our hand made jigs would be doing along the bottom that would cause the striped bass
to go crazy. We placed a few bets on who would catch the first fish, biggest fish and most fish for the day, then we were off fishing. Within about
15 minutes, Kirk’s prediction came true and Donna had her first fish on. After a quick fight, we managed to put a smaller sized striped bass in the
boat. Next was Kirk, then Donna, then we doubled up and that seemed to be the routine for the next couple of hours. Kirk landing fish, Donna
landing fish with doubles on most of the time. We hit our limit of bass and had some good size bluefish in the boat by the end of the trip. Jigging
with the wire line really makes for fast, fun and exciting fishing. They both could not believe how fast the time went by. When I asked them if
they considered the day fast fishing, they both agreed and said “YES”!!! They had a blast and so did Denise and I.

In the end, the weather was perfect, we caught lots of bass with some nice sized bluefish and had a great ride back to the docks.
Great fishing, great people and a safe trip all the way around. What more could you ask for??? How about planning that late summer or
fall trip for trophy bass, bluefin tuna or sharks. For those of you that watched shark week on the discovery channel, you know how
much excitement there is with a 5-7′ shark swimming around the boat. Come on and hook up on the Jersey Gril. Contact Capt. Roland
for details at 774-437-1882.

Captains Update – July 26th Striped Bass Fishing
Today we had Scott, Dave, Freddie and Amy aboard for a day of bass fishing. This was a re-scheduled trip from earlier in the season when we had
our engine problems and I am glad we were able to get this crew on the water because we really had a great run at lot’s of bass today. Our day
started at 5am today meeting everyone at the docks at
Brewer’s Marine. We pulled away from the slip around 5:30am and made our way out of
Plymouth harbor with a gorgeous sunrise in store. The sky was a bright red/pink color with the clouds in the background. It was a pretty smooth
ride across the bay at 30mph.

When we hit Race Point, there was a fleet of boats all around us and as we got up into 25-35′ of water, we were marking fishing. After a quick
lesson on how to use the Okuma T-20L , Freddie and Scott we at the rods first. They were jigging for about 15-20 minutes when Scott hooked
into a small fish which was about 28″, so our first fish was in the boat. It was frustrating for me to not see quick hook ups with good fish. We were
marking nice piles of bass under the boat but they just did not want to bite. So we made a quick move to one of our other spots and started fishing
again. This time, Amy and Freddie were at the rods. Within a few minutes, Amy had a fish on then Freddie. We doubled up. After a nice fight,  Amy
had her 32″ bass up into the boat. As I turned to give Freddie a hand, I reached over the side to grab the fish and the leader broke. When I
grabbed the leader to look at it, it was frayed, it happens. So we had a lost fish but it gave me the opportunity to re-tie the leader and make sure
it was solid. Back to fishing.

After rotating on and off the rod for a while, everyone had their turn at getting in on the fish. Today was a different day fishing for us, with the
first two hours being slower than usual and the last few hours being very fast. We made another move to a spot where we did well the previous
week and that is when we found the fish. The next 2 hours would prove to be very fast fishing with some monster blues coming up to the boat
(12+lbs) and some nice size bass. Dave, Freddie, Amy and Scott had it down to a science by this point, letting the line out, making a couple of jigs
and then slam, fish on. I think all the action and excitement on the boat actually wore Dave out, we caught him taking a little cat nap up in the front
of the boat while Freddie and Amy were putting fish after fish in the boat. Once again, we ended the day on a positive note with Scott living up to
his word. Earlier in the day, he said to me, “I’m going to get a fish that you will need to use the gaff for.” Well, it happened, the last fish of the day
Scott hooked into. We knew it was a good fish because as soon as it hit, the line just ran from the reel. After a nice fight, the fish was up to the
boat and I could see it was a nice sized fish. As it came up, it was making a nice wake with it’s tail up to the boat. I grabbed the gaff and grabbed
it by the lip to pull it in the boat. It was a 42″, 23lb striper. It turned out to be the fish of the day.

Today’s trip I would call “just awesome”. The weather was perfect, the fishing action was non stop for most of the day, everyone caught fish and
we had 7 nice bass along with 6 blues (2 were over 12lbs). You could not ask for a better day on the water in my opinion, so come on, get in
on this great fishing action and have a day on the water with us. The striper/bluefish trip is one that we
“GUARANTEE” so give it a
try. We are also looking to run some tuna and shark trips in the next few weeks so if you want a trip that is adrenaline packed, contact
us for details!!!

Captains Update – July 23rd Shark Fishing/Striped Bass Fishing
Well, today was supposed to start out our first shark trip of the season with my father aboard today. It ended up proving to be a killer striped
bass day. We left
Brewer’s Marine around 6am today and headed off to Race Point in order to try and pick up some small bluefish to throw in the
live well as shark bait. There was a light go as we ran out of the harbor and when we cleared Duxbury, we were greeted with a E/NE wind and 3-5′
choppy swells. The ride was pretty smooth and dry across the bay at 25mph, the waves were spaced perfectly so at that speed we were able to
get up on top of them and go.

We hit Race Point around 6:45 and started to troll for some blues. Slam, we had a fish on and it was fighting pretty good. My first guess was that
it was a bass just by the way it made its first run, stripping line off the reel. Sure enough, when we got it up to the boat, it was a 38″ striper. This
set the stage for some great striper fishing over the next few hours. It is funny sometimes that when you are looking for bluefish to use as bait,
you can not find them anywhere, then when you do not want them, that is all you can find.

Fish after fish that came aboard were nice sized bass all ranging in size from 28″ to 42″ (10-25lbs). After 5 hours of fishing, we had a couple of
blues in the live well and made the decision that we would just continue to bass fish for three reasons:
1. We had bass in the boat now, which meant that we could not fish the shark spot off shore that we usually go to. It is beyond the 3 mile mark and
you can not have bass in the boat beyond 3 miles.
2.  The bass fishing was INCREDIBLE!!!
3. There was a sever thunderstorm alert that was issued for the offshore waters (yes, the same storm that produced the water spout).

Around 4pm, we started watching the skies darken and storms moving to the north of us. That is when the coast guard issued a marine warning for
our area. There was a storm over Providence moving towards Plymouth at 40mph. Knowing we had a good 45 min ride back, we packed up and made a
course for home. About 2 miles out of Plymouth, we hit zero visibility fog and the skies turned black. We made our way into the harbor, found our
slip and as soon as we had the lines on the boat, the skies opened up and I mean opened.

In the end, we had 9 very nice bass in the boat, a safe ride back and look forward to getting out for that first shark trip!!! It was a
great day on the water with my father (Roland Jr.) and I know he enjoyed catching fish all day long. With the shark and tuna fishing,
even though it is exciting fishing that gets your adrenaline running, the wait for the hook up can be like watching an apple turn brown so
the fast bass fishing action made for a great day!!! Contact Captain Roland Lizotte if you are interested in getting out for some shark
action. The blue sharks are out there and you could have a chance at a Mako. Call 774-437-1882 for details.

Captains Update – July 22nd Fluke Fishing Plymouth
Today was an off day for us so we decided to stay local with the winds that kicked up the offshore waters. We decided to try our luck with some
fluke/flounder fishing around the Plymouth waters. It was a bit of a challenge today with the tides running really hard, the winds blowing, we could
not manage a good drift or hold bottom with our fluke rigs. After about an hour or two of fighting with the currents, we decided to try some bass
fishing. We managed to pick up 2 small bass (26″, 27″) right around Clark’s Island. For those of you that know Plymouth, you can usually drum up a
few fish around that area and that is what we did.

Captain’s Update – July 21st STRIPED BASS AFTERNOON TRIP
Well, our string of calm winds and water has ended. It amazes me how quickly the weather can change here in a matter of minutes (90 minutes to
be exact.) So we ended the morning trip on a great note and calm seas as you can read from below. Donna and Kirk were meeting us for a 4 hour
bass trip at 2pm. The winds were from the SW and they were starting to gust. I just filled up the Jersey Girl with gas for the ride back across to
Race Point when Donna and her husband showed up right on time. We pulled out from the slip and as soon as we made it out beyond the shelter of
land, the winds were really gusting. I am talking gusts easily to 25 which really started to kick up the seas, white capped waves were running 2-4′
with the occasional 5-6′ mixed in. We made it about 8 miles out and it was time for me to make a decision. 1. Keep going, have a bouncy and wet ride
for Donna and Kirk with the waves, then fight it all the way back to Plymouth at the end of the trip or 2. Head back and re-schedule. Since I know
how the wind and water currents are out in Cape Cod Bay, I told Donna and Kirk that if they could re-schedule, I would recommend it. That is one
thing that we like to do as a charter business, not push people into uncomfortable weather conditions. I am not saying that conditions were not safe
but you are paying money to get out on the water for the day and enjoy it!! To sit under a t-top, in a cabin, get sick, wet or just be miserable for
the day is not enjoyable. So in the end, we made the right decision and Donna will be back on the water when the weather is right.

Come on and get in on the exciting striper action. Give us a call at 774-437-1882 and let’s figure out how we can get you out on the water this
summer. We have spots open through August, we are running our first Shark trip this coming week and I can only imagine that things will just keep
getting better from here on out. Fill those coolers with some fresh fish or put some nice fillets on the grill!!! We have some great recipe’s for the
bass that you can try!!!

The string of great weather continues for us and so did the fishing. Today started out as a double header for us with a morning and afternoon trip.
This mornings trip was with John, Paula, Dave and Jack. The plan was to leave
Brewers Marine around 5am and hit the striper’s hard. That is
exactly what we did. The winds were fairly light as we pulled out from our slip and started to make our way across Cape Cod Bay to Race Point.
Once again, we were able to run about 35mph for the trip across which put us on the fishing spots within 30 minutes. After the quick lesson on how
to work the rods, reels and jigs, Paula and Dave were the first two off fishing. The rumor was that Paula was the Ace on fishing trips and Dave had
never caught a keeper striped bass (nor had anyone else on the boat). John was telling us that Paula always seemed to catch the first, biggest and
most fish on any trip she has gone on. Would the past hold true for Paula on the Jersey Girl and would everyone on the boat catch their first
keeper bass , read on to find out.

Well, within 15 minutes, Paula had her first fish on. After a quick fight, the first keeper was up into the boat. Next it was John’s turn. We went
right back over the spot where we had marked the fish on the bottom and slam, John hooked up. John boated the next keeper. Then it was Jack’s
turn at the rod and while all this was happening, the bass would not bite Dave’s jig. I could not figure out what was going on. Same line, same color
jigs and Dave was fishing the exact same way as everyone else. No hook ups yet but that would soon change. Jack managed to find a short bass and
then Dave finally hooked up, we had doubles on. As Dave’s fish came up along side of the boat, I knew it was close in length so I did not want to gaff
it. As I grabbed the leader and reached for the lip of the fish, the jig broke right off with the fish swimming away. It happens, it just stinks that
it happened with the fish Dave had.

From spot to spot, we moved around and stayed on piles of fish throughout the morning. We ended the trip on a positive note with Dave finally
landing his first keeper striped bass of his life. Dave had fished throughout his life never landing a keeper bass and now in his early 60’s, he would
have this memory for the rest of his life. In fact, everyone on board landed keeper fish with 9 total for the day. As predicted, Paula landed the
first fish, biggest fish at 42″ (26lbs) and the most fish. John finished a close 2nd to his wife with his biggest fish at a nice 38″. Dave and Jack
both had fish that were over 30″. Denise and I were very happy that we could share that experience with everyone on the boat today. That is what
makes running these trips so much fun for us. Seeing the smiles and excitement that everyone has with that first hook up keeps reminding us how
rewarding this job (if you can even call it that) really is.

Come on and get in on the exciting striper action. Give us a call at 774-437-1882 and let’s figure out how we can get you out on the water this
summer. We have spots open through August, we are running our first Shark trip this coming week and I can only imagine that things will just keep
getting better from here on out. Fill those coolers with some fresh fish or put some nice fillets on the grill!!! We have some great recipe’s for the
bass that you can try!!!

Captain’s Update – July 18th STRIPED BASS FISHING
Talk about a great run of weather these last few days. We started the weekend on the right foot today with a striped bass trip hosting Bill and
Rob from NJ. Denise and I were at the dock around 4:30am today for our 5am trip out of
Brewer’s Marine in Plymouth. We had to make some last
minute rigging changes with the fishing gear, while doing so, we were treated to a gorgeous pink morning sky brightening over the harbor. Bill and
Rob arrived just after 5 so it worked out perfectly.

We pulled out of the slip around 5:10am and were on our way to Race Point. Once again, we were treated to mirrored waters, no winds, a quick ride
at 35-40mph across the bay and a whale showing his tail as we approached Race Point. After giving Bill and Rob a quick lesson on how to work the
Okuma T-20L reels, we were off fishing. As Bill was standing at the rod jigging for bass, I grabbed the line he was holding to show him how it would
feel when a striped bass hit and literally 15 seconds after I let go, we heard “FISH ON.” Bill was hooked up. I do not think we were fishing for
more than 2 minutes and his line was tight with a fish. AMAZING! Bill pulled his fish to the boat and it was barely lip hooked. As soon as I pulled it
over the rail, the hook popped right out. We had a 36″ 15 lb bass in the boat. That would set the stage for the next couple of hours on the water.
When the fish would move out of one spot, we would follow them to the next. Bill would land the next keepa bass, then Rob followed with his first
of the day. Bill had the catch of the day (joking around of course) with pulling in a bunch of wire line from the bottom that someone else had lost.
This happened 3 times in a row and Bill walked away with 3 nice jigs for his tackle box in addition to the cooler full of fish. We ended the day on a
positive note with Bill landing the last fish. In the end, we had 7 nice fish in the boat with 1 throwback. The guys were amazed at how fast the
fishing was and that every fish that came aboard today, was a keeper.

With all that said, we had another excellent day on the water. SUMMER IS HERE, the water is warm and there are lots of bass
around.  We are on the water almost every day fishing so let us Get You Hooked Up on the Jersey Girl. We have not missed a beat
when it comes to bass fishing so contact Roland Lizotte for details with booking your next trip at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update – July 15th, 16th and 17th STRIPED BASS FISHING

Captain’s Update – July 12th STRIPED BASS CHARTER
All we can say about this trip is “WOW!!” What an amazing day on the water with Scott, Marc, Sammy, Jackson and Seamus. This trip was planned
as a 6th birthday present for Sammy. What a gift it would turn out to be. I have to admit up front that I think this was one of our best trips to
date and it brought back a lot of memories from the days I started out on the water fishing when I was Sammy’s age.

We left Brewer’s Marine at 6am today for a ride over to Race Point for some striped bass fishing. As we made out way out of the harbor, there
was no wind and the water was like glass. I let Sammy take the wheel for part of the ride across to give him a feel for what it was like to run a
boat at 40mph across the bay. When we hit the 5 mile out mark from Race Point, off in the distance, you could see little puffs of spray against the
sky line. We knew exactly what it was and it would turn out to be a site that I have never seen before. As we got closer, there were about 70-90
whales all within a 1/16th of a mile of each other. To see so many whales in such a small area was amazing and to see how excited the kids were as
the whales swarmed around the boat. I shut the engines off and we had a group of whales breaching around the boat, waving their fins and at one
point, we had a whale come up right next to the boat and blow. It was so close, that the mist actually covered us as we stood in the boat. (There
was 7 of us on board today so we all were witnesses to this) The kids had never seen anything like it before and the looks on their face was enough
to make the entire trip a hit, even if we never put a fish in the boat. Somehow, you know that we would end up with fish though, especially since we
guarantee the bass and bluefish!! 🙂

After the great whale show, the kids were anxious to start fishing. We moved up closer to shore and started our first pass for some fish. About
10 minutes went by and we did not have any hook ups, so we decided to move about a mile up from where we were. Once we made it to our spot, the
jigs were on the bottom and we had fish on right away. Sammy was at the rod first fighting what turned out to be a nice 29-30″ striped bass. Then
a few minutes went by and 9 year old Jackson (Sammy’s brother) had his shot at a fish. Finally it was 6 year old Seamus at the rod cranking away
on the reel. Within 30-40 minutes, we had our first 3 keeper bass in the boat. Scott and Mark were not left out of the action. Both had their
share of fighting fish with the fish of the day taken by Marc. He ended up with a nice 41″ 25lb striped bass. After putting 6 nice fish in the box,
we decided to switch over to some light spinning tackle. After about an hour of sight casting, Seamus landed a nice 27″ bass and everyone had a
little bout with the sand sharks that were mixed in with the bass. The kids were amazed by the sand sharks.

In the end, it was an exciting day for everyone on the boat. Scott and Marc seeing their sons pull in nice sized fish (the biggest fish they had ever
caught), seeing the looks on everyone’s faces when the whales were around the boat and just bringing back the memories for me from when I was a
kid tangling with that first bass made this a day one I will never forget. To quote Scott, they had an “amazing time on this trip, have a
lifetime of stories, great pictures and
2 very tired boys.” So if you have children that have never experienced being out on the water,
seeing whales up close or hooking into their first fish, now is the time to get on the water aboard the Jersey Girl. It has been fast
fishing and we will keep the kids (and adults) busy with non stop action. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for details at 774-437-1882

Well we were off to another great start today with Bruce, Bryce, John, Tyler and Neil aboard the Jersey Girl for a day of striped bass fishing.
The winds were calm, the water was like glass and the skies were clear as we pulled out of our slip at
Brewer’s Marine in Plymouth around 7am
today. Bruce and his crew were on vacation from California and they were looking to end the week with some nice fresh fish for the grill.

Our ride was very quick today, about 30 minutes across the bay running at 30-40mph the entire run across Cape Cod Bay over to Race Point. We
had our eyes on the water hoping to see some small tuna busting up the surface but we did not see any. When we arrived at Race Point, we were
greeted to a fleet of boats. There had to be 50-60 boats in about an 1/16 of a mile stretch of water. We gave Bruce and his crew a quick lesson on
how to fish with the Okuma T-20L reels and then we slowly made our way into the line of boats. It was amazing to see so many boats in a small area
and you would think everyone had tight lines but there was not one fish taken over any rail that we could see. We decided to make a short run down
to one of my favorite spots along the back side of the Cape and sure enough, the fish were there.

Within a few minutes, the guys had fish on. We picked up a 29″ and 35″ bass right off the start. It was not long before John hooked into a bass
that gave him a run for his money. When John pulled his fish up along side the boat, we could see that he had a nice fish. I pulled it up over the rail
and the fish measured about 41″. We were looking at another nice 25lb bass in the boat. Around 10am, we lost the tide and the fishing just came to
an end.

All in all, we had a pretty good day on the water with 3 nice striped bass in the boat, the weather was absolutely perfect and we had a lot of great
conversations. That is one thing that we love about getting on the water fishing with people. When we have people from different parts of the
country, there always seems to be something that sparks great conversations. Anyway, another day on the water with a great crew and we are
looking forward to having them back on the water again soon. I promised Neil a trophy fish in mid September, so I am “On The Hook” literally to
deliver. Thanks for the great day, we enjoyed having you on the water.

For anyone else that is reading my posts here, it has been an amazing season for bass fishing so far. Lots of nice size fish around and as you can see
from the pictures and reading through below. We have been able to put lots of nice fish in the boat which has kept our “Money Back
Guarantee” going strong this season. We guarantee bass or bluefish in the boat on all our bass/bluefish trips, where else can you find an
offer like that.
With all that said, contact Capt. Roland Lizotte @ 774-437-1882 for details on our contest for July and available
dates for the rest of July and through early August!! Let us fill your coolers with fish

Talk about another great day on the water for us aboard the Jersey Girl. Our day started with Brendon, Sean, Jill, Lyndsay and Whitney leaving
Brewer’s Marine in Plymouth around 11am. The plan called for an afternoon of striped bass fishing. The forecast was for partly sunny skies, light
winds with some early morning fog. When we pulled out of our slip and started our way out across the harbor, as soon as we hit
Bug Light, there was
a wall of fog with zero visibility (seeing the bow of the boat was tough.)  Our Raymarine Radar/Plotter was picking out every little object on the
water and the Lowrance GPS was guiding us out. The fog made for a slow ride but with the electronics, it made for an easy ride out of the harbor.
Once we made it out to the mouth of the harbor, the fog opened up a bit and we were able to run at 30-35 mph across the bay to Race Point.

As soon as we made it to the spots we were going to fish, we gave the crew a quick lesson on how to work the Okuma T-20L reels and we were off
to the races. As soon as Jill’s jig hit the bottom, we had a fish on and the first “keepa” for the day was in the boat. For the next 40 minutes,
fishing slowed down with the change of the tide so we made a quick run to where we have done well in weeks past. It was the right decision to
make. Once again, as soon as the jigs hit the bottom, we were on fish, Brendon, Lyndsay and Jill were all catching nice sized fish. One after
another, everyone was jumping on and off the rods as we were hooking up to bass from 28″-41″ (10-24lbs). The fish of the day came when Sean was
at the rod and reel. Sean turned and said he had a fish on, then the battle began. The fish made a few good runs and as it started coming up
towards the boat, that was when you could see the tail poking through the surface of the water making a nice little wake. As the fish came up to
the side of the boat, we could see that it was barely lip hooked so we quickly pulled it over the side and as soon as we did, the hook popped right
out. The fish ended up being about 42″ and 24lbs. It was nice hearing Sean say, “that was the biggest fish I have ever caught.” The day ended with
Whitney pulling the last fish over the rail. All in all, it was an excellent day on the water with everyone catching fish and lots of fun.

The ride home was nice with light winds which allowed us to run at 35mph. This will be a great trip to remember. We had a lot of fun with everyone
and it was great seeing the rods bent over with fish, people smiling and laughing through the afternoon. We hope to have this crew back on the
water soon. In the meantime, striper fishing is still HOT so plan that July trip and catch some fresh fish for the grill!!!! Striped bass
grills up amazing! These trips are great for 4-5 people, we guarantee fish and you will have memories that will last a lifetime. We will
be on the water later this week and have spots open so contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for available dates.

Captain’s Update – July 5th
Well, we had another great day on the water today. The charter for today was going to be with Kathy, her daughter and relatives that came in for
the holiday weekend. A last minute decision from Kathy and we decided to re-schedule her trip. The forecast for the morning called for rain and
thunderstorms. Since this was going to be the first time out on the water, we wanted them to enjoy the day so we easily moved them to another
date. Instead, I spent the day on the water with my brother Bob. We decided to put on the rain gear and head over to Race Point for some striped
bass fishing and tuna if we could find them. It turned out to be another great day on the water for bass fishing.

The winds were light and we had a light fog as we left Brewer’s Marine from Plymouth. We were able to run at 35mph across the bay over to Race
Point and just like in weeks past, the fish were right where we had caught them before. The were quite a few boats working the area and we did
not see too many people with tight lines as we approached. Within minutes of our jigs hitting the bottom, my brother hooked up, then I hooked up.
We had doubled up with two nice bass over 36″. That seemed to set the theme for the next 2 hours that we fished. Every time our jigs hit the
bottom, we had fish on. We put 4 nice bass (20-25lbs fish) in the boat and then decided to head back to Plymouth looking for some tuna.

About a mile into our trip back to Plymouth, we came across a huge school of monster bluefish that were tearing up the surface of the water. We
broke out the light spinning tackle and made some casts. Within minutes, we had bluefish hooked up and the line started screaming from the reels.
If you ever want to have some fun, fast action and great fighting fish on light tackle, get tangled up with a monster bluefish. This quote is one of
my favorites and says it all about the bluefish…”the bluefish is the Fishdom’s version of the guy that guy in the bar that asks every newcomer,
‘Hey buddy, are you looking at me?’ and then without waiting for the answer, throws a punch. The guy could be big or little, can win or lose a fight,
but keeps coming back for more. Fighting is in this fish’s nature.” ~ Peter Kaminsky ~ So after putting a few of these fish in the boat, we
continued our trip back to the dock. We did not see any tuna today but we did have a lot of fun on the water today. So if you want some real
action, book a striper/bluefish trip or tuna/striper combo for a great day on the water. Spots available through July, call Capt. Roland
for details at 774-437-1882.

Captains Update – June 27th
What a day on the water today. There was very little wind and the water was like glass as we left the dock at Brewer’s Marine around 6am today.
We had repeat customer Rob and his gang, Nate, Steve and Steve aboard the Jersey Girl today. We were treated to a quick ride (25-30min)
across the bay to Race Point running at 35-40mph most of the way. We planned fishing the first half of the day with wire line and the 2nd half of
the trip, we were going to throw around some live eels with lighter tackle. I do not care what anyone says about wire line fishing, it really is one of
the most productive ways to raise big bass as all our customers find out. You can really feel every move the fish makes. The wire transfers the
action of the fish up to the rod and into your arms. Once again, within 20 minutes of fishing we had our first bass up to the boat.

After about 3 hours of working the wire line, we had 5 nice bass in the boat all ranging from 15-20lbs. (30-38″). Steve managed to hook into a
monster bluefish that had us all fooled. It fought like a bass the entire time, stayed deep in the water and when it came up, it was a 10lb, 3oz
bluefish. It was huge!! That was the first bluefish of the season for us.

We decided to try our luck with the eels and were not able to raise any fish. Rob managed to catch a small school bass on a Ronz bait. I know the
bass were there when we were fishing eels, as we reeled up an eel, there was 3-4 nice sized bass that followed it up but they would not take it.
That’s fishing, can be very frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. In the end, we had a GREAT day on the water with nice fish in the boat,
a smooth ride and some great conversations.

We had a couple of trips this week and I have to say that everything changes so fast here in the Northeast. I have always said that when the winds
are out of the NW or NE, the fish will bite least. That was the story for our cod/striper combo earlier this week. Cod fishing has slowed with
dogfish up on the bank and the cod/haddock are in much deeper water now. So if you want some real action, book a striper trip or tuna/striper
combo for a great day on the water. Spots available through early July, call Capt. Roland for details at 774-437-1882.
Pictures from
this weeks trips are on the way, stay tuned!!

Captains Update – June 21st Summer Is Here – STRIPER ACTION CONTINUES TO BE HOT – CALL NOW
So lets just say summer is here and that you could not have asked for a  more perfect day than today to be on the water. We left Brewer’s
Marine a bit late today in order to catch the tide just right for our Captain’s Choice charter (tuna/striped bass combo). We planned a half day for
tuna and a half day for bass but as you will see, we never quite made it a day for tuna.

The ride across the bay was smooth at 35mph and we had our eyes open for birds and tuna busting the surface. The water was like glass and on a
day like that, you can see the tuna pushing water from quite a ways away. We made the trip across in about 35 minutes and did not see any tuna
action during our trip across. We had our jigs in the water shortly after we arrived at Race Point and right off, in less than 10 minutes, we had our
first keeper bass in the boat. Not too big, but it was a great way to start the day. Just like in past trips, the tide began to slow and so did the
fishing. We decided to make a move to one of my favorite spots off Wood End and Long Point and it was the right decision to make. We were on the
bass and it was very fast fishing for the rest of the day. Every time our jigs hit the bottom we had fish on. It was about a 1 in 5 average with
picking through smaller fish then nailing a nicer one. We had our limit of fish in the boat within a couple of hours. All the fish in the boat ranged in
size from 10-20lbs (28-39″). So to my earlier point, the bass fishing was so good that we never made it out for tuna. From what I heard, the tuna
bite was very slow and not many fish were taken.

We have trips scheduled for later this week and have slots open for the weekend of 6/28 and 6/29 as well as the following week.
Striper action continues to be hot and the tuna are in. Call Capt. Roland at 774-437-1882 to book your trip now. Come Hook Up On
The Jersey Girl. PS, We would love to post pictures from this trip but the Captain forgot his memory card for the camera in his lap top
(my mistake).

NEW Captains Update – June 14th and 15th – STRIPER ACTION IS HOT-BOOK NOW
So after pushing the boat dealers hard for a week, we finally had our boat back in the water around 2pm on Saturday. The crew down at Edwards
Boat Yard in Falmouth really did an outstanding job with helping us out. They are just a great group of people down there, thanks Rick!! The bad
news is that the boat was out of the water but the good news is that as of Saturday, the boat is now back in the water and BIG Stripers and Tuna
are in!!!

Saturday afternoon we ran a full sea trial all around the Plymouth waters to make sure the engine problems were gone. After 4 hours of running
the boat hard and plugging away at some stripers, we called the guys for our Sunday 6 hour bass trip and told them the great news.

Sunday, we left the docks at Brewers Marine around 6am looking to catch the last few hours of the incoming tide and fish most of the dropping
tide. We had a full crew with Eric, his father Walter, Dave, Bob and Craig. The trip today was a surprise Father’s Day gift for Walter with a
special treat having his son Craig coming in from Arkansas. What a trip it would prove to be.

Leaving Plymouth, we were faced with a stiff East wind and 2-3′ chop most of the way across the bay to Race Point. We were able to run the
Jersey Girl at 25mph which put us over at Race Point in about 45 minutes. Shortly after having our lines in the water, Eric picked up the first few
hits and then a small bass, I mean real small. After about 1.5 hours of jigging, moving around to some different spots and catching a few small bass,
I told the guys lets move back to where we started the day to catch the change of the tide. I knew the fish would be there once the tide turned
and they were. As soon as we stopped and put the jigs down, the Lowrance sonar lit up with lots of good fish. About 1 minute later, we had fish on
and the first keepers started coming over the rail. For the next 2 hours, we had non stop action with most fish over 36″ and weighing 18-25lbs.
The fish of the day came when Walter was at the rod. He turned to me with a grin on his face and said, “I have caught lots of bass in my days and I
know that this is a good fish.” For about 10 minutes, we watched as Walter would fight the fish and the fish would fight back, taking nice runs and
not wanting to come up from the bottom. When the fish came up into the boat, it was over 40″ and pushing 25lbs. All the fish caught for the day
were taken on our Okuma T-20L reels with the level wind/lever drags. This is our second season with these reels and they are truly awesome
reels to use when fighting big bass. Everyone comments on how great these reels are with such a smooth drag while fighting fish.

At the end of the day, we had our limit of striped bass, lots of big fish and lots of laughs. These guys were a great group to spend the day on the
water with, especially this Father’s Day. Just seeing the smiles all the way around the boat, hearing Craig say that he has never caught fish like
that before and everyone having their share of nice fish makes this day one to remember.

So with all that said, we are very happy to say we are back on the water catching lots of nice fish!!! Striper action is really hot right now with lots
of big fish around. Now is the time to book your trip and put our “Money Back Guarantee” to the test. We have a few spots left in June so call
Capt. Roland for details at 774-437-1882.

Captains Update – June 7th
Boy, when it rains it pours and the saying “everything always comes in three’s” is really true. Our fishing trip for today started off by leaving the
docks at Brewers around 6am with Mike, Kathy, Pervez and Sean. Our plan for the day was to head off to Race Point for a few hours of striped
bass fishing. The ride across the bay was a bit slower than usual, the water was very calm but we had pea soup fog for most of the ride. We
started jigging with the wire line and after about 30 minutes of very slow fishing, our Port engine shut off. (1st problem – fog, 2nd problem – slow
fishing and the 3rd problem – the port engine failed). After checking for common issues (spark plugs, wires, fuel problems) we made the decision to
head back to port on our running starboard engine. That was the saving grace for us. What could have been a 3-4 hour ride back to port, turned into
a 45 minute ride back with one of our twin engines doing the bulk of the work.

Our boat is out of the water at the dealer now and it looks like we will be off the water for this coming week. Stay tuned for updates and we will
be back on the water soon.

Captains Update – May 24th and 25th
It has been a while since we have posted an update but that is not to say that we have not been fishing or on the water when the winds have
allowed us to get away from the dock. This weekend we spent quite a bit of time on the water with our first bass trip on Saturday and another Cod
trip on Sunday.

I will start with our Sunday trip first since I can describe it with one word in my opinion, “outstanding”. We had Brian and his crew on board with us
for a full day of cod fishing out on the bank. We left Brewers right at 530am and set a course for the middle part of the bank around the BE buoy.
We had very light NW winds which allowed us to cruise out at 35+mph. We made it up onto the bank in about 40 minutes. Shortly after we started
fishing, we had the first few fish up to the boat. The first 3-4 hours of fishing were a bit slower than what I would expect with a slow pick of cod,
haddock and mackerel to the boat. Around 10am, we started to lose the tide and the fish stopped biting, so we decided to move around a bit.

While we were trying to find some feeding fish, we enjoyed the show that the whales were putting on all around us. The whales were breaching
right out of the water and that is just an amazing site to see that time and time again. Around 11am, I gave the guys two options 1) head up to the
Northern part of the bank or 2) move 3-5 miles South to where we have done well in the past. The decision was made to move back South and it
proved to be the right one. Around 11:30, we picked the tide back up and the fish started to bite. For the rest of the day, we had fast fishing with
everyone on fish each time the jig hit the bottom and in some cases, before it hit the bottom. All the guys commented on how nice it was to use the
Okuma T-20L reels with the level wind/lever drags to pull the fish up to the boat.

All said and done, we ended the day with a host of fish up to the boat: lots of cod, 1 haddock, mackerel, pollack and 2 wolf fish (Brian’s was a
keeper at 30lbs). It was a blast to be on the water with these guys for the day, I was laughing non stop and it was great to see them have fun
pulling in fish after fish. I hope to see them on the water again soon once the bass fishing picks up in the next couple of weeks. We still have spots
open for cod trips over the next 2 weeks and we have been filling up our schedule with bass trips beginning the second weekend in June. If you
are looking to get out on the water for lots of fun and have some fresh fillets for the grill or freezer, give me Capt. Roland Lizotte a
call at 774-437-1882 or send us an email.

Captains Update – May 10th
Another day has passed and we have another weekend of cold, windy and rainy weather. It seems that the theme for us the last few days is about
re-scheduling trips. Whether it was strong SW winds or the strong winds today from the NE, we just have not been able to find a window that
gets us out from the docks. The weather for the next few days, at least through Tuesday is looking to be windy and rainy with seas off shore
running well over 6′. We are hoping to get back on the water with Brian’s crew on Wednesday for some cod fishing.

We will also start running some early spring striped bass trips. The schoolie’s have been running around the docks are the marina and when we
start to see that, it usually means some of the bigger fish are roaming around our usual spots. If we can get a short break in the weather, we may
test out the waters for some striped bass, we will let you know how we do.

If you are looking to get on the water soon for striped bass, cod or tuna, please give Capt. Roland a call at 774-437-1882. When you
call, ask about out current promotions.

Captains Update – April 26th
Two weeks of great weather, day in and day out. Then the weekend comes and we are faced with easterly winds. They say when the wind is from
the East, the fish bite least. That saying held true to some extent for the trip we had today with Mike and Greg.

We started the day heading out towards the shoals of Stellwagen. We left the dock around 7am hoping to beat the winds that were forecast for
today. As soon as we pulled from the slip at Brewers, the winds began to pick up out of the east. We tried to make it a quick ride off shore and
when we arrived out to the bank, we were greeted with 10-15mph winds with 3-5′ swells that were building. The first few drifts in shallow water
did not produce much of anything. We moved off into slightly deeper water (120-140′) and that is when we started to get into the fish. Just like in
weeks past, it was a steady pick of cod in the 20-22″ range. Mike managed to pick through about 20 fish before putting his first keeper in the

Personally, I have to admit that today was a tough day on the water for fishing. In the end, we left early knowing we had a long ride back and swells
pushing 7-9′. We have some days available for trips coming up this week, so if you are looking to get on the water, give Capt. Roland a
call at 774-437-1882.

Captains Log – April 19th
Well the weather turned out to be perfect for a full day of cod fishing today. We left the docks at Brewers Marine around 7:30 with professional
bass fisherman Joel St. Germain, his friend Rob, my father and brother. The winds were very light with a slight swell as we made it offshore to
the western edge of Stellwagen.

After a few quick drifts, we decided to make a move and that is when we found the fish. The screen of our Lowrance fish finder was “lit” up with
fish. Every drift we had fish up to the boat and it was a few hours of very fast fishing. We lost the tide around 10am and thats when we lost the
fish. We decided to make a run to the SE where we had haddock and cod last week. With the waters fairly calm, we were able to run at 30+ mph
most of the day which makes it easy to cover a lot of ground.

Around 11:30-12, we decided to head back to the North where we had fish previously which was the right move. The tide was moving again and it
was a slow and steady pick at the fish all afternoon. Most fish were 19-23″ and I would say that it was a 15-1 ratio for most of the day. For every
15 fish we caught, we would pull up 1 keeper size cod. The last hour of the day was a blast for everyone on the boat, with a few drifts that were
full of non stop action and giving Rob the biggest fish for the boat. I was really impressed with the casting technique Joel used throughout the day.
He was using a very light weight G Loomis rod with an Okuma reel and a light diamond jig, his technique out-fished everyone on the boat. Even
though we were all fishing through lots of small fish, Joel’s lines were always tight.

With that said, we had another great day on the water with lots of memories shared between all of us. People say it is a small world and it really is.
Come to find out, Joel grew up fishing the same beaches of Cape Cod, shared the same friends and we reminisced about the experiences we have
had over the years. So come on and build your own fishing memories with us, contact Capt. Roland at 774-437-1882 to book your 2008

Captains Log – April 11th, 2008
Ok, the weather has finally given us a break and we were able to get out on the water for a fun day of cod and haddock fishing. Thursday the 10th
was the pick of the week with temps in the 70’s but Friday proved to be the best day of the week for putting fish in the boat. We left
Marine at Plymouth around 730AM. The forecast called for very light winds, partly cloudy with late day showers and temperatures in the 50’s. The
water was like a mirror as we left the harbor which allowed us to run at 30+ mph all the way out to Stellwagen Bank.

After a quick ride out to the bank, we decided to try a few spots along the western edge to see if we could find some cod. The sun was out, the
water was shallow but there were no cod to be found. After a few quick drifts, we decided to head off to the eastern edge of the bank and fish
some slightly deeper water where we have done well in the past.  As we made our way across the bank, we came across a large school of porpoises
and there were lots of whales which put on a great show for us. We soon realized that our decision to move was the right one to make!!

Once we arrived on the eastern edge of the bank, we dropped our cod rigs down in about 140′ of water and wham, we had our first hook ups of the
day. That first drift and hook up set the tone for the rest of the day. With every drift we made and every spot we moved to, we had cod and
haddock to the boat. Despite many of the cod being 19-23″, we did manage to put quite a few nice cod in the boat along with a couple of haddock to
make the trip complete. One thing that was pretty amazing for us today, outside of the great fishing was the fact that it was so quiet on the
water, you could actually hear the groans from the whales as they were breaching . You may think I am joking but it was like something you would
see and hear on the Discovery Channel. I must admit that I am always amazed every time I see these animals on the water.

So with all that said, our first trip of the season was outstanding. Great weather, great fishing and lots of fun. What a way to end a week and
start the weekend. We can not wait to get out there again!! Call Capt. Roland at 774-437-1882 to book your trip!

Captains Log – April 5th, 2008
Well I hate to say it but we had to cancel our trips for this weekend. As I look out the window to our backyard, it is damp, windy and overcast, not
the best day for an offshore cod fishing trip. We will be trying to get on the water this week, weather permitting so keep an eye out for our
fishing reports in the days to come. We have openings this week as well as into the weekend so give Capt. Roland a call at 774-437-1882 to book
your trip. Hopefully we can avoid those “April Showers” over the next few weeks and have some great trips on the water.

Captains Log – April 3rd, 2008
APRIL HAS ARRIVED and we are hoping to have another great season on the water. Despite the chilly and damp spring, we are ready to run our
first cod trips of the season this week. Peggy and her son from Northboro will be on board this weekend for some great cod/haddock fishing
action. Please make sure you check for updated fishing reports over the weekend or into next week.

We are hoping the forecast for Saturday and Sunday improves, right now, the forecast is for chilly rains with strong northerly winds Saturday and
possibly showers with easterly winds on Sunday, not great fishing weather. Just like everything else, we will wait and see what mother nature
throws our way.

We have an open spots on Saturday 4/12, Sunday 4/20 as well as some days during the weeks so if you are dying to get on the water for to wet
your line for the first time, looking to have some fresh fish for an early spring fish fry or just enjoy time with family and friends on the water,
give us a call. CONTACT CAPT. ROLAND AT 774-437-1882 for booking detail and ask about our current promotions.

Captains Log – March 15th, 2008
Well another weekend underway and New England weather never stops amazing me. We started the weekend on Friday night with 50 degree
temps and light rain. We woke up Saturday morning to find rain, temps in the 40’s and a strong easterly wind which churned up the water. Within 2
hours, the temperature dropped to 34 and we had snow, sleet and as the weatherman say, “everything but the kitchen sink.” With all that said, the
Jersey Girl is uncovered and going through her routine spring maintenance. Another 3 weeks and we will be in the water.

We are proud to let you know that our rates for 2008 will not be changing at this time. We are going to try and keep the same rates for the
season provided fuel rates do not eclipse the 4-5 dollar mark. Also new for 2008 are few contests we will be offering you as well as a MONEY
for our striped bass/bluefish trips. Here is how they will work:

1. Beat the Jersey Girl-this will be for our solo trip customers. We will pick a specific date in June, July, August and September to run this trip
with a group of 4 solo customers together for 4-6 hours of fishing on the water. The goal will be to out fish my wife Denise a.k.a. the “Jersey Girl”
by catching the biggest fish (striped bass or bluefish) for the time we are on the water. Everyone will jump in and out of fishing after each fish is
caught. If you beat the Jersey Girl, we will
refund 50% of the cost of your solo trip or allow you to apply $200 to your next trip.

2. Biggest Fish for the Month-this will be for any given month during the charter season beginning in April and ending in November 2008. If you
catch the biggest fish for the month out of all our trips, we will offer 1 of the following to you:
Free reel time fishing charters shirt.
b. $40 off your next charter trip.

3. Beat the Captain-this will apply to any of our charter trips and will give you the chance to test your skills against the Captain. We will pick a
specific date in June, July, August and September to run this trip if you are interested. The Captain will fish along with your charter similar to the
“Beat the Jersey Girl” contest. If you catch the biggest fish (any species qualifies) and beat the Captain, we will offer you
$100 off the cost of
your trip as well as a reel time fishing charters shirt

4. Money Back Guarantee-this will apply to our Striped Bass/Bluefish Trips where we GUARANTEE STRIPED BASS or BLUEFISH in the boat. If
we do not catch any striped bass or bluefish, you will have the option for a full refund for the cost of your trip or you schedule another trip on us

Captains Log – March 7, 2008
Ah, another storm is on the way for the weekend and it sounds like we are getting a lot of rain. We may be able to float the Jersey Girl in our back
yard with the 3-4″ of rain predicted for this weekend. It’s only early March but with the string of warmer days this past week, it feels like spring
and more importantly, April 1st can not come quick enough. We thought this was going to be the weekend we pulled the boat out from under the
winter wrap, put the fresh coat of bottom paint and wax on her but I guess that will wait a few more days. I will be busy during these next few
weeks (weather permitting) getting the Jersey Girl waxed and prepped for her slip in early April.
All of our cod gear is ready to go for April
so if you are interested in putting some fresh fish in your refrigerator  or looking to have that spring fish fry, give us a call. We have
some pretty good rates for early spring code trips.
Feel free to email us at bigfish@reel-timefishingcharters.com or contact Capt.
Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 to plan your 2008 fishing trip.

On another note, I failed to mention the newest addition to the Lizotte family……her name is “Diva” and she is an American Bull Dog. Check out our
pictures of her in the 2008 photo gallery. She is starting the 2008 photo gallery off for us. In addition to Diva, my Aunt and Uncle have started
off on their own venture with designing new children’s sandals. You can check out the sandals and their designs at
www.polliwalks.com. We are
wishing them the best of luck with sales and hope these sandals are a great hit in 2008 with all the kids.

Captains Log – February 23, 2008
Well after this last round of snow and ice, the Jersey Girl is still tucked away under cover in the back yard. We started getting our gear ready
for the spring cod/haddock season which kicks off on April 1st and we just poured some 5-6oz jigs for striped bass fishing. Those of you that
booked a bass trip with us last year will remember how productive our homemade jigs were. We made about 50 jigs this year and I will start to tie
the hair on them and make sure we have all the popular color combinations that worked so well for us in the last few years.

With that said, we have already start to take bookings for April and the month is beginning to fill up. We have a few slots open for full and half day
trips during the week and we are still open on 4/19 and 4/20. Plan your spring cod trip now and take advantage of our spring discounts. If you book
your April trip before 3/15/08, we will extend a 15% discount to the normal rates.

We are looking to having another fun and exciting year on the water. If you have any questions or need additional information about bookings for
2008, feel free to contact Capt. Roland Lizotte anytime at 774-437-1882.

Captains Log – 2007 SEASON COMING TO AN END

Well we had an outstanding year on the water with and I do not know were to begin with a re-cap or “year in review” just yet. We will be going over all our notes and trips for the season and will publish one final captains log over the next few weeks for everyone.

We wanted to let all of you know that despite the poor weather and strong NE winds over the last few weeks, the few times we did manage to get
out on the waters around Plymouth, the bass and blues were still around. Lots of small fish and the water temps have been cooling quickly. Cod have
moved in just outside of Plymouth in 80-200′ of water however, the new regulations are in place now beginning Nov. 1st. (2 fish per person).

With that said, we pulled the Jersey Girl from her slip at Brewers Marine this Friday (11/2) due to the storm that was coming up the coast. 70+
mph NE winds and 20’+plus seas were predicted and we did not want to take the chance leaving her in, especially since it is easy enough to put her
on the trailer. With that said, we made the right decision. She probably would have been fine in the water since all the boats that stayed in the
water around us were fine come Sunday morning, unfortunately, we hate to say this but two boats did sink right at the docks. They were on the
bottom, still tied to the docks. What we found out was that there was a 35′ sail boat that was on a mooring ball in the harbor. It broke loose and
drifted into the marina area. The sail boat managed to find a 40’+ sport fisherman on an end slip and it plowed right into the stern of the sport
fisherman. The sail boat put a nice hole in the transom and they both sank at the docks. We watched the salvage crew try to recover both boats on
Sunday as they sat on the bottom in about 14′ of water. It was a very sad sight to see.  If someone else does not take the time to prepare, it
could spell a disaster for others. Check out the pics of the two boats that sank on our photo page.

We may try to venture out for some end of the season Cod/Haddock/Pollack if the weather holds. Our last day on the water weather permitting
will be 11/12. If you have an interest in getting out for some late season fishing, give us a shout. It could be your last chance to catch a fish in
2007, besides, there is nothing like getting on the water early in the morning when the frost is still on the truck and putting some fish in the boat.
We will be publishing our season re-cap soon and thanks again to everyone that made it on the water with us. If you need pictures from your trip,
information about bookings for 2008 or have any general questions, feel free to contact Capt. Roland Lizotte anytime at 774-437-1882.

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