2009 Fishing Reports

Captain’s Update 8/15 through 9/25 – Striper/Bluefish/Tuna and Shark Trips
Well it has been a crazy and very busy month for us and that has kept us from posting regular reports. If it was not the trips, it has been the
horrible weather again. We have been all over the place the last few weeks, fishing some great striper trips, tuna and shark trips. We even
managed to throw in an offshore canyon trip to Atlantis. I will write more about the Atlantis canyon trip in my next post along with our last striper
trip a few days ago. All I can say is that striper fishing is still hot however, you have to be using the wire line or eels. All the bass we have taken on
the last 3 trips have been deep, right on the bottom.  You can check out all of the pictures from our trips by going to the 2009 Photo Gallery or
clicking the link above. You can see all of our trips there!!!

We did a shark tournament 2 weeks ago with Rob, my dad and brother. Yup, we made the run out to Wildcat again and what a day it was. Blue Shark
after Blue Shark, the action was non stop for almost 3 hours, until Rob decided to hook into a mako or what we think was a mako. You definitely can
tell the difference between a blue shark and other sharks. The blue’s usually make 2-3 good quick runs and then fade out, the mako’s, well, they
are like tuna and will strip half your spool of line off of an 80 in the blink of an eye….that is what this fish did. More to come!!!

So I will get the official posts up on our site and out to our usual forums. Striper fishing has been solid, tuna fishing is really heating up with the
true footballs showing up. There have been a lot of fish in the 50-150lb class between the bank and Peaked Hill. So come on and wrap up the
season with a big bluefin or some nice striper meat for the freezer. I have heard reports of decent cod/haddock fishing on the eastern
edge of the bank so if you want to get out for a half day of ground fishing with a half day of tuna or striper, give us a call. Contact
Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details.

Captain’s Update 8/14 – First Shark Trip of the Season – HOOPER, WE NEED A BIGGER BOAT
Despite the blown winds forecast again, we made a go of it today. Yup, we made the 50 mile run offshore to Wild Cat Knoll in 3-4 foot slop to start
the day. I have to admit, the crew was great and the sharks cooperated with us today, in a big way!!! More to come.

So the day for us started around 5:15am leaving Brewers Plymouth Marine and heading off shore to Wild Cat Knoll. What should have been about an
hour and 20 minute ride out turned into a 2 hour plus ride, but Bob and his crew were determined to get out there so we pushed our way through
the slop. After the longer than usual ride, we made it out to the SW corner of the Knoll in one of my favorite areas. Not to mention, one of the
areas that produced a 700lb plus mako earlier in the week. When we arrived, it was perfect. The drift was right, the tides were right and the
winds were letting up. We stopped the boat to see which way our drift was (important for setting up a chum line) and then started a power chum up
to the area where we were going to fish. I set up the drip bag with menhaden oil, put the chum bag out and we dropped back a rigged whole bluefish
about 150 feet behind the boat as we started our slow troll to the spot. The slow troll works well in establishing the chum line and with a bait wait
out there, it is a good opportunity to see what may be swimming around the waters.

About an hour or so later and almost 2 miles of getting into our chum line, we reached our fishing spot and set up for the drift. I prepped the baits
(all whole bluefish) and had the guys give me a hand setting out the lines. Now it was time for the waiting game. The winds died down pretty nice,
we had a bit of a swell from the east, maybe 4-5 footers. With each roll of the waves, we patiently watched the balloons on the surface that had
our blues floating underneath them. A couple of the guys also gave me a hand chumming today, it was not the kind of chum the sharks like but it
definitely helped add scent in the water. ūüôā

After a full hour into the drift, we saw our first shark pop up off the bow. It was a big fish, probably 8 feet plus about 100yards off. We watched
it circle the boat and then slowly disappear beneath the surface. It was time!!! The chum slick was running good, we brought the fish in to the boat
and it happened. 30 minutes after seeing that first shark, our deep bait on the balloon started darting around. I asked the guys to clear the other
rods and I picked up the stand up Penn 80STW and set the hook on the fish. I brought it around the boat to the side mount rod holder and the
battle was on. Bob was at the rod first and he fought the fish like a champ. The fish made some nice runs from the boat and 30 minutes later, we
had our first good look, it was a big blue, right around 200lbs. Not the mako we were looking for but none the less, a fun fish to catch on stand up
gear. We brought it boat side, took some pictures and measurements, then released the fish. Nice catch for the first shark of the season. We set
the baits out again and within minutes, we were tight again, another big blue and this one was a much bigger fish. I think the quote of the day came
at this point, “Hoopa, I think we need a bigger boat” came from one of the guys. Before I could clear the other lines, the second rod started
burning line, doubles. So we had two guys fighting fish on stand up gear at the same time, that was just awesome. After another 30 minutes, we
had the fish to the boat. Another 8 foot plus blue shark, this one was probably closer to 250lbs. We took photos and safely released the fish.

At this point, we were out of baits and decided to make a run inshore to see if we could raise some bass. So on the shark front, 3 guys hooked up
and fought some nice sized blue sharks for a couple of hours. Not a bad day on the water for our first shark trip of 2009. The guys had a blast and
were all happy that we decided to stick with the ride out off shore. So are you ready? We have done it all in the last few days, giant tuna, big blue
sharks, lots of nice bass and bluefish. What more could you ask for? Well, nice weather!! We put you on the fish and guarantee it. Contact Capt.
Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882. It is tuna, shark and striper time.

Captain’s Update 8/10 – Captains Special
Well today is what I would call one of those special days. One of those days that I truly enjoy. Today I spent the day with Joe and his son aboard
their boat, a 26 foot proline cuddy. It was all about teaching today and passing along the years of knowledge I have picked up in a 10 hour day. Our
goal was to run a half day of tuna with half day of striper aboard Joe’s boat. It was about teaching Joe and his son how to read the fish finder, hit
some of my hot spots and share GPS numbers, talk about the art of tuna fishing and then dig into the art of wire line striped bass fishing.

This was one of those days I love, because it is like a brain dump of knowledge and people try to absorb it up like a sponge.  For the tuna today, well
they did not cooperate with us. We trolled bars most of the morning around Peaked Hill and the SE-SW Corners of the bank. We saw a few fish
popping up here and there but nothing to write home about. The morning turned out to be a teaching session on rigging, fishing the various water
depths, how to read the fish finder and so on. It was a great morning, the waters were calm, light overcast foggy skies but the fish would just not
cooperate. We did not have any pogies to present to the tuna today so that is another reason why it was tough for us.

Around mid day, we decided to make a move inshore and try our luck with bass fishing. I called a couple of buddies on the radio to see what was
happening and sure enough, “DJ” responded and gave us the Intel on where the fish were. They were stacked up right in the same area where we
had seen them in previous trips. When we pulled into the area, I immediately started marking fish deep, right on the bottom. All of you know what
that means, break out the wire line. That is what we did. I showed the guys the rod and reel combinations we use on our charters, explained how
they were rigged and how we needed to fish them. It did not take long for them to get the hang of it and within minutes, we were onto fish, NICE
FISH. For the next two hours, that is how our time was spent. Pass after pass, fish on each time. Doubles sometimes and other times, we would
hook up to single fish. They were always in the same spot. We would mark them on the fish finder, 300 feet later, bamm, tight lines. Every fish we
pulled in was 32inches plus….Just an awesome mid day striper bite for the wire line. Joe and his son became believers!!!!

After 2 hours into the striper fishing, I looked up and saw a big school of tuna exploding on the water just outside of the lobster pot line. We
quickly moved out to where they were and just as soon as they popped up, they disappeared!!! That is how the tuna go. We trolled around with the
bars for about another hour and then made the decision to head for home, Sesuit Harbor. It was another great day on the water, Joe and his sone
were very happy and I asked his son, “so did you learn anything today” and the response I got back was “ALOT!!!!!” That is what I wanted to hear.
Whether you are on our boat with a charter or I am on yours as a hired captain for the day, just remember, it is all about having fun and learning
alot in the process. Fishing is like a never ending story, it take some skill to getting it right but it changes on you every day!!!! Not one day is the
same and something is always slightly different. You need to adjust your style!!! So with that said, do you need someone to show you the ropes on
your boat? I will offer my services for the day at a very, very reasonable rate and I can assure you (as Joe can attest to), it is well worth your
time. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details through September at 774-437-1882. The tuna, shark and striped bite is hot, so get in on
this action before old man winter makes his return.

Captain’s Update 8/9 – Giant Tuna Landed, 250lb, 70+inch Giant We Did It Again!!!
Well after last Sunday’s battle with a giant and breaking off, it was our time again and almost an exact repeat from the weekend before. We are
happy to say we landed our first small giant tuna of the season. This fish was fat, check full of sand eels. So it was another great day on the water
today which started off by slow trolling pogies off Peaked Hill. We got a little bit of a later start today and had out baits in the water by 11:30am.
After a couple of hours of slow trolling different depths around Peaked Hill, we decided to make a move off to the SE corner of the bank. We had
lots of nice marks around Peaked Hill but could not hook into a fish. We had a couple of take downs with our pogies getting chomped perfectly. The
kind of bite mark that gets left only when a giant takes your bait and misses the hook. So after it slowed down, we made a move out.

When we hit my favorite spot up on the corner, we started to set out our baits. About 30 minutes into our troll, I asked my brother to reel up the
baits and check them for weeds. As soon as we got the baits up, there were some whales feeding and I had some nice marks on the fish finder. We
checked the baits and started letting the port rod back out. Once that was set about 200 feet back, my brother started letting out the
starboard line. Just as the starboard line was getting out, I was watching the port line and that is when I saw the fish. It came up from the
bottom and smashed the pogies right off the water, FISH ON!!!! My brother turns and says, “Whats that??? A Bass??” He did not see the fish, nor
did my father. I was the only one that say it and I said, “no, its a giant…” They did not believe me. I got into the stand up harness and strapped into
my Penn 80STW with custom stand up rod. My brother was clearing the other line and then started to watch. The fish was swimming right at us so
I started cranking at the line. I said, “watch this” and as soon as I said that, the line came tight and the fish went!!! I said, “do you think a bass will
pull line off an 80 like that with 20lbs of drag?” This is when we knew we were hooked up to another good fish.

My father was at the wheel, Im strapped into the 80 with my brother standing behind me watching out, just in case a big wave decided to knock
me off my feet. The seas were building to 3-5 foot and we were in a stand up battle with a nice fish. The nice thing about this time was that we
hooked into this fish with the right gear. We were able to keep the fish at the port rear of the boat for the whole fight. This fish pretty much
made 2 long runs and then wanted to stay right down below the boat. So after about an hour on the fish, it became a cat and mouse game. I would
work the fish up slowly and use the boat to help me lift it up. After about another 30 minutes of working the fish up, we got our second look at it
boat side. Nice fish and I knew it was going to be close to 73 inches (a true giant). The fish made one more run straight down and I was able to
work it right back up. We had it 10feet below the boat and this is when everything really had to come together. I kept the rod positioned with the
fish, my brother was at the leader and my father stuck the fish perfectly with the harpoon. I immediately put the rod in the holder with a light
drag and grabbed my long gaff. I got the gaff right into the shoulder of the fish. The battle was over. We still did not know if the fish was
73inches or bigger, we just knew we just wrapped up an awesome battle that would leave us with more memories that will last forever!!!

We pulled the fish in the boat, dressed it immediately and measured it. 70+inches  with a huge belly. When took the stomach out, it was like a
basketball ready to burst, full of sand eels. This fish was easily 250lbs.. We took some awesome pictures and with the fish packed in ice, we
plotted a course for Plymouth. We spent the next hour prepping that fish, had some fresh sushi right on the dock (my favorite) and had a great
show with everyone watching.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. Great bass fishing Friday, two weekends in a row with a giant bluefin tuna battle that ended with
us landed the fish this time!!! So who wants to go tangle with a giant using stand up gear???? That is something that will leave you with memories
that last forever. Become an elite group of people that can say they have caught a giant using stand up gear. It brings the sport of tuna fishing to a
whole new level. With 360 degrees of fish ability, we have the Jersey Girl is the perfect center console to do it in. She is a fast, rock solid fishing
machine with a great crew!!! Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882. Come on and get Hooked Up Aboard the Jersey

Captain’s 8/8 Tuna Fishing
We spent Saturday tuna fishing with good friend Rob aboard his boat for the day, breaking in his new kite and slow trolling pogies across the bank
for the day. Unfortunately, we did not land any tuna today but we had a lot of fun trying. Especially when it came to kite flying time. We spent a
better part of the morning slow trolling pogies from Peaked Hill up to the middle portion of the bank. Once we hit the middle portion of the we
decided to fly the kite. It was our first time with the kite this year so you know we must have had some challenges and that we did. Instead of
putting the kite out first, we put 2 pogies on balloons first, then we tried to get the kit up. Big mistake!!! We did not have enough wind to really get
the kite up and without the boat moving to help us, it was a challenge. We struggled for a bit and then finally we able to get the kite up!!! After a
couple of more hours of drifting, we decided to head for home.

It was another perfect day on the water, the tuna did not bite but hey, thats tuna fishing. You can not get them everyday and that is what makes
it so exciting. Knowing that at any minute, your baits could be slammed by a monster fish!!! We will be back at it again tomorrow with another giant
tuna trip planned. Stay tuned, more to come after tomorrow. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882. This is the
best time of year for tuna, sharks and bass. Plan that late summer trip before the cold weather decides to make another return!!!

Captain’s Update 8/7 Striped Bass Trip
Well today was another bass trip for us and as usual, it would prove out to be another great day on the water with limits of 20lb bass in the first
90 minutes of fishing. Today we had Frank, his wife Elise and two children Chris and Tim aboard for the day. We planned left Brewers Marine
around 5:30 today and once again, the weather guys got the winds wrong. As we left the harbor and started to make our way across the bay, we
were greeted with NE winds to 15mph with seas running about 3-4′. Not ideal running conditions at 30+mph so we pushed our way across at 20-
25mph. It was a wet ride to say the least and the captain and Elise took the brunt of it for everyone. As I have said before, when it comes to
family, it is always the mom that takes one for the team. Hey, it was part of the experience and a little salt spray is good for the soul.

So after about a 40 minute ride, we hit the Race Point area. We were up tight to the beach which protected us a bit from the winds. I knew they
were going to die down as the day went on which would make for a nice ride home. As soon as we moved into 30 feet of water, I was marking nice
piles of fish right on the bottom. We decided to start the day with wire line fishing since the fish were deep. I explained to the crew on how to
work the Okuma reels and the theory behind wire line fishing. Chris and Tim were at the rods first. It was like magic, as soon as the jigs hit the
bottom, they Chris was on his first fish. It was a nice sized bass at 36+ inches. We went right back around and did it again. Bam, fish on again. This
time it was Elise and Frank at the rod. Elise hooked into another nice 34in bass. Pass after pass, we were on the fish. Tim would bring one in, then
Chris, Elise and Frank. I think Chris took the cake for the day with 10+ fish caught on his own. It was just awesome fishing. We had our limit of 10
fish within the first 90 minutes of fishing today. Not to mention the fact that every fish was well over 30inches with the biggest coming in at 43+
inches, 30lbs. After the box was full, it became another catch and release clinic.

As the seas let down, we decided to switch over from the wire line to casting live bait (eels) and that proved to a nice way to end the day. We
were on piles of bass in one of our usual spots. These fish were up on the surface so it was all about sight casting with the live eels. I would tell the
guys where to cast, they would throw and within minutes, everyone either had runs with bass or were hooked up. At one point, I felt like I was
running around the boat with my head cut off. Frank was tight in the back of the boat, Elise was tight off the side and Chris was hooked up in the
front. I would help Elise adjust her drag and then run over to Frank and Chris to help with their fish. It was a blast. Live bait fishing for bass is
still my favorite way to get them. Yeah, I love the wire line because we can always raise nice fish but there is nothing like seeing those big bass
knock an eel clear off the water and then run away with it like a tuna would on light spinning gear. All I have to say is today was another “perfect”
day for bass fishing and made the top 5 list for the season. How many guys can say they went out bass fishing, get their limit of 34+ inch bass
within an hour or so and then catch/release another 15 fish that were in the same size class. Just awesome and that is what we are known for,
getting the big bass. We ended our day with Frank hooking into a 39inch+ bass on light spinning gear with an eel. He was on that fish for about 15-
20 minutes before it came up boat side. I pulled it up, we took a few pictures and then released it.

We all had a blast today. The ride home was perfect at this point, we cruised at 35mph all the way back to Brewers. I think the quote of the day
came after the fact through an email I received from Frank, it went something like this. So who is interested in getting in on the bass action? It
has been hot on most trips with limits of nice sized bass (36+ inch fish) almost every time. Whether you want to try wire line, casting lures or
live baits, plan on doing it all when you get out on the water with us. We will teach you the tricks of the trade while you have a blast
catching fish all day.
Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details. September and October are Bass, Tuna and
Shark months so get ready.
PS-We are running our first shark trip of the season next week!!! Stay tuned, just like Discovery’s Shark
Week, come experience the New Egland version of shark week. Mako’s, Blue (top 10 deadliest shark according to Discovery), there are
a lot of big sharks around right now.
All I can say about today is, heartbreaking. You hear about it from other Captain’s and feel their pain but when it happens to you, it really brings it
home. Yes, today was it, 400+lb bluefin tuna on stand up spinning gear and a 4 hour battle to boot…more to come. We had a day off and decided to
fish for bluefin tuna with my father. We hit the water a little later than usual to catch slack tide which was mid morning today. I picked up my
father from Race Point beach where he is staying for the next two weeks with my mom in a camper out on the National Seashore where you drive
over sand. I pulled into the beach with the boat and picked him up. We were off to Peaked Hill which is a really short ride from there.

When we hit Peaked Hill, we decided to slow troll some sluggo’s. There were lots of boats anchored up floating blue’s and porgies on kites. So we
slowly made our troll around the bar in about 80feet of water. We marked a lot of nice fish but really did not see much action. After about an
hour, we moved off into a little deeper water, around 140feet. We saw some giants busting up on the surface and within minutes, marked a nice
pod of tuna 80feet down under the boat. We made the decision to stop trolling and throw down some butterfly jigs to see what we could find. I
rigged up a mackerel colored Shimano Butterfly Jig and my father had a little darker colored one on. First time down, nothing, second time down,
nothing, third time down, wham…..fish on!!! This fish hit like a freight train, I mean most tuna do but this one was different. My reel was screaming
and we were off to the races, within seconds, 200yds of line was stripped from the reel. My father got the engines going and we started to chase
down the fish. Every time I would get some line back, the fish would go again. We followed this fish with the boat through the entire fleet of kite
flyer’s. I felt bad but honestly, everyone fishing in the area was great. They would see us coming hooked up and pull in their lines so we could clear
them. You can tell who the true professionals are on the water and who the real winners are. There were a couple of real winners out there today
as well, getting right up on our fish.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes, the fish was up on the surface, 30 feet from the boat. This is when we had our first look and it was a pig of a fish.
Easily 350-400lbs of giant bluefin tuna. This is when I new the battle was going to be on for a while and we were in for a long afternoon. After
that first look, the fish saw the boat and took off. We would not see that fish again for another 2 hours. Run after run, forearm and back burning
cranking on the reel and lifting the rod, I was spent. About 2 hours in, I managed to get this fish within 20 feet of the boat. Just outside of the
harpoon range, then off to the races again. This fish just kept running straight out to sea. I was at that rod, on the fish for 2.5 hours before I
turned it over to my father. My father took over and was on the fish for about 40min to give me a rest. After he worked on the beast for a bit,
the fish was getting tired. Instead of pulling straight out, the fish would run straight down. It is that time in the battle when you know the fish is
getting there once they start going straight down and circling around the boat. So I was back up on the rod.

I managed to get the fish up again to within 20′ of the boat, you could see the white and shimmering silver as the pig wallowed along the surface.
As my father got the harpoon out, again, the fish had other plans and went straight down. I said to my father, “the longer we are on this fish, the
more that will go wrong and we will loose it.” After you have been on a fish for 2+ hours, lots of things go wrong. The gear fatigues, the line starts
to fail, the angler gets tired and makes mistakes…so much can go wrong that the odds are just stacked against you. At several points during the
fight, I could feel the line rubbing up against the fish, what I could not tell is if it was the leader or the braid. If it was the braid, chafing and
weakening of the line is a concern now.

So with the last 30min of the fight, the fish was straight down. It was give and take, 6in at a time. With the rod tip bent to the water, I would
lift the fish 6in, then reel, 6in, then reel. I struggled with getting this fish up. The drag was set just right so if this fish had other plans, we could
recover if needed. Then on one of my slow, pumps up, my rod tip went flying into the air!!!! Yup, you know it. I collapsed to the floor of the boat and
just sat their, looking up at the sky. It was silent!!! My father and I did not say one word and what seemed like an hour of silence, was probably 5
seconds. I reeled up the line, the line frayed and broke. Probably about 50feet from the boat. So all I can say is that is one of the most adrenaline
pumping, exhilarating experiences you can have but at the same moment, heartbreaking!!!! These are big fish cruising around Peaked Hill and they
are something that dreams are made of. Not too many people can say they have boated a 400lb tuna on spinning gear, let alone, fought one. It
happens and that is fishing. So with all of that said, is it YOUR TURN? Are YOU ready to get on a fish like this with me? Come on,
they are there and this is the best time of year from here on out to get in on the tuna action. We can target small bluefin tuna but
honestly, you do not know what you are hooking into out then when it comes to these fish!!! Be ready because your turn is next. Contact
Capt Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details. OUR GEAR IS READY, ARE YOU????????

Captain’s Update 8/1
Today’s trip finally happened for us and what a perfect weather day Jeaninne’s group had. With the horrible weather we have had this summer,
this trip was originally planned for early June and here we are in August, finally getting it done on the third try. Jeannine’s patience and
persistence with re-booking finally paid off. It was a surprise trip for her grandson Max, his first ocean trip….

So today started the day with leaving Brewers Marine around 11am. We had Charlie (former crab boat fisherman from the NW), George, John, Max
and Ron. We had mirror like waters for the ride across the bay today which allowed us to run at 35-40mph most of the way. As we hit race point,
we decided to try and hit the spot where we did well on our previous trip. We were marking fish down deep so I decided to start the guys with the
wire line. We got everything set up and started to let the lines out with Max and Ron at the rods. About 30-40 minutes into it, Ron hooked up to his
first fish. After a quick fight, we had our first bass in the boat for the day. Ron pulled in a nice 32in bass to start the day and things looked
promising. After another pass, through, Max finally hooked up. Max had a pretty good fight and managed to put a 31in fish in the boat. So within the
first hour or so, Ron and Max (father and son) had their first ever striped bass caught!!! Another first on the Jersey Girl. Next up at the rods
were Charlie and John. The next couple of hours would slow down for us but we worked around the area to try and find fish. The goal for us was to
put everyone on a bass and get Charlie a fish bigger than 36in.

We moved around from spot to spot, switched from wire line to casting eels, then back to wire line. Once we had the change of the tide, we
started with the wire line again. It worked. Charlie finally hooked up and managed to pull in a real small bass, I mean small. I have seen some fresh
water bass bigger than this fish. It was funny, we all had a good laugh. Another pass through and Charlie hooked up again and this time, he managed
to put his first keeper bass in the boat. It was not 36in but is was a good fish for the box. Pass after pass and moving around, we managed to pick
up a few more smaller fish but that was about it. What made the day great and for me, the time fly by was the fact that the weather was
absolutely perfect, the guys were great and Charlie had some really great stories to tell of his Alaskan fishing experiences. It is not too often
that you have someone on your boat that took part in the fishery that the Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch is based off of.

Despite the slower than usual fishing for the day, it was great day in the log books aboard the Jersey Girl. Max had is first bass ever and I can not
say how great the crew was. It was just a relaxing afternoon for all of us on the water!!! It is August and the summer is almost over. Now is
the time to start thinking about getting out on the water when we have these nice days or start planning your fall Trophy Striper and
Tuna trips. The best time of the year is yet to come for striper fishing and the fall tuna blitzs are right around the corner. We book
up fast and have a few spots left in August/September so please contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update Weekend of 7/31-8/2
Well all we can say is the weekend started out with hot bass fishing action and ended with a bang yesterday on a 4 hour battle with a 350-400lb
giant bluefin. More to come on the tuna battle. Let’s start with the bass trips. The weekend got started off on the right foot with repeat
customers Kirk, Donna, Krysta, Kyle and Dylan. Kirk had his kids up from South Carolina this week and we were hoping to put them on some nice
bass for the day. It was out first of two trips for the weekend with an early morning departure around 530am from Brewer’s Marine in Plymouth.
We had a gorgeous sunrise with mirror like seas as we made our way across the bay over to Race Point. As with our previous trips, I decided to
start the day drifiting/casting live eels. Krysta was funny, as soon as I popped open the cover on the cooler we got the remark, “Oh my god, what
are those things….” If you have never fished with live eels before for bass, give it a try. Not only are the eels a site to see, fishing with light
spinning gear and hooking up to a bass on the run is an experience.

We got everyone rigged up with a rod and eel to cast. It was not long before Kirk and Donna had their first runs at a bass. The fish were finicky
again today, they would pick up the eel, run with it quick and then drop it. When the bass are feeding like that, it can be a challenge to get hooked
up but we continued to make a go of it. Donna was the first to finally hook up, when the fish came up to the boat, it was a small snapper blue. Just
like last year, Donna boated the first fish of the day. After a few more drifts and runs of bass that were biting short, everyone wanted to try
their luck with the wire line so that is what we did.

We made a move down to where I had marked fish right on the bottom the other day and sure enough, right after the change of the tide, the fish
were there. With Donna and Kirk at the rods, it was not before Donna hooked up. After a quick fight, Donna had our first fish in the boat, a 28in
bass. Krysta and Kyle were at the rods next and again, it was not long before Krystal hooked up. She was yelling and screaming as she tried to fight
the fish. Kirk did a good job giving her a hand as we explained how to pump the rod and reel to work the fish up to the boat. I have to say, for her
first time fishing with wire line, she did great!!! The goal for the day from here on out was to stay on the fish and make sure everyone caught a
keeper bass and that is what we managed to do. Next pass, Kyle hooked up and had a nice fish. It was stripping line from the reel. As it came up
close to the boat, we pulled it over the rail and it was a real fat, 36in bass, weighing in at 26lbs. Fat, healthy fish. Next up was Kirk and Dylan.
Within minutes Kirk hooked up. Dylan had some hits but could not hook up. Next pass, Dylan and Krysta were at the rods again. Bam, we had doubles
on. This time, Krysta was on her own and managed to fight the fish all by herself up to the boat, it was out first throw back of the day. Dylan
managed to bring in a nice 32in bass. The guys were amazed by the fact that every time we would mark fish on the fish finder, I would say, “ok,
300 feet to go and you will hook up” and sure enough, they did. Every pass, we just kept working the same pod of fish right on the bottom. Finally,
everyone hooked up and caught keeper bass. We had 3 double hooks up, lots of missed fish and 6 nice sized keeper bass for the grill. It was
perfect timing because the winds just started to kick up and it was time for our ride home.

It was another awesome day on the water for us. Krysta, Dylan and Kyle had their first keeper and biggest bass ever on board today. Kirk and
Donna had some nice fish as well but I think it was just the enjoyment of seeing everyone excited as they were fighting the fish that made the
date just perfect. So whether it is your first time fishing or you are an experienced angler, come on and book a trip aboard the Jersey
Girl. We will find and put you on the fish, we “guarantee it” so how can you go wrong with that. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-
437-1882 for booking details.

Captain’s Update 7/23 – 4 Hour Bass Trip
Yup, back at it again with another morning of bass fishing, today we had Donald and his father Dennis aboard for the morning. We started the day
leaving Brewers Marine at 6am. It was another picture perfect morning and the water was like glass today. We ran across the bay at 40mph this
morning. Just awesome. ¬†¬†We hit the Race Point area and were greeted with about 500 boats…everyone was grouped up in one area. It was amazing.
We slowly moved into our spot and rigged up with eels. It was a slow morning. About every 3 drifts we would have pickups on the eels where the
bass would smack it, run with it and then drop it. I think we should have had about 7 or 8 fish in the boat. It made for some exciting fishing with
lots of bait in the water and knowing that a bass could come up for the strike at any moment.

For me, it was frustrating, every time a fish hit, we could not hook it. Dennis would get hit, I would get hit and Donald would get hit…..but every
time, the fish would miss the hook. Then all of a sudden, bammm, this bass smacked the eel and the line was screaming from the reel. Finally, fish
on. Donald was at the rod and the fight was on. He said, “this fish feels small” and I said, “you wait.” I told Donald and Dennis that when the fish
starts to come up or it sees the boat, it is going to run again and again. That is exactly what happened and I think Donald changed his mind at that
point. He was on the fish for about 15 minutes when it finally came up. It was a big bass, 40+in. When we got it up into the boat, it measured out at
42in. What a nice fish!!!

So the moral of this story is, keep trying and never give up. The birds where there, the fish were there and it just took some time. That is why
they call it fishing. You have to have patience and persistence. We could not have asked for a better weather day on the water. I wish we could
have put more fish in the boat but just the excitement of that last fish and all the runs we had made for a great day. Another interesting point
was the I learned Donald went to the same high school that I did and knew a lot of the same people as well. Talk about a small world. He used to
hang out with and date my baby sitter when I was younger. How odd is that???? Anyway, the guys had a couple of nice fillets for the grill and I hope
to see them again soon.

The bass are hitting eels, the tuna are smacking slow trolled porgies right out of the water and yes, it is getting to be sharking time!!!!
Lets get out on the water and try to get in on a
Cape Cod Grand Slam. Contact Capt Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking
details and ask about our
Cape Cod Grand slam special!!!

Captain’s Update 7/22 – 4 Hour Bass Trip
Loaded with eels and ready for another trip, we had Vicky, her husband Bret and daughter Gillian aboard for the morning. We left Brewers around
7am today and were off to Race Point for some bass fishing. It took us about an hour to get across today because we still had a bit of a swell from
the day before. We were able to run at 25mph for most of the way across and everyone stayed dry. Jillian sat up in front with her dad loving the
ride. I could hear her shouts as we hopped across the tops of the waves.

Today’s trip was a surprise from Vicky to her husband Bret. What even made the day more exciting for me was that it was another trip where the
crew had never caught a striped bass before and Bret was blind. I thought Bret may struggle a bit with casting and walking around the boat but I
have to tell you, he did awesome. Bret and I worked together through the morning on casting. I would use the clock as my guide and tell him to cast
from 6 to 12, 3 to 10 etc…as I spotted fish on the surface, I would tell him how and where to cast. He was spot on almost every time!!! Impressive.
8 year old Jillian also got in on the action. Her fish of the day came on a live eel and her eyes popped out of her head when she saw it come up. She
reeled it in all by herself and it was a big sand shark. Not the bass we were looking for but still a fun fish to catch at her age.

After a couple of hours of casting eels, I managed to hook up to a nice fish. I handed the rod off to Bret and he fought the fish like a pro. After
about 10 minutes, the fish was getting close to the boat. Another boat had passed by us and created a wake that sent us rocking. When that
happened, the hook popped out of the fish. It happens. So after a few more drifts, short pick ups, Bret made a cast right where the fish were.
Within minutes, he hooked up to an awesome fish!!! Bret fought that fish up in the bow of the boat for 15 minutes before it came up. He managed to
hook into a nice 38 in striped bass. I gaffed it and pulled it over into the boat. What a nice fish and I was so impressed how well Bret did. From me
sighting where the fish were, to his perfect cast and then the hook up…it was just perfect. We have done a lot of great trips over the years and
despite the fact that we did not slam the fish today, it was one of the most relaxing and rewarding trips for me!!! To put Bret on his first keeper
bass and biggest fish of his life was just awesome. Seeing little Jillian freak out with the shark and eels was cute!!!

I want to say thank you again to Vicky and her family for giving me a great morning on the water. I ENJOYED IT!!!! Bret even had a bit of humor to
throw in there, as we got back to the dock he said to me…..you can put the caption under my picture with the fish that says, “he did not even see it
coming….”. I laughed!!! Great people aboard and a great morning!! Have a same trip back to Minnesota!!

Come on and get in on some fishing fun…live eel fishing is really starting to heat up. Mid morning action has been great along with a late
in the day bite. There is nothing like watching a big bass smack that eel off the surface of the water. Contact Capt Roland Lizotte for
booking details at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update 7/20-7/21 Overnight Striper and Tuna Trip
Our first overnight striper trip of the year. Ah, these are my kind of trips and if you have never fished on the water at night before, let alone for
bass at night, you really must try it once. There is nothing else like it. Rob and I left Brewers marine around 730pm Monday evening with a cooler
full of live eels, lots of spinning gear, our tuna trolling gear and a cooler full of food. The ride across the bay at this time of day is my favorite and
tonight was no exception. The ride across was smooth and the sunset was awesome.   We hit the Race Point area around 8pm and made our way
around to where we were going to start the night. Surprisingly, there were quite a few boats around doing the same thing as us, drifting live eels.

Drift after drift, fishing from Herring Cove to Long Point, we did not raise much. We had a flurry of bluefish hit us around 10:30pm and we put 3
monster bluefish in the box. We moved up and down the coast, no bass to be found. That seemed to be the rule with everyone on the water through
the night, no fish. We fished about 20 miles of coast from Long Point to The Highlands, no fish. So we had a very long night, needless to say.

Around 4:10, the skies started to brighten up and that is when we started to go on the hunt for tuna. By this point, we had worked our way down to
Peaked Hill with the eels and started our troll for tuna. About an hour later, we had signs of life with whales and lots of birds diving at the water.
About 10 more minutes went by when the surface of the water erupted with breaking fish. We pulled in the trolling gear and started casting…..Rob
hooked up immediately, he was on the fish for about 10 minutes and pulled a big bass in. I hooked up and the fish took off like a freight train. Rob
and I both thought it was a small tuna. I could not pull this fish up from the bottom and when I finally did 20 minutes later, it was a 35lb bass!!!
Amazing. The fish we saw on the surface and started to chase for the next two hours were all big bass. We started throwing eels at these fish,
one after another, they kept coming up over the rails. I think we had 8 fish in the box within an hour. At this point, it was about 8am and the winds
started to blow out of the NE. The forecast called for NE winds 5-10, we had NE winds 15-25. Not pretty for the ride home later.

We made a move to a few other spots and came across another school of bass. Setting up our drift with the other boats, we hooked up
immediately. Another nice bass. After a few more drifts and a couple more fish in the box, we decided to head for home. The NE winds were
howling and with the tide pushing out, I knew we would have a nasty ride when we got to Plymouth (even with following seas.) We made pretty good
time and had a decent ride across the bay until we got about 5 miles out of Plymouth. This is when we hit the outgoing tide from the harbor and it
stacked up 6 footers pretty tight for the rest of the way in. We slowed down to about 20-25mph and cruised through the big waves with ease.
That is one thing I can not say enough about our Hydrasport 2390, it is a tank on the water, especially with the new twin 150 Etecs. They are
strong motors with awesome torque that just pushed us right through the heavy slop. When she is trimmed out right, she can take on the seas and
give you a very comfortable ride. Just make sure you are dressed for it!!! So instead of the 30 minutes back, it took us an hour and 10. Not bad
given the conditions.

In the end, we had 10 nice bass in the box, awesome weather for the night of fishing and our first night trip for the season is under
our belt. I can only imagine that night fishing has to get better than what we had. That is when the trophy fish are feeding so come on
an experience a night of fishing on the water. I guarantee it something you will never forget and will be an experience of a lifetime!!
Contact Capt Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update 7/19 PM Trip
Yes, another double header for us. After getting back to Brewers around mid day, our afternoon crew was waiting for us and they were able to see
the show I put on when filleting the fish from the morning trip. For the afternoon, we had Pat and his crew aboard for an afternoon of bass fishing.
It was a late father’s day present for Pat’s father Bob and I can not think of a better way to spend an afternoon than with your kids on the
water, going after some trophy bass.

We left Brewers around 1pm and made our way back across the bay. Seas were still fairly calm although, they had foretasted the winds to kick up
out of the SW in a couple of hours. Once we hit the area where we did well from the morning trip, I gave the crew a quick lesson on how to use the
wire line rods and reels. We started trolling along and after about 30 minutes, Pat was on. He was on another cookie cutter size fish. (What I am
going to tell you next happens to us once a year and it always kills me.) As Pat’s fish came up boat side, I grabbed the leader with my hand and
instead of pulling it in with the gaff, I decided to lift it over the rail using just the leader…..big mistake. As I lifted the fish up and out of the
water, the hook popped out from the corner of the mouth. Catch and release at the Captains discretion, ugh!!! Not the way I would have liked to do
it, but it happened. I could hear my wife Denise in my head saying, “you should use the gaff.” Of course, she was not with us on the afternoon trip
today to officially say it to me, but I thought it. Bob would casually remind me of what happened later in the day..more to come.

So after I dropped that fish boat side, we started out again. The wind suddenly kicked up and we had 2-4 foot confused and sloppy seas that we
were trying to fish in. It made things tough. The tide slowed down and the fish disappeared. What should have been one fish in the box, did not
happen and we did not boat another fish for the rest of the day. We had lots of good stories to share and great conversations, just no more fish.
We trolled with the wire, slow trolled lures, casted spinning gear and could not raise anything. For those of you that know the “rip” at Race Point,
when that wind kicked up and the tide started running, we had 5-6 foot curling waves that were standing up straight in the rip. As we worked our
way back up through, poor Mike up in the bow took a 6 foot wave straight in the face. We all kind of chuckled because he was the only one up in the
bow and honestly, it was the first time we took a wave clear over the bow on our boat. When I tell you the waves were standing us up on end, they

So with very slow fishing, howling winds and an awesome sun set, we made our way back across the bay home to Brewers. With the error on my part
losing Pat’s fish boat side, I offered the guys a free trip “on us” to get them back out on the water when the conditions and fishing were better.
Denise and I pride ourselves on putting lots of fish in the boat or having everyone hook up during the trip. Most people say they like
being out on the water and catching fish is a bonus. For us, we want you to get on the fish and that is why WE GUARANTEE IT with
our money back guarantee. With that kind of offer, how can you refuse a deal like that!!! Come on and spend a day on the water with us
chasing bluefin tuna, tangling with trophy bass or casting for top water bluefish action. Contact Capt Roland Lizotte for booking details
and availability through August at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update 7/19 AM TRIP 6 HOUR BASS
Well our Saturday started with what was supposed to be our Saturday trip. We had Sandy and her family scheduled for our Sea and Sand trip. It
was planned to be fishing in the AM with a relaxing afternoon on one of the secluded white sand islands around Plymouth Harbor. The weather for
Saturday (on Friday evening) was forecast to be very windy and rainy through the day so we made the last minute decision to move their trip off to
Sunday AM. We turned it into a 6 hour striped bass trip for Sunday and it also meant another morning and afternoon of double header action

Sandy, Chris, Chris and Courtney met us at Brewer’s for 5:30am. Sandy decided to take one for the team and skip the trip so we had a good crew
of 3 for the day (someone needed to pack the hotel up that they were staying at, it is always the mom that does it all for the family:)) With calm
seas and a beautiful sunrise coming up as we headed across the bay, we hit the Race Point area about 30 minutes later. There was a lot of activity
in the area and most of the boats fishing were drifting live eels. So we decided to move away from the crowds a bit and try casting some top
water light tackle. We moved from spot to spot for the first couple of hours and could not raise a fish so I made the decision to make a little run
to one of our usual spots that holds fish on the bottom. Right move.

As we made it around the corner, I started marking fish right on the bottom and that is when we went deep with the wire line. It was only a few
minutes before Courtney hooked up and then Chris. Both kids put 2 nice fish in the box (32-36″ fish) immediately. We moved back around and made
another pass, sure enough, we hooked up again. Chris did not want to keep a lot of fish so  he made the decision to put 3 fish in the box and then it
was catch and release from that point on. We did not take one fish that was under 28″ for the rest of the day, every fish was a keeper!!

Pass after pass, we had fish on. The kids were screaming, dad was very happy and again I can not say this enough, it brought back lots of memories
from when I was younger, catching my first keeper bass. It was another first for everyone aboard the Jersey Girl. Everyone’s first and largest
bass ever were caught on board today. It was another awesome day for us!!! We had a smooth ride back home to Brewers, 3 nice fish in the box
with the largest coming at the hands of 13 year old Chris, a nice 36″ bass. If you are up for a night trip or fishing with live eels for bass, now is the
time. The bass are actively feeding on live eels so why not get out on the water and give it a shot, there is nothing like catching bass
with live bait on light casting or spinning gear. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882. We still have some
open spots in August.

Captain’s Update 7/16
Today started with Caleb, his brother Neil and father Richard meeting us at Brewers Marine for a 5:30am departure. We were off to run a 4 hour
striped bass trip before the strong SW winds kicked in today. As we pulled out of the Marina and started our way across the bay, the SW winds
were already starting to kick up. We had a relatively quick ride across the bay at 35mph.

When we arrived around the backside of the Cape, we were greeted with a few boats, lots of bait in the water and piles of fish stacked up. The
guys wanted to try their luck with the wire line so that is how we started our day. Richard and Caleb were at the rods first. We started jigging
with the wire running with the tide, marking piles of fish but for some reason, we could not hook up. I had the guys reel up quick and we spun the
boat around so that we would be jigging against the tide back up over the piles of fish. It was not long before Richard hooked up. He was on the fish
for a few minutes before it finally came boat side, a nice 33in striped bass. It was his first striper ever. I do not know but for some reason, that
is exciting for me. When I hear someone say, “my first striper ever” just leaves a burning memory in my mind.

We looped back around and Neil was on the rod along with his brother Caleb. Again, it was not long and Caleb was hooked up. After fighting the fish
for a few minutes, his fish was boat side, a nice, fat 34in bass. Again, I heard the words, “my first striper ever.” We looped back around again and
then Neil hooked up. Neils fish was smaller. When his fish came up, it was 28in on the dot, I mean, you could have split hairs on this fish. We
decided to let it go.

Pass after pass, the guys would get hits or hook ups. After about 2 hours of jigging, we decided to move down a bit and start casting light tackle.
The wind was really starting to blow, we had a fast drift and it was not long before Caleb had a bluefish tear his RonZ apart. I started casting and
on my 3rd cast, hooked into another bass. I turned the rod over to Neil. He worked the fish for a few minutes and we got that up to the boat. That
would be the last fish for the day.

We decided to head for Plymouth with some nice fish in the box. The wind was blowing at a constant 15 gusting to 20, seas built up to 3-4 feet with
the tide running good. We were able to run back up on top of the waves which was nice. Took a little longer to get back but we managed to run at
25mph most of the way back. Another great morning aboard the Jersey Girl. Caleb and crew had a great time with us on the water!!! That
is what it is all about, having fun and catching nice fish!! Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882. Get in on
the great striper action or lets go run down some top water tuna!!! SUSHI!!

Captain’s Update 7/15
Talk about blowing the forecast for the day. I do not know about you (if you were on the water) but man, was it off. We had a giant tuna trip
planned today with live porgies so the day started very early for us. We left Brewers Marine at 3:45am to start our way off to Peaked Hill before
the sunrise. As we started our run across the bay, the sky was just starting to light up and so were the winds. The forecast called for seas 1-2
feet with light SW winds 5-10. Well, the winds started blowing out of the NW at about 15. By the time we made our way to Peaked Hill, the wind
was blowing a solid 15 out of the NW and the seas had quickly built up to 3-4 feet, with an occasional 5 footer in the fast running tide.

There was lots of life around the area with birds diving, bait boiling and whales crashing the water. The problem was that we had a sea sick crew
today. As soon as we stopped the boat to set out, that was it, the sea sickness kicked in. Usually when conditions are like this, we can sneak on
shore somewhere and go striper fishing, not today. With the NW winds, we were sure to have choppy water from Peaked Hill all the way to Wood
End and most of the way back to Plymouth. As sad as this sounds, we started our ride back. Once you are sea sick, it is tough to shake that feeling
until you get your feet back onto solid ground.

Hey, everyone has one of those days and the conditions today were tough, especially early in the day. It happens. The tuna are out there though, we
saw them up on the surface for a while as we were stopped. Come on out with us for the day and lets go chase these fish down. Our new E-Tecs will
push the boat at 45mph on a calm day so we can run you all over the area looking for these fish!! Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details
at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update 7/14
Today we had a family from CT aboard for a striped bass/bluefish combo trip.  Russ and Maryanne booked a trip while vacationing in Plymouth with
their 2 sons. It was a picture perfect day with a beautiful sunrise coming up over Plymouth Harbor and we had a course plotted off to Race Point
for the morning. We had left Brewers Marine around 5:30am with fairly light winds and seas for the ride across the bay.

When we arrived over at Race Point, we decided to break out the wire line and start the day where we left off on Sunday. Denise gave the crew a
quick run down on the kind of fishing we would be doing as well as how to work the rods and reels. Fishing at the rods first were their sons, 17 year
old Alex and 11 year old Max.  After jigging around awhile through some small piles of fish, Alex reeled in a bluefish, the first fish of the day.  We
moved around in search of some striped bass, as neither of the kids had ever caught one before.  It was not too long before Max had a fish on.  We
knew right away that this was a nice fish by the way it was ripping wire line off the reel.  Max fought this fish all on his own and cranked away until
he got the fish up to the boat.  For an 11 year old he was very impressive with his determination and refused help from anyone.  When the fish came
boat side, it was a nice fish at 41 inches and about 25 pounds.  Russ and Maryanne got a video of Max reeling it in along with some great photos.
Next up to get a fish was Alex, reeling in a 31 inch striped bass. We spent the rest of the day searching for other fish but the bite really slowed
down as the sun rose higher in the sky.  The crew was very happy with the fish we had in the boat. Russ did not get a fish of his own but he was
happy to see both of his sons experience reeling in their first striped bass.  It was a nice day on the water with a great family, I know they left
with some great photos, memories and not to mention, fish. ¬†We got some photos at the dock before filleting the fish for their grill ‚Äď a perfect
vacation meal.

If you want to get in on some of this striped bass action or are just looking for a great time on the water, give Capt. Roland Lizotte a call at 774-
437-1882. We can get you on the water for a trip of a life time!!! Take advantage of a combo trip for tuna/striped bass or tuna/cod. While we can
not guarantee tuna, we do guarantee that you will go home with fish in your cooler at the end of the day!!!

Captain’s Update 7/12
Today was a trip for another repeat customer, Mike and crew. Trip 3 with the new E-Tec engines and hopefully the tides have turned “literally”
with the bass fishing. We had planned to leave Brewers Marine around 5:30am but the winds were still blowing pretty good from the night before.
I called Mike and spoke to him about pushing the trip back a few hours, so that is what we did. This also put us in a position to fish the afternoon

We left the docks around 12pm and made our way across the bay over to the backside of the Cape. It was still a little choppy but all in all, not a
bad ride across. One thing that I immediately noticed was that the weeds were gone and we were marking stacks of fishing on the bottom again.
Mike and the guys decided they wanted to put out the wire line and give it a whirl. I am glad we did. It was not long before the first hook up came.
We had a nice, fat 34in fish up to the boat. Then another hook up and another fish for the box. This went on for a while and it became a challenge
for Mike and Bill. Bill would hook up, fight the fish to within 15′ of the boat and then loose it. Do not ask me how it happened but it did, every time!!!
No matter what I did to help him, the fish would get close to the boat and he would drop it. The joke was that we would have had out limit within an
hour if Bill and Mike did not keep dropping fish.

The goal for the day was to get everyone on a keeper bass and it was a goal we accomplished. The next pass through, Bill hooked up and set the
hook into the fish good. I had Mike reel up quick while Bill was pulling in his fish. Bill had his fish up and I pulled into the boat. We looped back
around for another quick pass over the pile of fish. Mike was at the rod when finally, he nailed a nice fish. This time, he managed to fight it all the
way up to the boat and not the box.

In the end, we ended up with 5 nice bass and 2 bluefish. It felt good to get back into the swing of things and see some nice fish taken today. We
had an awesome ride home with the sun setting in our face. The seas had flattened out a bit and the crew was happy. Lots of nice fish for the grill
and pictures that will last a life time. The great thing about this trip was that it was everyone’s first striped bass ever caught. That just added a
little more excitement for the day.   Now that we know the fish are biting again, come on and get out on the water for a day of fun, we guarantee
it!!!! Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882.
Captain;s Update 7/11
Our trip today was with repeat customer, Mel, his son Vinny, Mike and Mike. They met us at Brewers Marine for 5am and we left our in pursuit of
some striped bass.  Today we had a 6 hour trip planned and little did we know what was in store for us. More to come on that. The sun was just
starting to come up, winds were light and we had a very quick ride at 40mph across the bay. Those new E-Tec’s from Eagle Marine are amazing!!!

Since the crew had been with us before, everyone wanted to start out with the wire line fishing. This is usually our most productive fishing method
and will ALWAYS raise fish from the bottom.  Within minutes Mel had a hit but the fish shook the hook and he lost it.  We thought this was a good
sign and great way to start the day but we would soon realize that our Money Back Guarantee would be challenged.  We were marking PILES of
fish on the fish finder but could not tempt any of these fish to take our hooks.  We tried many of our different spots that usually hold fish and
could not raise anything. Day two of having a lot of weed in the water which was a big factor in why the wire line would not work for us today. These
fish were right on the bottom but we could not get any lures deep enough to reach them. There was so much bait in the water, you could have
walked from Race Point to Wood End on the surface of the water.  We tried everything, we threw top water lures, RonZ, Sluggos, Yozuri Minnow
Jigs, slow trolled baits, there was not anything we could do to raise a fish. It was a very frustrating day to say the least.

When in doubt, try an umbrella rig as the last resort. I had not fished an umbrella rig in 20 years and could not believe I was going to try it again.
Not my style of fishing but hey, let’s try it. So after about 15 minutes, Mel wound up getting one fish on the umbrella rig. It was a good fight and
as Mel worked it up about 15′ from the boat, it shook the hook out of its mouth. So in the end, NO FISH. This was the first time (seriously, NO
JOKE, I remember the day) in 15 years that we had not caught a fish. This would also be the first time we ran a trip where we had to hold true to
our “Money Back Guarantee.” Sticking to our rule, we held true to honoring our money back guarantee since we did not put any fish in the boat. Mel
and crew had a this trip on us. As frustrating as it was to see all those fish and not be able to put any in the boat, it also made us really appreciate
the GREAT days of fishing that we usually have.  I think we can get spoiled a little bit with the consistency and how many fish we raise on our trips.
Mel and crew still had a great day on the water, the weather was perfect, the cigars were lit and lot’s of great stories were shared. After all,
that is fishing..you have to live with a day like that once in a while. It is usually all about catching on our trips, today it was about FISHING!!

Fishing will get much better after a day or two when the weeds move out and the tides slow down a bit. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking
dates in August for your next striped bass or tuna trip at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update 7/10 10hr Tuna/Bass Trip
Well today was our first trip with the new motors. I am still amazed at how much different the boat runs. These engines are quiet at all speeds
and today would be the proving day. Chris and his crew were up for putting some mileage on the motors while we tried to chase down some bluefin

The day started by leaving Brewers Marine at 4:45am today. Our plan was to run off to the East and hit Peaked Hill before the sun came up. This
was the area where we the tuna have been running hot since the end of last year. The forecast was for light SW winds and clear skies. The first
half of the ride across the bay was pretty nice, seas less than 2′ and a light wind. When we hit Race Point and started our way around the backside
of the cape, it was a different story. We were greeted with 3-5′ choppy seas which made for a bit of a wet ride the rest of the way.

We hit Peaked Hill around 5:30 and it was not long before we had the squid bars in the water. We decided to start out on the troll because there
were no signs of life. No whales, no birds, no bait and no tuna up on the surface. From the sounds of it, no one was finding any fish or having luck. We
trolled all around the usual areas from Peaked Hill, to the E/NE, up to the SE corner and middle bank. No signs of life!! That is tuna fishing. I think
the downfall for the day was all the heavy weeds in the water. You could not keep the bars clean, long enough to raise a fish. Not to mention the
moon and strong tides running. The thing that made me feel better about the tuna was that I knew no one else was doing anything. I think there
were only a couple of fish taken on Friday and they were up around the middle bank. So, Chris and his crew made the decision around 11am to start
out in search of bass.

We moved up in shore a bit and parked ourselves right up on top of some weed patches with lots of sand eels running around. It was not long before
the guys were hooked up casting RonZ baits. We had a slow pick of bass and bluefish for the next few hours. What had been hot bass fishing over
the last had slowed down quite a bit. You could not jig wire line with the weed in the water, you could not slow troll RonZ or any other lures with
the weeds, it was strictly sight casting for these fish. What started out as a 10 hour tuna/bass trip turned into a 13hr day on the water. We
worked hard for the fish we put in the box today. In the end, we had 3 nice bass up to 41in. (25-28lbs) with a couple of monster bluefish, these
bluefish were pushing 17lbs.

There is plenty of fishing left this summer and the best tuna action is yet to come. Come on and have a great day on the water with us. Whether
you want to try your luck at raising a trophy bass or run down some top water tuna, we have the boat, the NEW E-Tec 150’s and the crew that will
give you a day to remember!!!! Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details!!! Happy fishing and tight lines to all!

Captain’s Update 7/9/09 GREAT NEWS
Here we are on July 9th and going for our second sea trial with the new Twin 150 E-Tec’s from Eagle Marine. Again, thanks to Tony and crew for
getting them rigged on the boat so quickly. We ran a quick sea trial down at the canal and the motor’s ran perfect. These engines were like night
and day from the old. Lots of low end torque, about 50lbs lighter in the back of the boat and we actually managed 3 mph fast on the top end. It was
like running a new boat and I had to learn everything all over again. Very sensitive throttles and the boat trimmed out a lot different than
before.   Now it was time to call Chris for my Friday tuna/bass trip, Vinny and Mel for my Saturday AM trip and Dan for my Saturday afternoon
trip and give them the good news!!! Time to put these new E-Tec’s to the test, 300 hours no maintenance and no break in period.

Captain’s Update 7/3/09
Here it is, the day before the 4th of July and our next trip. Tony and the crew down at Eagle Marine did a great job getting us back on the water
quickly. They have really helped us out in a pinch and this is another example of the quick work that the Eagle Marine has done to get us back on the
water. So now it is off for a quick sea trial…….. ¬†When it rains it pours, although it was not raining, we had problems again. This time the port engine
was running great but the starboard engine’s lower end just let go. So we limped back to the slip on the repaired port engine. Decisions, decisions
and now we had a big one to make. Face another large and expensive engine repair or re-power. After thinking long and hard about this, we decided
to re-power the boat with two new E-Tec 150’s. We called Dan and broke the news to him. It actually worked out well because Dan was not feeling
well and he was able to re-schedule into another open slot we had. Stay tuned and more to come on the new engines that will be on the boat in 4

Captain’s Update 6/28/09
Well, we ended our weekend on a horrible note after the trip with Jordy and his crew. On our way back into the marina, our port engine decided to
quit out on us. It would run, just not come up to full power. There are pro’s and con’s to having twin engines. The pro’s are that you have added
“peace of mind” when out on the water and when running long distances offshore as we usually do, that is a big plus. The con is that we have twice
the repairs and maint. to worry about. So this afternoon, we pulled the Jersey Girl from the water and brought her down to Eagle Marine. Tony
was able to get a quick look and figured out it was the fuel pump. So we will be out of the water for the next 4 days with repair work. Let’s hope
she is back in the water before our July 4th trip with Dan and his family. STAY TUNED!!!!

Captain’s Update 6/27 PM Trip
So you read the report for the AM trip, now read the report for our PM trip….you will not beleive the bass we caught within this 4 hour window. All
I can say is that it was “AWESOME” fishing and probably the best I have seen in a while and that is tough for me to say because bass fishing has
been hot.

Jordy and his crew, Mike, Sean and John were up in the Plymouth area to celebrate Sean’s 40th birthday, a surprise party the night before. The
guys were pumped for this trip. College buddies that have kept in touch over the years, getting out together for some great fishing. We left
Brewers Marine around 2pm for our 4 hour bass trip. As we were heading out, the fog had moved back in again so we had about 1/2 mile visibility
most of the way across the bay with a stiff east wind that kicked up 2-4′ white capped seas. It was nice because the waves were spaced perfectly
and in our face so once we got running up around 35mph, we were on top of the waves which made for a fairly smooth and dry ride.

As soon as we hit the spot where we had fished in the morning, things were much different. We were marking piles of fish on the Lowrance fish
finder and all of them were in 30-40′ of water. I told the guys, let’s break out the light spinning tackle and try casting for these fish. I rigged all
4 spinning rods and the guys started casting. Within minutes, Jordy and Sean hooked up. I love the sound of a spinning reel drag as line is flying off
the real. Jordy and Sean put the first two fish in the box. We were not there 5 minutes and the action was hot. Next was John, then Jordy and
Sean. Mike, for some reason was not hooking up. So we swapped out lures and he started making casts. Next thing I knew, Jordy was on, Sean was
on and I hear Mike say, “what should I do?” We all looked and his rod was bent over hard, we all said “reel and fight the fish.” We were using light
spinning gear, rigged with 50lb power pro and the line was screaming off the real. He had a nice fish. I pulled Jordy and Sean’s fish into the boat
and by the time I was done with that, Mike’s fish was up. 30lb fish easily. So I pulled it over the rail and the fish measured out at 43″. A nice
trophy fish. This went on for the first 2 hours of the trip!! That was, until Sean decided to drop my spinning reel handle over the side of the boat.
Somehow, the reel handle had issues and it backed off the reel. I could tell Sean felt horrible as we watched the handle sink to the bottom and I
just sat there laughing. I told him it was ok but now the problem was he had a fish on with lots of braided line out. He held the rod as I started to
pull the fish in for him. We made it work and got the fish in the boat.

All I can say is this trip was a blast. The guys were awesome, every fish in the boat was big and honestly, 3 of the fish in the box were trophy fish
at 37″+. Those 3 fish would have been top 10-20 placing fish in a lot of tournaments. With Mike’s fish a top 10 fish. We had our limit of 10 fish in 1
hour and then it was catch and release after that. This is the kind of fishing I love, fast, fun and exciting. Whether you want bass on light
tackle, feel the power of that fish with wire line or whatever style of fishing you want to do, we will put you on the bass!!! WE
GUARANTEE IT!! Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882 and be sure to ask about our Money Back
Guarantee on select trips.

Captain’s Update 6/27 AM Trip
Here we are again, we had to move our 6/26 early AM trip out due to the winds. However, 6/27 proved to be an awesome day on the water for
bass fishing. We pitched a double header today with two striped bass trips booked. I will give you the run down on the AM trip.   The day started at
6am today with Matt, his wife Jody, their son Evan and his friend Stone. We had a planned 6 hour striped bass trip for the crew and they would
end up with the bass they were looking for.

As we made our way out of Plymouth Harbor, it was a beautiful ride across the bay!!! Winds were light, seas were calm and we were able to run at
40mph most of the way across. I was curious to see how much the storm had changed fishing in the areas we usually fish. One thing I did notice was
the water temperature’s were still in the mid 50’s. This usually means that the fish will be suspended up off the bottom so wire line fishing may
not be the key for today. When we hit the herring cover area, the boats were all spread out which meant another thing, the fish were either not
their or all over the place. We gave the crew a quick history lesson on the waters in the area, why fishing is so productive in this area and how we
would be fishing. I decided to start with the wire line as we usually do so we could cover a lot of ground finding the pods of fish. Evan and Stone
were at the rods first and it did not take long for Evan to hook into a fish. After a few minutes fighting the fish, we had the first keeper in the
box. Since we did not mark too many fish right on the bottom, I decided to switch over to trolling some mid-water lures that have worked well in
the past. That decision was the best one I made for the day!!!

We set out the lines again only this time we were on the troll for fish in the mid water level. Within minutes, both rods were bent over and two
more fish were on the line. Matt and Jody were on the rods fighting their first fish of the day. Fish after fish, rotating on and off the rods, we
were able to mange about 2-3 hours of real fast fishing. Jody managed to catch the biggest fish of the day with it coming in around 36″. Matt lost
the trophy fish of the day. He was on this fish for a good 10 minutes and every time the fish got a glimpse of the boat, it would run and I mean run.
Through the whole fight, Matt kept telling me the fish was making awesome head-shakes and he could feel the weight behind it. As the fish came
up, you could tell it was big just by looking at how the dorsal fin and tail fins were spaced along the surface of the water. Matt had the fish within
10′ of the boat and I could see it. Probably around 40-44″ and pushing 35lbs. Definitely would have been the biggest fish of the day…..however, you
know there is a “but” in here. That but came as a heartbreaking one. The line slacked up just enough so that when the fish rolled over on the
surface, the hook popped out and we watched the fish slowly swim back to the bottom. That is fishing…

The two 12 year old boys, Stone and Evan had their share of fish. Stone managed to catch two bluefish for the day along with some nice bass. Evan
managed a few keeper bass of his own. It was funny because every time the boys were fighting fish, they were popping sweet tarts for the “sugar”
energy boost. They kept saying, “we need energy to fight this fish” so who ever was not at the rod would pop a sweet tart candy in the other one’s
mouth. It made for a fun morning.

The last 1-2 hours of the trip was real slow fishing. We did end on a good note with the 7th keeper bass coming on the last pass for the day. You
know my tag line….In the end, we ended with 7 nice bass in the box, 2 bluefish and about 20-30 throw back bass. The kids had a blast!!! Matt and
Jody said “it was a perfect day on the water!” Which is exactly what we like to hear. Nice words, lots of smiles and laughs. Not to mention the

So with that said, get in on the bass action or try our bass/tuna combo trip. How can  you go wrong with a bass trip where we
GUARANTEE fish? Thats an offer you can not refuse. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882 or email

Captain’s Update 6/21-6/25
Well the story for the next few days will be the NE winds to 40mph, 9’+ seas pounding the harbor and the coastline along with heavy rain. Where
are we, Portland OR??? The Jersey Girl will be tied up tight in her slip for the next few days and this weather has really been messing up our trip
schedules. Thank you to everyone that has been able to move your dates around for us….we can not control Mother Nature but you know when she
releases her grips on us, we can control putting you on the fish. Stay tuned!!! We will be back on the water with trips through 6/26-6/28.

Captain’s Update 6/20
Well this weekends weather was a hit in some ways and a miss in other ways by the weather guys. It was forecast to rain and be windy on Saturday
so we rescheduled our bass trip with the Jeannine’s crew. We made it a personal tuna day with good friend Rob. We figured that the two of us
could handle any heavy winds if they kicked up along with the 5-7′ swell that was predicted. So we left Brewers Marine around 6am and made our
way off towards Peaked Hill where there has been a pretty good tuna bite. It was foggy leaving Plymouth, probably about an 1/8 of a mile or less so
it was a slower ride getting out of the harbor. Once we were beyond Duxbury, we were able to cruise along at 25-30 with the radar as our eyes.

Once we hit Race Point, about 3 miles out, the fog broke and we had overcast skies. As we made our way up to Peaked Hill, there were a few boats
trolling the area but not too much action. There were lot’s of whales around, bait in the water and birds flying around….but no tuna up on the
surface. We set our gear out and started to troll the bird bars. Just like anything else, it is all about trying different baits and combinations to
see what the fish will hit. We started with black bars with glow stingers, green machine daisy chains, squid daisy chains, deep swimmers…we tried
everything and could not raise a fish. After a few hours of trolling in an out of the building swells, we hit a small pod of fish on the surface. We
pulled the gear in and started to make a few casts, nothing!!! Back to the troll.

After a few hours of trolling for tuna, we decided to hit the hot spots where I know we can get bass. We did manage to raise some nice bass, I
mean bass up to 30lbs. So at the end of the day, ¬†we were running around in 5-7′ swells, did not manage to hook into a tuna but we did fill the box
with bass for the grill. That’s fishing in a nut shell. So with that said, I know the tuna are around and we will be trying out some new gear with our
next few tuna trips. Stay tuned!!! Make a combo trip for a day of tuna/striped bass fishing. While we can not guarantee a tuna, I feel
confident that we will put you within striking distance of hooking a tuna, the hooking up part is up to you….and if you can not put a tuna
on the line, we
GUARANTEE striped bass so the second half of your trip will be well worth the wait!!!! Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for
details at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update – 6/12/09 & 6/13/09
Horrible weather, horrible weather and more horrible weather. I do not know about you, but the weather this spring has been hit or miss with rain,
winds and cool weather. That is how we were greeted for our Friday trip today with repeat customer Rob. Today he brought along Jim and Steve
for a day of bass fishing and of course, tuna if we came across any with our day on the water. Friday was a tough day, we made the decision to stay
local around Plymouth because of the strong winds!!! Offshore, we would have been faced with 20-30mph winds out of the E/SE which does not
make for a fun day of fishing. The good news is that we had Saturday as the second day for this trip which was shaping up to be a much nicer day.
Not much happening around Plymouth, especially on a dead low tide. We fished the usual haunts and could not create any action. As we casted with
light tackle, we mapped out the plan for our Saturday trip.

Saturday was a much better day. The guys showed up around 630am and we were off!!! What a difference a day makes in New England. No winds,
overcast skies and a run at 35mph across the bay over to Race Point is what we were greeted with. As soon as we hit our usual spots, we were
marking fish. We started with the wire line jigs on the bottom because that is where the fish were. Within in minutes, Jim hooked up with his first
fish….and what would turn out to be the first keeper of the day. I love watching people catch fish for their first time on wire line!!! Jim deserved
it, not getting out on the water much, the previous days trip cut short because of the weather, he nailed the first fish. We continued fishing for a
better part of the morning slowly picking away at fish until the tide changed and started to run. It is amazing how the fish just turn on once the
tide starts moving. Those of you that have fished with us know my rule about the tides…2 hours on either side of the change!!! Casting with light
spinning tackle then moving back to the wire line, the fish box was filling up. Rob and Steve were on the next keeper bass and then Jim. Most of
the fish to this point were in the 28″-32″ size.

Around 11:30am,  Jim nailed the fish of the day. He was jigging with the wire line and then wham, a big bass hit and took line. We knew it was a good
fish when the line just stripped off the reel. Jim fought the fish for a while, cranking away on the reel like a machine. When the fish came up to the
boat, the dorsal fin and tail was making that wake that a big trophy sized bass makes. I grabbed the fish by the lip and pulled it into the boat. What
a way to end the day, a 42″ 30lb striped bass. Jim, Steve and Rob were psyched!!!

The ride back to the marina was quick on the flat calm water. We took some pictures on the way back into the harbor with the buys in the bow of
the boat holding the catch of the day. Just another awesome trip aboard the Jersey Girl. We had our limits of fish, probably released close to 40
fish in all and the weather was just perfect. So if you want to get in on this great striped bass action, give us a call. Whether you want light tackle,
live bait or fishing with the wire line, we will do it all and GUARANTEE FISH for your day on the water. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-
437-1882 or email
captina@reel-timefishingcharters.com for booking details and make sure to ask about our discounted June rates. We
will be back on the water with bass trips on 6/20, 6/21 and 6/22 so keep an eye out for updates.

Captain’s Update – 6/7/09
So today was the day for us to go running and gunning for tuna. We could not have asked for a more perfect weather day on the water outside of
the weekend crowds that were stacked up all around the bank. The water was like glass and we could run anywhere we wanted at 40+mph. We
started our day on the troll for tuna which worked out well because it allowed us to cover a lot of ground searching for the pods of tuna that had
been reported running from the SW corner off towards Peaked Hill. After a few hours of trolling and not seeing much activity, we decided to
move off to the East a bit where the tuna spotters were flying circles for what seemed like hours. There were a couple of stick boats moving
around the area so we knew there had to be fish around.

We started jigging after marking some nice fish under us and that is when the action started. Within 20 minutes, we had a pod of tuna pushing
water right at us on the surface. There were 2 stick boats off about a mile, the plane was circling right over us and the fish were on the move
towards us. If you have never seen a school of giant tuna pushing water, it is quite the site to see. The pod was about 150′ wide and all you could
see was the wakes from their fins as they were pushing along the surface. It kind of looks like a lot of rolling boat wakes without the boat.

I quickly changed lures from the jigs to some top water poppers. As the school approached, one cast was all it took. Slam!!! We saw the fish come
crashing out of the water and smash the lure……missing the hook. Within 15 feet of the boat, this action happened. We saw it all. Thats tuna
fishing!!! The anticipation, the adrenaline rush when you see the fish and that heart breaking feeling when the fish pops the hook out. I have to
admit, the rush of all of it happening at the boat made the day!!!! We ended the day with some striped bass fishing and managed to get our limit in
the box within 30 minutes. What a way to end the day, great tuna memories and nice bass for the grill.

So with that said, give our combo trip a try. Make a day on the water with a half day of chasing tuna, getting some fresh sushi and then filling the
fish box with cod or bass for the grill. Give Capt. Roland Lizotte a call at 774-437-1882 for booking details. Ask about June specials and
our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is always in play with our Striped Bass/Bluefish trips.

Captain’s Update – 6/5/09
For those of you that follow our reports, you are going to get tired of me starting out with saying this but “WOW”, what another exciting day we
had on the water today with our bass trip. Today was a planned 6 hour striped bass trip with repeat customers Rob, Ron, George and Steve. We
Brewers Marine around 6:45am today to fish the in-coming and dropping tides. We had a really quick ride across the bay today, the skies were
overcast with very little wind which allowed us to run around 30-35mph. We decided to head off to our usual bass spots around the Race Point
areas. It was the right decision for the day.

Not long after we arrived, there was lots of signs that the fish were there. Marking them on the Lowrance fish finder, seeing the birds and just
clouds of sand eels in the water. The guys decided to start with the wire line so we made a few passes trying to raise some fish. Most of the fish
we were seeing were suspended off the bottom as we have seen in days past. Seeing fish like this meant only one thing, break out the light spinning
tackle. Within minutes of the first casts, we had fish on. This would set the pace for the day. Ron was the first to hook up, then Rob, Steve and
finally George. Fish after fish, we would drift along with the school of bass casting anything from cast master lures, Ronz baits and Yozuri Minnow
Jigs. It was another catch and release clinic for a while.

When we started to lose the tide, a buddy of mine gave me a call and said he was getting fish slow trolling swim shads. I did not have any on board
and he graciously let us use a couple of them. So I rigged the wire line outfits with the shads and within minutes, we had fish on. We would slow
troll up against the tide, pick up 1 to 2 fish on every pass. It made for some fast fishing during the slack tide. By this time, we managed to put 6
nice fish in the box, all ranging in size from 28″ to 34″. As the tide picked up, we started marking fish right on the bottom and I knew we needed
to put the wire line jigs out.

With a couple of the guys casting from the bow, Rob and George started to let the wire out. Within minutes, both were hooked up. Rob was on a
smaller fish but George had hooked into a fish that was taking line from the reel. We new it had to be a good fish. After about 10 minutes on the
fish, lots of runs and great head shakes, we got our first look. It was a nice bass, 36″ plus. As George pulled it closer to the boat, I grabbed the
leader and over the rails it came. On the tape, it measured about 42″ and 25+lbs. Definitely a nice fish and the biggest fish for the day!!! NICE
JOB GEORGE. In the end, we had our limit of fish and many throw backs for the day, close to 40 fish when it was all said and done.

So with all that said, we had another AWESOME day on the water. Stripers are in, big tuna are now running the waters from the Race to Peaked
Hill. Now is the time to make it a combo day of bass and tuna. Try you luck at landing a Bluefin Tuna in the morning and fill the box with some nice
sized bass for the grill when you get home!!! Bluefin and Striped Bass sushi anyone?? Give Capt. Roland Lizotte a call for booking details. We
have spots open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Father’s Day is also open now so why not give Dad the gift of a
lifetime. Spending the day on the water with his family and burning some memories that will last forever!!! Contact us at 774-437-

Captain’s Update – 5/30/09
Well what can we say, it turned out to be another perfect day on the water for us. We had a little later start than usual today so that we could
catch the change of the tides around 11:30am. We left
Brewers Marine around 9:30am today in search of striped bass. Actually, I would not
necessarily call it a search for bass, I would say we plotted a heading for where we knew the fish would be and they were there!!!!

We were greeted with a pretty heavy ground fog leaving the harbor, the kind of early spring fog where you had 1/16th mile visibility and the layer
was from the water up about 25 feet. When you looked up, you could see blue sky with the sun. Watching the Raymarine radar, we could see the
boats around us and it was an odd site to see as you would go by another boat, you could not see the hull but you could see the tower up above the
fog. Once we made it out beyond the entrance to the harbor, the fog lifted and it was a real quick ride across the bay over to Herring Cove. When
we arrived, it was not long before we found the fish. Just like our previous striper trip, the bass were stacked up tight in about 90 feet of water
feeding on sand eels and mackerel about 40-60 feet down. These fish could be raised on just about anything from Sluggo’s, to
RONZ baits and
Yozuri Minnow Jigs.

After a couple of hours of casting light tackle, we decided to move around from spot to spot looking for bigger fish, the 20-30lb class size fish
that were in the week before. We started seeing some nice marks right on the bottom so we decided to put out the wire line which usually works
very well with raising big fish from the bottom. As soon as our jigs hit the bottom, we had fish on and were doubled up. The nice thing about wire
line is that 95% of the time, if the fish are on the bottom, you will catch them. Once hooked, you can feel every action of the fish from the head
shakes, to the run and solid pulls the bass throws at you. When the sun gets high and the fish go deep, you can always count on the wire line outfit
with a 4-6oz buck-tail jig to raise fish. We make our own jigs over the winter time and we have developed some jigs (through many years of
research and on the water trials) that really produce fish under any conditions.

So after another couple of hours of fishing, switching from wire line jigging to casting light tackle, we ended our day with more fish than you can
imagine. We had hours of catch and release fishing (fish from 26in to 32in), nice grill sized fish in the box and a beautiful ride home at 40mph.
What more could you ask for?  How about asking how we can get you in on some of this great striper action?? Whether you want to fish light
spinning tackle and watch those bass smack your bait out of the water or target the big cow with wire line, your day on the water will leave you
withmemories for a life time.

We have a few weekday spots available along with some rare weekend dates (weekend dates РJune 7th, 14th and 28th).  Call for
Capt. Roland Lizotte for details at 774-437-1882 and be sure to ask about our Money Back Guarantee.

Captain’s Update – 5/24/09 and 5/25/09
Well we ended our striper season last year with a big WOW and we started it off this year right where we left off, WOW!!!! You could not have
asked for better weather on Sunday and with the reports of large bass running around, we went out on the prowl to find them. Our day started by
Brewers Marine around 5:30am today. We started out in the usual areas to try and find some mackerel for the live well, all the boats were
grouped up tight and we thought for sure we would have had easy pickings for the live well. Our plan was to live line some mack’s to try and raise
some nice bass. After about an hour of jigging and watching no one else bring any mackerel over the side, we decided to make a run to some of our
usual spots in search of fish.

We made a very quick run across the bay at 35mph and were amazed to see that we were the only boat in the area when we arrived. The area
looked very promising with lots of bait and birds flying around. As soon as we moved up into the shallower water, the fish finder lit up with some
nice marks. If you have not seen how bass mark up on a fish finder, they make a very clear distinct “upside down V” on your screen. These were
definitely nice fish we were seeing on the screen. We decided to put the wire line down to see if we could raise a fish and within 2 pulls of the
wire, we had fish on and doubled up as a matter of fact with two keeper bass, 28″ and 30″. Watching the fish finder, it looked like the fish were
so thick that you could not miss. So we decided to put the wire away and break out the ultra light spinning tackle and try our luck.

What you are about to read is something that most bass fisherman dream of and it happened to us. We started casting with 4″ Yozuri Minnow Jigs
and within minutes, we were hooked up again. Only this time, these were much bigger fish on very light spinning tackle. With the rods bent over,
nice runs of line screaming from the reel, we had the next two keeper fish to the boat, 32″ and 34″. This cycle would go on for the next 2 hours.
Every cast raised a fish, I AM NOT KIDDING. As soon as the lures hit the water and with the first crank of the reel, a bass would smash it.
Along with fish on every cast, every fish was a keeper at 28″-40″.
For those that fished with us last year, you know we would usually hit our
legal limits of fish before the end of a trip, today, we managed to do that in 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, our adventure became a clinic
on catching nice bass to 40″ on light tackle as well as ¬†a clinic for catch and release. I have never seen so many keep sized bass this early in the
season nor had I experienced such great light tackle action in a long time. Today was the kind of day fishing dreams are made of. The tide was
right, light winds with lots of feeding fish. This trip left me with memories that I will never forget and probably ranks in my top 3 all time trips.


From here on out, I expect that the striper fishing will only get better with every day. Tons of bait and lots of fish should be the rule from here
on out for the surrounding waters from Plymouth to Race Point. Come on and burn some memories of a day like this on the water aboard the Jersey
Girl. Striper trips are our most popular trips and how can you go wrong with a
“Money Back Guarantee!!!”. So let us get you on the water for the
day and
contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking dates and rates at 774-437-1882.

Captain’s Update – 5/23/09
Well for those of you that rely on our posts for keeping updated on how the season has been progressing, where the fish are and how we have been
doing, we have to apologize. For the last 3 weeks, we have had winds or rain on the days we were supposed to fish. We also have been very busy
putting some finishing touches on the boat for this season. We had to replace our VHF radio last week, our temperature gauge for the transducer
and we also added a stereo system that will work with your IPOD. I have never been a big fan of music on the boat but let me tell you, after last
season, so many people just wanted to kick back to some music while reeling in fish after fish, we had to add the stereo. So this season should
continue to prove to be a great one aboard the Jersey Girl. We have already been off to a great start with the hot Cod and Haddock action.

With a tough start to May weather wise, I am pleased to tell you though that we caught our first keeper striper of the season around Plymouth
harbor and we will be heading out for a day of striper fishing in the morning. YES, that is right, striper fishing. We should have a pretty good
report to post after our day on the water tomorrow. We have heard reports from a few guys we fish with that there have been bass up to 40lbs
running around the canal area and out towards the Cape. So tomorrow’s trip will most likely have us starting our day around the canal and we will
work our way around the bay until we find some nice bass. We still have some spots open in June so call for details. June is striper month so
ask how you can get a discounted rate aboard the Jersey Girl.
Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for details.

Captain’s Update – 4/18/09
Finally, we had a break in the rainy, windy and cool weather which allowed us to get out on the water for the first cod/haddock trip of the season
on Saturday. This was the kind of trip that you look forward too, especially early in the spring when it is cool with the water temperatures in the
low 40’s. We left the dock at
Brewers Marine in Plymouth around 630am to fish the dropping tide. The winds were light, it was about 54 degrees
with an overcast sky on the way out of the harbor. The seas were fairly calm which allowed us to run the Jersey Girl at 30+mph off shore to
Stellwagen Bank around the old “BE” Buoy in search of some cod.

When we arrived up on the western edge of the bank, we were greeted with large schools of bait on the bottom. Jigs went over the side and it was
not long before we had the first cod over the rails. Most of the cod that came up were smaller fish or “just under” fish in the 19″-23″ range. We
managed to pick up a few larger market sized cod as we moved from spot to spot across the bank working our way East. After a couple of hours of
picking away at the cod, we decided to move down towards the SE corner of the bank where there had been a reports of a good haddock bite.

After a quick run down to just East of the SE corner, we were greeted with a fleet of boats. Small center consoles, large sport-fisherman and the
party boats were all stacked up in an area less than an 1/8 of a mile wide. There had to be 50-60 boats in this one area, the fish were there.
Within minutes of dropping our lines down, everyone had fish on and when the lines came up, they were all nice sized haddock. Drift after drift, we
slowly picked away and managed to fill the box with some nice sized haddock (10-15lb fish) with a few smaller cod mixed in. It made for a great end
to the day.

An interesting note for us on this trip was that 90% of the fish taken, all came on the jigs which is a sign of aggressive fish. We had very few fish
hit the teasers or bait on the hooks.  The other nice thing about fishing this time of year was that we caught all of our fish (cod and haddock) in
less than 150′ of water which is nice. You do not have to crank and crank the line up from the deep water, although with the Okuma reels we use,
that is usually not a problem since the reels have a nice line retrieve to crank ratio, are lever drag and level wind. Spring is here, the warmer
weather is here and the fishing is awesome. Why book a trip on a party boat that will just sit and anchor up over one spot all day long? Why not book
a trip aboard the Jersey Girl and get out to the fishing grounds quickly. You will spend less time running and more time fishing, not to mention the
fact that we can cover a lot of ground to find the fish if the bite is slow. So with all that said, this is the best time of year to get on the water for
Cod and Haddock fishing. Get in on the action while the bite is hot and up in the shallow waters of the bank.
Contact Captain Roland Lizotte for
booking details at 774-437-1882. STAY TUNED FOR ALL OF OUR UPDATED PICTURES.

Captains Update – 2/4/09
Can you believe it, another snow storm? This has been the snowiest winter for Plymouth in the last couple of years. We were blanketed with
another 7″ of snow last night and we are beginning to run out of room around the drive way to pile it. With that said, all of our gear is ready to go
for the first of April and we are 56 days away from dropping those cod jigs down for the first fish of the 2009 season. The Jersey Girl will be in
her same slip as she was in last year (A-11 at
Brewers Marine in Plymouth) and we are looking forward to another great season on the water with
all of you!!! We have started taking bookings for early spring cod trips so start thinking of dates because April is beginning to fill up. For those of
you interested in the bass trips, June is prime time for the migrating fish and we are starting to fill those slots as well. We will still be honoring
Money Back Guarantee for the bass/bluefish trips and we are pleased to let you know that our rates will not be changing for 2009 at this
time. We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to get you out on the water in 2009.
Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882
for details and ask about our discounted rates if you book your 2009 trip before 4/2/09.

Captains Update – 1/30/09
Well, it seems like this has been the never ending winter so far. We ended the 2008 season on a great note with some nice tuna hook ups, a big fat
150lb tuna and we were tuna fishing well into November 2008. Denise and I planned a well deserved Mexico trip during December 08. We managed
to get out on a fishing trip while we were down in Mexico, despite the strong winds and heavy seas. We chartered a 35’Sport-fisherman for the
day hoping to get in some reef bottom fishing for grouper and sharks. It was clear that once we made it out beyond the harbor into open water,
bottom fishing would be a challenge with the winds and seas. Winds were gusting to 20 and seas were pushing 8-12′ and even in a big boat, that
means tough conditions. We made the best of it and the Capt. and his first mate Hector did an outstanding job of finding fish for us on the troll.
We caught some nice sized Barracuda along with some Spanish mackerel. Denise had a blast, that first hook up with a nice sized Barracuda made
her day and was able to break her mind from the tough conditions. The fish of the day came while I was at the rod, after a 20 minute fight not
knowing what the fish was, we had a huge Barracuda to the transom of the boat and from what I understand (because I never got to see the fish),
it was huge 60-70″ plus. As Hector went to grab the leader, the leader broke off. It happens. I do have the memories of the fight, some great
pictures and I have the images of the looks on everyone’s face when the fish came up to the boat. ¬†We had a great day on the water and it was a
perfect ending for the vacation.

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