2010 Fishing Reports

October 24th – Another Awesome Fall Tuna Day – Top Water Tuna Action and Jigging Keeps The Lines Tight All Day on the Jersey Girl!!!!
Well, we did it again!!! The second nice day of the week produced some awesome tuna hook ups on light tackle spinning gear most of the day. Today we
went 1 for 4 on tuna. It was one of those days where the fish were popping up on the surface all around the boat but they would not take anything thrown or
trolled their way. After a few hours of trying different things (trolling, casting, jigging), we found a pod of fish that were working the 100 ft depth in a small
area we were fishing. We set up right on top of the fish and within minutes, we were on!!! Patrick was on the rod and the line was just screaming from the
reel. Within seconds, half the spool was gone and we were chasing the fish. This was a good one, although at times, it is tough to tell because some of
those smaller fish show up the big boys!!! After 20 minutes of working the fish, that moment that we are dread happened to Patrick. The rod tip went flying
up high in the air and we knew what happened, we broke the fish off. Patrick quickly reeled in the line and we saw that the wind on leader had chafed. Tuna
1, Jersey Girl, 0.

We moved back up onto our spot and sure enough, the fish were still down around the 100ft mark. We let back out and within 15 minutes, Patrick’s rod was
bent over again. Patrick worked the fish for about 10 minutes and then it happened again, the line went slack. Patrick began to reel quickly hoping the fish
was coming right back at the boat, no luck. Broke off again. Tuna 2, Jersey Girl, 0.

What is the old saying, “the 3rd time is a charm,” would it be for us? After moving back up onto our spot, the fish were still there. We let lines out again,
about 30 minutes later, Patrick’s rod was bent over again. As soon as Patrick started to work the fish, probably not 5 minutes into the battle, we broke off
again for the 3rd time!!! Tuna 3, Jersey Girl 0. Patrick looks right at me in disgust and says, “OK, now you need to re-tie my line for me, I just can not do it
anymore.” I chuckled slightly and said, “no problem.”

We re-rigged his rod and moved back up into position. OK, here it is, deal breaker time!!! We are into the last hour of fishing, we have been hooking up
consistently for the past 2 hours now and we are going to get one of these fish up no matter what. That is exactly what we did on our last fish. Lines went out
and you guessed it. 15 minutes out, wham, Patrick’s line comes tight and it is game on!! This fish was a screamer, stripping half the spool of line within
seconds. I set our new Kodak HD Waterproof Video Camera up and started to film the battle. The camera has a nice mount right up under the t-top so we
were able to get some awesome video of the entire battle. About 15 minutes into the battle, the fish started to come up away from the boat. We had a great
look at the fish as it came up 10ft from the boat and this is where we knew it was too close to harpoon because of the 59″+ slot range. We estimated the fish
to be somewhere between 60-68″ at this point. As the fish came up, it showed us how big it was on its broadside and then decided to make another reel
screaming run. I was nervous because this is when that fish turns away from you and the leader runs right down the side of the fish, risking the line
chafing…. Patrick managed the fish pretty good and we were able to get right on top of it again. Patrick fought the fish right off the rear corner of the boat in
his stand up gear. After another 20 minutes of playing trough a tug o’ war, our slob of a fish was coming up. The fish was bout 15ft down when we could see
color, then 10ft, 5ft and it was at the boat. Caught fish!!! The fish was released and it was time for us to head home. While the morning started slow, the
afternoon was on fire as we dialed in on what the fish were looking for and the Pearl Ronz was the choice for today!!!

Tuna action is amazing right now!!! There are fish of all sizes roaming the waters from 80lb footballs to 700lb giants. You never know what you are going to
hook into out there so come on and let’s get out to battle some of these fish. When the winds are not blowing, you know we will be going…..fishing!!!!

October 19th – The Tuna Run Continues – Awesome Top Water Tuna Action, Lots of Tuna and Great Hook Up
Check out a few of the pictures from our tuna trip this past Tuesday. The fishing was insane with all sizes of fish busting top water for most of the day.

Contact Capt Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882 to get in on this hot Tuna action. Make a half day for tuna and then fill the box with cod and haddock. We are offering some last minute deals when the weather is cooperating!!

August/September/October-Tough Weather, Epic Tuna Trip on 9/13, Solid Fall Bass Fishing When We Can Get Out

Well it is that time of year again, the season is winding down and mother nature has been making it a tough fall for getting out on the water, especially for
the small open boat fisherman. Since Labor Day weekend, it seems like we have had Northerly or Easterly winds gusting 20, 30, 40, 50mph every day. It has
been tough, that is all I can say. For an update, we are still on the water picking bass here and there when we can get out, tuna fishing is insane with lots of
small fish and of course, you need to check out our pics from my 9/13 EPIC Giant Tuna trip. 9 Giants in 7 hours, our limit of 3 with many fishing
pushing the 1000lb mark. Stay tuned for my full report in the next few days on my EPIC Giant Tuna Trip. I have a great story for you that will leave the hair
standing on your neck and your adrenaline pumping!!! I will have some more detailed posts in the next few weeks to give you an update of how we do this
coming week.

It looks like we will have a good weather window Thursday so we will be running a AM tuna trip with afternoon cod, then maybe another shot at tuna late in
the day. It will be a full day on the water so if anyone is interested, I will have room for 1-2 people. Give Capt. Roland a call at 774-437-1882 for booking
details or if you are up for some last minute tuna/cod action.

August 21st – 12 Hour Trip With Great Crew, Tuna, Cod, Stripers and Blues – WE DID IT ALL TODAY!!!
What a great day we had today. John and his crew made the drive up from PA and boy were they treated with some awesome fishing for the day. All John
was looking for was to have his guys have some “fun” on the water and I think they had that pretty much all day.

Our day started with leaving Brewer’s Plymouth Marine around 6am today. Our first stop, the giant tuna grounds with some live bait. John and his crew had
their minds set on getting into a tuna today. I explained that the tuna action had slowed down quite a bit in the last few weeks but we would give it our best
shot. We started our run out to the bank and as we made it out about 3 miles from Plymouth, we were greeted with a pretty good chop for the rest of the way
out. Honestly, it was not what I expected and the water was a bit rougher than they predicted but we made a good go of it running at 25-30mph most of the
way out.

When we hit the bank, it was like a parking lot out there. With the South Shore Tuna Tournament taking place and all of the weekend guys out, it was tough
to set up in the spot we wanted to. We got the gear ready, the baits in the water and we were tuna fishing. The kite was stubborn for me today but after
about 15 minutes of adjusting, we got it up high with our bait underneath. It was perfect, slight chop on the water, the live bait fluttering along the surface
under the kite and a few down deep…all we needed was the tuna. We made several drifts and did not see or mark one fish. The radio chatter was more of
the same, it was quiet and no one was on any fish. The guys threw down the butterfly jigs while we drifted and managed to hook into a couple of big bluefish
and stripers, which we released as soon as we could. After a couple hours tuna of fishing, we decided to pull the lines in and head out east to find the cod.

We ran up to a spot where we have done well in the late summer months and man, the cod were there again today. The first jig to hit the bottom would tell
the tale for the day. As soon as it hit, the rod buckled over and we were on. When we got the fish up to the boat, there were 3 nice cod on the line. The
Qualia Q12 high speed reels paired with the Ugly Stick Tiger Lite Rods made short work of pulling those fish up from the deeper water. Within a few
hours of fishing and some long drifts right over the same spot, we managed to push limits of fish in the box. Every time the jigs hit the bottom, the guys had
fish on and I mean, these were nice fish. They were not just the 24-26 inch fish, there were fish coming up well over 30 inches. Quite a few times, the guys
had 2-3 fish come over the rails, just an awesome day. The running joke was from John, we snagged bottom a couple of times but managed to break off. So
after that, every time John hooked into a lunker of a fish, he would give me a hard time and say “thats not a fish, it must be bottom” laughing out loud as he
said it. Paul was the money man on the cod today, every fish he caught, seemed like it was a keeper. Even I got in on the action today!!!

After a few hours of filling the box with cod, we decided to head in for some striper fishing. We marked some piles of fish in shore but they would not take
anything so we made a little move. We hit my second spot and sure enough, the fish were there. The guys managed to jig up 5 nice grill sized fish for the
box within about an hours time. Most of the fish were 30-32 inches with the biggest coming in at 34.5 inches. Not a bad way to end the day!!!

In the end, I would say we had a cape cod grand slam, Jersey Girl style. Even though we covered about 120 miles of water today and did not see 1 tuna the
entire trip, we managed to catch several species of fish today: cod, cusk, striped bass and bluefish. It was just a great way to spend the day. John and crew
had the fun they were looking for and we had a boat load of fish and laughs through out the day!!!

It looks like we are going to have the first big summer storm over the next 3 days with winds NE winds blowing to 40mph. This is going to keep us back at the
dock. We will try to get some pro-active maintenance in on the fishing gear to keep busy. We are booked solid through Friday-Sunday so give us a shout on
the water later this week. These big storms are sure to mix things up a little bit with the fishing so our Friday trip will be interesting. Maybe this storm will get
Charlie Tuna running around again or get those bass active up on the top water feed. The best fishing has yet to come, contact Capt Roland Lizotte
for booking details at 774-437-1882. WE GUARANTEE FISH!!!

Recap of August in a Flash – We Are On A Roll With Bass and Sharks!!!
Man, what a month it has been so far for us. We have been so busy and I know some of you have been calling or e-mailing us saying, “where are the fishing
reports”, well, we will stay on top of them the best we can for the remainder of the year. I am amazed at how many people look to our reports for information
or just like to read up on what we have been up to. We have been spending some long days on the water with the great weather we have had this summer,
most of you know this already because you have been out with us or have seen us out and about fishing.

July ended with some awesome striper fishing and August is proving to be even better. With the waters warming, the sharks have started to show and we
have run through a few trips already. We broke in our new 50 class stand up gear and they were up to the challenge. The Jersey Girl herself is on a mission
to break the woman’s state record for a big blue shark, she will do it, especially seeing her 40 minute battle with a 10-11ft fish last week. She missed it last
week by about 50lbs or so.

August started with Keith and his crew aboard for some awesome bass fishing and then the following trip we had one of our favorite crews aboard with John
and his family. Both these trips landed some nice bass well into the 30lb class with quite a few fish in the 20lb class.

The next trip was more of the same, with Todd, Barbara and Bill on board. Todd and Barbara were up for some striper and blue fishing from Ohio. Boy, did
they have a treat. It is always a great day when someone says, “Man, we were not running the boat for more than 4 minutes and you already put us on fish.”
Yup, that is how our day started, 1/2 mile out of Plymouth, 4 minutes into our run and bammmmm, we had an acre of bass smashing the surface. They were
all in the 28-33 inch range and were hitting any top water lures we could throw, they loved the Guides Choice Lures and the lure of choice today for
the fish was the M-80 Popper Yellow White Belly. We could not miss with these lures and after a quick start to the day (within 5 minutes of being on
the water) with 5 fish in the box, we were off to Race Point to find more trophy fish in the 30lb class. Just a great trip.

Another shark trip to round out the second week of August and to start the 3rd week, we had Kevin and Cam on board for what I called the “cookie cutter”
striper day. Every fish we caught was 28-35 inches. 7 year old Cam was a machine on the rod, cranking in fish after fish. Just a great day and those trips
are the best.

So what is next, well, we had a couple of personal days this week where I finally got out to fish on my own and I found the mother load of stripers. About 20
of my 27 fish were taken on 3-4oz shimano vertical jigs or little diamond jigs. I put the biggest fish of the season for us in the boat at 51 inches, 46.5lbs. Just
an amazing fish and an amazing 12 hours on the water. Sean from my June trip would remember what a day like this is and have died to be out with me
today. Every fish came on light spinning or conventional tackle and every fish was a bruiser from 34 inch – 51 inch. We did not have one short fish in the
boat today, back at the marina, the crowds were amazed at the size of the fish!!!!

This weekend we will be running a tuna/cod/bass combo and then we have more bass trips lined up for next week. Top water tuna fishing has slowed a bit,
which is expected this time of year. I suspect in about 2-3 weeks, those top water tuna will be running again. Giant tuna fishing has been consistent flying
kites with small blues when they are available to find. Bass fishing, well it has been epic, that is all I can say!!! For those of you booked in September and
October, tuna, shark and striper fishing will be unreal. So if you have not booked yet, now is the time to get in on the hot fall tuna/bass fishing. Our
weekends have been booked with this great weather and many of our open weekday spots are filling up. Contact Capt Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882
for booking details!!!!

August 18th – 46.5lb Bass With Many Fish in the 20-30lb Range, All Light Tackle, Vertical Jigging!!!!

August 17th – Stripers On The Line, 7 Year Old Cam and Dad Kevin On Board for the Day!!

August 14th – Another Shark Trip….Big Blue Sharks On The Line

August 10th – Trophy Stipers To Start the Day…..Awesome Tuna Shows on the Way Home…..Flat Calm Seas!!!!

August 8th – More Trophy Stripers, Awesome Top Water Action To Start the Day

August 7th – Striper Fishing Is HOT!!!

August 2nd – Awesome Striper Fishing Continues….The Beat Goes On!!!

July 31st – First Shark Trip of the Year, We Missed A 10ft Mako!!!!!

July 27th – Combo Bass/Tuna With My New Canadian Crew!!!

July 24th – Striper Trip, Fast Fishing Is Still The Rule
Today was the day for the Jersey Shore crew. We had Steve, Lauren and Amy aboard for a day of “Jersey Shore” fishing. You know how it goes down….”fist
pumps” all day long and nothing but fast action bass fishing for this crew all morning, Jersey Girl style.

We started the day leaving Brewers Plymouth Marine around 730am today and we were treated to light winds with sun filtering down through the fog. Yup, it
was a typical summer morning leaving Plymouth in the heavy ground fog. The kind of fog that is near zero visibility from the water up about 50 feet and
when you look up, you can see the bright sun but when you look forward, you can not see the bow of the boat….fun, fun. Once we cleared the entrance to
Plymouth Harbor, the fog broke up and we had a pretty nice ride across the bay today. The water was like glass and we were able to run the Jersey Girl at
30-40mph across the bay.

When we hit the Race Point area, we found the bass sitting right in the same spot as we left them two weeks ago. Down deep, right on the edge of the drop
so we needed the wire line today. Within minutes of getting the line out and the jigs hitting the bottom, we had fish on. Lauren was hooked up to her first
striped bass ever. She fought the fish like a pro. First fish of the day on the boat and in the box. Pass after pass, we went through and hooked into fish. Amy
put her first fish in the box and for some reason, Steve could not manage to hook up. This is when he challenged the captain to hook a fish. I told Steve that
I could have a fish on my line within 10 minutes or less of fishing. Steve broke out the stop watch and started timing me. It was exactly 2 minutes, 11 seconds
when my line went tight on the “pink Ocean Girl” wire line rod that we have for the woman on board…yup, it was a site to see, me using the pink ocean girl
rod. Hey, it worked and it has some nice action to it. I managed to put a 34 inch fish in the box. Now it was Steve’s turn. We set up to make the same pass
again and within minutes, Steve was hooked up. He fought the fish and we had another keeper bass in the box.

So today was not about hitting out limit of fish, it was about catch and release and putting a few fish in the box for the grill. We had a blast today with non
stop action all morning. The sun was out, it was flat calm and fishing could not have been any better. Come on and get in on the great striped bass fishing
we have been experiencing. The cool fall weather will be here before you know it!!! Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details.

July 12 through July 23rd – The Jersey Girl Was Out of the Water, UGH!!!
Well, during our July 10th trip, we had an unexpected problem with the new motors. Our port motor blew about 5 miles out of Plymouth on our way home.
Yup, almost 1 year to the date and we put a rod through the block of the #6 cylinder. What a mess. To make matters even worse, the starboard lower end
was leaking oil as well. So for about two weeks now, we have been out of the water and just put the Jersey Girl back in her home at Brewers Plymouth
Marine. Nothing like buying new motors and having an issue like that, makes you wonder how that type of stuff can happen. Anyway, after the shakedown
run, the motors are running great and we are back on the water fishing. Keep an eye out for new updates and if you want to get in on the hot striper action
or if you want to kick off the Discovery Channel’s Shark week with a shark expedition of your own, come on and give us a call at 774-437-1882 for booking
details. Tight Line, Capt. Roland Lizotte.
July 10th – Striper Action Continues To Be HOT With Fish to 40lbs Again
Well, I am not sure what else to say other than we started the day with great weather and some awesome striper action. Brad and Dan met me at Brewers
Plymouth Marine around 5am for the early start today. Another bass trip was on tap for us today and yes, off to the Race Point area again. As we pulled
from the slip, we were greeted to an amazing sunrise with flat calm seas. It was a quick ride across the bay for us today running at 35mph. As we made our
way across the  bay, we hit some pretty low visibility fog banks which kept us from spotting tuna today. I know they were there because they have been
sitting in the same spot every time we have made our trip across the bay for the last 10 trips. We just could not see them today.

Anyway, when we hit the race point area, there was a light fog which was perfect for getting those fish to come up to the surface. The last few trips, we had
bright sun with little to no wind and with those conditions, the fish usually go deep and stay right on the bottom. Today, I was also surprised with the water
temperature running near 75 degrees at the surface, that is usually another sign that the fish will stay deep in the cooler water. That is exactly where they
were today, deep and it meant we were going to have to run the wire line to get them.

Within minutes of getting our line out, Brad was onto a fish. Not a big fish, not a small fish, right around the 34 inch mark. The second pass through, Dan
hooked up, then Brad. Two more fish over the rails. Next pass, Brad nailed a nice fish. As soon as the fish hit, it just stripped line from the reel. Thats when
you know you have a good bass on the other end. Every time Bard would crank in 10 feet of line, the fish would strip off about 10 feet. After about 10
minutes, Brad had the fish to the boat. I warned Brad that as soon as the fish gets close, it is going to make another run, so get ready. Sure enough, that
big bass made one final run stripping 20-30 feet of line off the reel again. As Brad worked the fish back up, I grabbed the leader and pulled it into the boat.
Brad landed a 44 inch bass that was fat and pushing 40lbs. That was the trophy fish for the day.

We made several other passes catching and releasing 20-25lb bass for most of the morning. Right around slack tide is when we lost the bite, it was like
someone turned the lights off. We picked up a couple of small fish here and there but that was it. All in all, we caught about 20 fish for the morning, all were
legal size with the exception of 2. Not bad for a few hours of early morning fishing. It was time to head for home so we packed up the gear and made a path
for Plymouth. Back at the dock, I filleted the fish and bagged them for Brad. Just another great day on the water with some trophy bass being caught. The
bass fishing has been the best this year than I have seen in the last 5 years or so. This is a great fishery here in the Northeast so now is the
time to get out on the water and try your luck for a trophy striped bass, tuna or monster bluefish!!!
Contact Captain Roland Lizotte at
774-437-1882 for booking details.
Tight lines to everyone!!!.

July 8th – First Trip to Atlantis Canyon of 2010, 65lb Yellowfin Tuna Action

July 5th – Great Start to the Day With Another 30lb Bass

July 3rd – Another Day With 30lb Bass Aboard the Jersey Girl

July 1st – Striper Action Continues to Be Hot with 30lb Bass Again

June 27th – HOT Striper Action, Fish to 30lbs Again

June 26th – Another Great Day of Striper Fishing Aboard the Jersey Girl, Lots Of Big Fish Today

June 25th – And The Saga Goes On, Stripers to 40lbs Today

June 21st – Amazing Striper Fishing Continues, 30lb plus fish
Another day, another weekend and another awesome trip aboard the Jersey Girl. Today we had Bill and Bob aboard for a 4 hour bass trip. What an
awesome day it turned out to be. We left Brewers Marine around 630am. We were greeted with no wind, some ground fog and mirror seas for the ride
across Cape Cod Bay today, our destination as always, Race Point.

As we arrived over to Race Point, the fish were in the usual spot and today, they were right on the bottom. There was not a lot of top water activity to start
the day and all of the boats were trolling deep. We rigged up the wire line rods with some new jigs that I made and started to jig. Within a few minutes, Bill
hooked up and then Bob was on. It did not take long to recognize that they were onto two good fish. Bill’s fish had some great head shakes and would strip
line for some short runs while Bob’s fish did the same. When Bill got his fish up to the side of the boat, it was a nice and fat, 30lb striped bass. Bob’s fish was
just under that around 25lbs. Two big fish boated right of the bat to start the day. The next couple of hours would lead to more of the same. Fast fishing,
pass after pass we had doubles and our lines were tight. Most of the fish were in the 30-36″ class with a couple of fish just over the 30lb mark. Bill and Bob
were all about catch and release today. They decided to keep two fish of our 6 fish limit and it was a catch and release day today.

After an hour or two of catch and release with the wire line, we decided to try to raise the fish with some top water lures, Ronz and sluggos. It was a struggle
to get these fish to come up from the bottom. When the sun is high, the water is clear and there is a lot of boat traffic, my experience is that the fish will
always stay down and that is typically when the wire line will get the bites. We moved from spot to spot, trying to raise some bass with the light spinning gear.
I think we had a couple of sniffs at the lures but that was about it. We decided to go back to wire line jigging.

After pulling in a few more nice sized fish, we decided to head for home. It was just a great day on the water with good company. We easily hit our limit of fish
in the first hour of fishing and it is always nice to have a catch and release day. The striper fishing is the best it has been in years with lots of big
fish around right now, if you want to get out on the water for some non-stop action,
give Capt. Roland Lizotte a call at 774-437-1882 for
booking details. Come on and get some fresh bass for the 4th of July BBQ party.

June 20th – A Day Off, What An Odd Site
Before I talk about our trip, I just have to share with you one of the oddest things we witnessed yesterday (June 20th). We had a much needed day off for
father’s day yesterday, so we decided to spend the day out at Browns Bank with family. Around 12pm, we were looking back at Plymouth beach from Browns
Bank and what do we see, two deer (a small doe and buck) standing at the water. Within minutes, they jumped into the water and started to swim. They were
coming right for Browns Bank. Everyone out on the bank was watching and what a site it was. About 10 minutes later, they ran out of the water onto Browns
Bank with an audience of people watching them. Now what, as we were all standing watching, they kept running right across the bank toward Cape Cod Bay
and you know what happened next. They jumped in the water on the other side of the bank and started swimming for Provincetown. It was a pretty wild site
to see and I am not sure what those deer were thinking but they are probably in the middle of the bay today treading water. Boaters be aware for the deer

June 19th – Another Outstanding Striper Trip

June 16th – EPIC Striper Fishing, Fish Over 40lbs, Over 100 Fish Caught Today, No Short Fish!!!
Well here we are again, writing yet another post on how great the striped bass fishery is right now for the early 2010 season. If there is one word I would use
to describe the bass fishing my customer Sean and I experienced today, it would be…hmmmmmm, EPIC. Definition of Epic-Surpassing the usual or
ordinary, particularly in scope or size.
The top water bass action was non-stop for 6 hours and every fish was well over 25lbs with lots of 30lb fish and a
couple of 40 plus lb fish. It was one of those days that I have not seen since I was 18 years old. The fish were big, fat and just all over the top of the water.
The seals were even fishing for them today among all of the boats.

The day started off with Sean meeting me at Brewers Marine in Plymouth for his planned bass trip. It was a solo trip today. Sean’s wife was up in Central
Mass for some company meetings so Sean decided to get in on the great bass fishery we have here in the northeast. Sean arrived right at 6am as
scheduled and we were off. It was a typical early summer Plymouth morning where we had no wind, flat calm seas and were greeted with near zero visibility
fog. It is nice having the radar on days like today.

As we made our way across the bay, the fog broke up and we had a very quick ride across the bay to Race Point running at 35mph. When we arrived to the
Race, there was lots of birds, boats and fish right up on the surface. I had a feeling at this point that it was going to be “one of those days where the fishing
would be non-stop” and that is exactly how it went. Sean made his first casts with our new top water lures from Guides Choice Lures and the lure of
choice today for the fish was the M-80 Popper Yellow White Belly. This lure was deadly on the fish. Any time it hit the water, the fish were all over it.
As Sean worked the lure up to the boat, smash, a nice keeper bass just ripped it down under the water, game on!!! Sean got the fish up to the boat and it
was one of those “oops” moments where the captain (that’s me) dropped the fish back in the water and it popped off the hook. Sean took it with ease and I
felt horrible. Little did I know, we were in store for one of those limits of fish in 30 minutes with throw back of 25, 35 and 40lb bass for the next 6 hours.

Cast after cast, we managed to hook and lose fish. For some reason, the would pop the hook just before getting to the boat. It did make for easy catch and
release. We made a quick move over to where we had the big fish over the weekend (another Epic day) and they we still there boiling the surface of the
water all over. It was so quiet on the water, you could actually here the fish finning as they rolled on the surface. We stayed with the fish all morning.
Releasing fish after fish, 30 pounder after 30 pounder, it was just awesome. I have not seen a day like this since I was about 18 years old. Just Epic fishing.
Sean’s arms were burning around 1030am from reeling in so many fish. This is when we figured we probably had caught and release over 60 fish between
the two of us. One of the amazing things to see was that these fish were pushing bait right up against the beach and we were picking fish in 5-12 feet of
water at time. Guys casting from the beach were getting in on the action and it reminded me of one of those “old school beach blitz’s” that you used to see
during the 80’s. Sean had a blast today and I am pretty sure it far exceeded his expectations. To quote Sean during one of his battles, “this is another nice
fish Roland.” If I had a dollar for every time Sean made that comment, I would be running a 38 foot Hydra Sport Center Console with triple 350’s. It was just
one of those days!!!!

In the end, we had boated over 100 fish today, had 4 beautiful fish in the box that ranged from 25-44lbs and a lot of great memories. Check out the pictures
of the fishing boiling on the surface and Sean’s 40 plus pond bass. If you want to get in on the bass action with this great fishery, give Capt.
Roland Lizotte a call at 774-437-1882 for booking details. We put fish in the boat, check out our money back guarantee on our
striper/bluefish trips. Now is a great time to try the combo tuna/bass trip. Get your shot at a giant tuna and then fill the box with some bass
for the grill to end the day. Fresh sushi and grilled bass, anyone interested?

June 13th – Combo Tuna/Striper Trip, Tuna Hook Up with 30lb Bass To End The Day

June 12th – Awesome Striper Fishing Continues (Bonus – Two Shots At Top Water Tuna)

June 7th – First Tuna Trip Of The Season – 67″, 185lb Bluefin Tuna Started Our Day Off
One word describes our first tuna trip of the season, WOW!!! What a day we had on the water today. It may have not been fish after fish but we managed to
put a 67″, 185lb bluefin in the box right off the bat today. Today I had my “tuna wrangler” team on board for the day with my buddy Rob and my brother Bob.
The weather was forecast to be pretty nasty, thunderstorms, heavy rain, tornado watch with a small craft advisory however, when I woke up at 4:15, the
winds were pretty light and it looked like we were a go for the day. I checked the local radar to see what the weather looked like and the radar map was
clean. So we went.

We met at Brewer’s Plymouth Marine at 5am. Our goal was to find tuna, get hooked up early and get off the water early just in case the winds decided to
blow. We almost had near perfect execution to that plan today, the only difference is we stayed on the water longer. We pulled out of the slip and made our
way out of Plymouth. When we came around the point, we were surprised with the conditions we faced, nearly no wind and flat calm seas. It was going to be
a fast ride across the bay. We were heading over to start our tuna hunt around the Peaked Hill area. About 35 minutes later, we arrived. We were greeted
to light winds, rippled waters with diving birds on bait. We had a choice to make, pull rubbers to break in our new Lee Outriggers or try to find fish up top to
cast to. While we were slowly motoring along, the tell tail tuna sign showed up. Clouds of bait on the sonar with a heavy ripple on the surface of the calm
waters. That ripple is the sign of big fish moving just under the surface of the water, tuna?? The birds were looking under the water, all the signs were good.
We rigged up the spinning rods and started casting. Within minutes of my first cast, a fish boiled on my lure. Second cast, fish on!! It was the wrong fish, it
was a blue fish. We made a few more casts and there were no more hits. By this point, our blood was flowing and we were ready to go.

We decided to move south a bit and start on the troll to try and cover a lot of water. If we found fish on top, we would stop and cast but it was time to troll
and put the new outriggers to the test. We rigged the bars, got them all out in the water, we were fishing a 4-5 rod squid bar spread. What was nice to see is
that if we wanted to, we could fish a 6-8 rod spread. I said to the guys, man, this boat is rigged perfectly now, we just need the tuna bite to happen. We were
on the troll for fish!!! After about an hour of moving around, we hit slack tide and it was like someone turned on the lights!!! All of a sudden the fish finder lit
up with bait and tuna. Then just after that, the surface erupted with tuna popping up all over. As we patiently watched and made slight adjustments, my
brother says, man, that orange squid bar is riding real nice. Within minutes, bamm, the port rigger goes off and would you know, it was the orange bar that
was taken down. Rob yells fish on and all you could hear was that sweet sound of the line screaming off the reel.

We cleared the lines and strapped Bob into the stand up harness. After 2 quick runs, he had the fish straight down off the starboard rear of the boat. Crank
after crank, the fish was coming up. Rob was the leader/gaff man today and I was the captain/poon man. As the fish came up, we got a nice shot of silver
and we knew it was a decent fish, not a giant but pretty close. Rob leadered the fish and I had a nice clean shot with the poon. The fish was stuck, gaffed
and came over the rails after about 40 minutes. Nice fish and credit to Bob for taking in his first bluefin of his career. We bled the fish and put it in the box on
ice. Sushi anyone!!?

After that fish, we trolled around for about another hour and the fish just disappeared. We still did not have any wind so we decided to move inshore a bit
and try to get our limit of bass. We had what I would call a triple play today. Bluefin tuna, our limit of bass and one blue fish. Not bad for an early on/early off
day. The Jersey Girl strikes again. Around 1pm, the winds started to kick up and we decided to head for home. It was the right decision because when we hit
8 miles out of Plymouth, the winds were howling. Easily blowing 20-30. In the end, we arrived back to the dock safely with a boat load of nice fish!!! So now
that the ice is broken, come on and get in on the early season tuna action. Make a combo trip out of it and get your limit of tuna and bass in the same day!!!
Contact Captain Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882.

June 6th Striper Trip-Cancelled due to Severe Thunderstorms 🙁
We were scheduled to have Thomas’s crew on board for the day today but the weather would just not cooperate. Thomas tried to schedule last year and we
ran into the same issues, weather, weather and more new england weather. When I woke up at 430am today, we had a line of severe thunderstorms about
2 hours west of us. I decided to cancel the trip and it was the right decision to make. Right around 8am (right when we would have been over at Race Point)
a severe thunderstorm blew through. Thats new england weather but our primary focus is our customer’s safety.

May 31st – Reel Time Fishing Charters Does It Again – 50+ Striper Day
You know what is the best about fishing at the end of May and Early June?  You have some of the finest fishing anywhere in the world within 15-20 miles of
our home port. The ground fishing has been great (best I have seen in 5 years), there are big bass prowling the waters in search of sand eels and mackerel
and now the tuna are in. Yup, reports of footballs and giants are coming in from Peaked Hill to the Bank.

We had another banner day fishing for striped bass!!! We had Kyle, Ken, Julia and Matt on board for the day in search of some trophy bass. We would not
find the world record bass today but we would get out limit of fish again, many hours of keeper throw back fishing and two 40 inch fish that would make our
trophy board for the day. How can you go wrong with non stop striper action and another 50 plus fish day?

Julia and Matt were here from Alaska and it made for a fun day hearing their stories about fishing and life in Alaska.  It was Matt’s first time striper fishing
and fun to see him log another species of fish onto his fishing resume.  Kyle is a repeat customer and still in search of his 60 pound trophy fish and we are
confident eventually he will find it aboard our boat.  Our day brought us over to the Race Point area where once again, we slammed the striped bass. We
did it all, jigged wire, casted top water spinning gear, you name it, we could not miss. Everyone caught their fair share of fish and it was non stop action for
most of the day. I think we had a 30 minute break in the action before we made a quick move and were on the fish again. This trip was all about cookie
cutter size fish. Every fish that came over the rails today was 28-33 inches. Matt ended the day with the biggest fish, right around 38 inches. It was a great
way to end the day not to mention that Ken challenged my wife, the Jersey Girl, to some one on one fishing action – and he wound up out-fishing her 2 to 0
before we called it a day. That is something that rarely happens, the Jersey Girl got skunked and this time you could not blame the captain. We were on the
fish hard, she could just not hook into one.

After Ken showed the Jersey Girl up, we plotted a course towards home. In the end, we had well over 50 fish logged on the books for the day with our 12
fish limit in the box on ice. It was a great day with fast fishing, great conversation, and a great crew for the day.  At the end of the day Matt was bragging that
he managed to boat the first fish of the day, the last fish, and also the biggest fish. Gotta love bragging rights!!! If you are interested in getting in on some of
this great striped bass fishing or the tuna fishing that is just kicking off, give Captain Roland Lizotte a call at 774-437-1882 for booking details.

May 29th 2010 – Another Amazing Striper Trip – Top Water, Wire Line, RonZ, You Name It, We Did It!!!!!
I hate to start off another fishing report with the phrase, “Well What Can I Say” but seriously, striped bass fishing does not get any batter than the action we
had today with Joe and his crew aboard the Jersey Girl. Our trip today was all about striped bass and a guy named Jim. This trip was a planned bachelor
party trip for Jim with a few of his buddies. I think they will be left with quite a few memories from today’s trip!!!

We stated the day by leaving Brewer’s Marine in Plymouth around 5:30 AM. Aboard for the day was Joe, Jim, Dave, Koko, Barry and Joe. It was a bachelor
party fishing trip for Jim today and the crew was looking for some of that stellar striped bass action we have had in the last couple of weeks. They were
about to find out first hand how great the striped bass fishing is right now. The winds were kicked up pretty good out of the SW so I knew it would be a
choppy ride across to Race Point. Joe and his crew were up for the trip, regardless of conditions. We made our way across the bay running at 25-30mph
most of the way up on top of the 2-4 foot slop. As we made it over to the point, I felt bad for Joe, he was riding up near the bow of the boat when we took a
pretty good wave and the spray just kicked up right in his face. He had a black sweatshirt on and when he walked to the back of the boat, he looked like a
skin diver in a wet suit that just got out of the water. He was soaked but you know what, he did not care!! He was just happy to be on the water with his

When we arrived to the first spot we were going to fish, the fish were in the exact same spot as we left them on our last trip. This time, they were deep, right
on the bottom. So we started our day out with the wire line jigging hoping to raise some of the big fish from the bottom. That is what we did. It was only
minutes before we had out first fish on. Joe and Jim were at the rods when Joe’s line came tight. Next were Dave and Joe. Then Barry and Koko. Every time
the jigs hit the bottom, we had fish on, doubles with almost every pass we made. It was not long before we started to approach our 14 fish limit. The guys
were amazed at how productive and fast fishing it was with the wire line. Most of the fish were in the 29 inch to 34 inch size until Barry hooked into a nice
fish. It had stripped some line off the reel right off the start. As Barry worked the fish up to the boat, it made another quick run back down to the bottom.
When the fish came up, it was a decent sized bass right at 38 inches. That would be the biggest fish for the day and took the bet for largest fish of the day.
Jim managed to catch the most fish for the day along with a egger lobster which we threw back. We were at out limit and from here on out, it would be all
catch and release.

After a couple of hours of very fast fishing with the wire line, I said to the guys “man, I wish these fish would come up to the surface so we could throw some
light tackle top water lures at them.” Well, I got my wish, it was like the fishing gods answered my request. Within minutes, the birds showed up and then the
fish. It looked like bluefish smacking the surface of the water when in fact, it was all bass. We pulled right up to the school and started casting to them.
Within minutes, Jim hooked up using a Yozuri Minnow jig. Another 30 inch bass up to the boat which we released. We swapped out lures to find which ones
were the most productive. We ended up using some Guides Choice Striper Slider 3D Bunker top water lure. These things were deadly on the bass.
With every cast, you could watch the bass come right up to them. Joe had the best shot of the day when he actually teased the bass right up to the boat
before it sucked the lure down!!! Joe was using the “walk the dog” tactic and the bass just went nuts!!! I can not wait to rig some of these lures for the top
water tuna action that is now starting to kick off up around the bank. These lures will be deadly on tuna, especially after what we all witnessed on how the
bass reacted to them. The last hour of our day was spent using light top water spinning tackle, what a way to end the day. I think the light spinning tackle
and live bait fishing for bass/tuna is my favorite way to catch fish. The wire line fishing is probably the most productive way to catch bass, especially when
they are deep, the sun is bright and should be a part of everyone’s tactic, especially if you want to raise big bass from the bottom.

The ride home was a sloppy one but the guys did not care. The day was exactly what they had asked for, lots of fish caught using many different styles of
fishing. Some decent sized trophy fish and great memories from the day on the water. It took me all of 30 minutes to fillet the 14 fish, bag them and put them
on ice for the guys. Just an awesome way to end the day and it was another 50 fish day aboard the Jersey Girl. I will quote Joe, “You better believe we
enjoyed some fresh striper, man was it good. There is nothing better than fresh striper on the grill. We had a great day, everyone was
extremely happy with the fishing and Jimmy and I loved using the light tackle.”
Honestly, it does not get better than that!!! So if you want to get
in on some of the great bass fishing action right now, give Capt Roland Lizotte a call at 774-437-1882. We will be starting up combo bass/tuna
trips or cod/tuna trips the week of 6/7, so if you are interested, please contact us.

May 22nd 2010- First Striper Trip Of The Season – Another Awesome Trip, BASS ARE IN!!!
Well what can I say, we are on a roll moving from one great fishery to another. This Saturday’s trip was our first “official” striper trip of the season and what a
way to get it started. We had Mike and his 8 year old son Travis on board for the day. Mike had never caught a striped bass and Travis was looking to
break his record for biggest fish, would it be another first time fish caught aboard the Jersey Girl, what do you think?

Our day started around 6am heading from Brewer’s Marine. Today was about searching for bass and fishing as many different styles of fishing as we could.
Mike wanted to learn as much as he could about striped bass fishing so that is what we set out to do. Heading out of the harbor, we made a quick stop to fill
the live well with some mackerel. There is nothing more fun or rewarding then catching your own live bait and then fishing it for your target game fish. It was
not long before Travis put the first mackerel in the boat. He was having a blast using real light spinning tackle, pulling up 1, 2, 3 mackerel at a time, not to
mention it was his first time fishing and catching mackerel. Mike managed to pull in a few macks of his own until we had the live well full. It was a 4 hour trip
today for us so as soon as the live well was full, we made a run off to the east over to Race Point to see if we could find the bass.

After a quick 30 minute ride across the bay, it did not take long to find the fish. The fish finder lit up with fish on the bottom and I had Mike and Travis start
casting with spinning light tackle. Mike hooked into his first striped bass using a Yozuri Minnow Jig. Mike first striped bass ever was a 26″ schoolie, you
should note that this would be the only “short fish” of the day that we would catch from here on out. After a little move, we found the mother load of striped
bass. I was amazed because we were one of 4 boats fishing the area. We had the place to ourself. We switched over to using live mackerel with the Qualia
Q12 reels and Ugly Stick Tiger Lite rods. You could not get the mackerel in the water before you had a fish on. First Travis, then Mike, doubles every time.
For me there is nothing like catching striped bass on live bait (still my favorite and first choice). The run, the hook set and then balm, the fight is on. This
fishing frenzy went on for the next one and a half hours. Fish after fish. We had our limit within the first 30-40 minutes of fishing and every fish after that was
throw back. The biggest fish of the day came when Travis was at the rod. I was pretty impressed with how well Travis did fighting the fish. He took his time,
was patient and worked almost every fish to the boat on his own. In the end, when the fish came over the rails, Travis managed to hook into a 38 inch, fat
20lb striped bass. The most rewarding trips for me are the ones with kids that love to fish. They always bring me back to the days of the “first fish” I caught
as a kid. Mike managed to catch his first ever striped bass on this trip as well as his first keeper bass. Actually Mike and Travis both were pro’s are catching
keeper striped bass all morning. The bass were all over the place boiling the surface of the water. Great early spring bass fishing and another happy crew
for the day.

We caught or released several bass during our 4 hour trip, I lost count after a while. Mike and Travis were very happy and we had a very smooth ride home
to the dock with some fresh fish in the box. All I can say is that striper fishing is HOT right now, from Plymouth to Ptown, the fish are around in great
numbers. STRIPERS ARE IN!!!! REPORTS OF TUNA NEAR CHATHAM (another week or two, they will be here) and COD FISHING REMAINS HOT ON
THE BANK. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 to book your summer fishing trip. We guarantee you will catch fish!!

May 2nd, 2010 Cod Trip-AWESOME COD FISHING With New Qualia High Speed Jigging Reels
So what can we say about jigging for cod/haddock and pollack in less than 120′ of water this time of year, TRULY AWESOME FISHING. Especially with the
new Qualia Q12 high speed jigging reels paired with the Tiger Lite Ugly Stick rods or the Offshore Angler Extreme Jigging Rod. On board today, we had
Patrick and Rob for some great early spring ground fishing on the bank.

Our day started by leaving Brewer’s Marine in Plymouth around 5:30am and it was turning out to be one of those days where the weather was perfect, light
winds and warm temperatures. As the sun started to pop up out of the water to the East, we started our run up to the middle bank where we had done so
well in weeks past. It was a very quick ride today, the seas were flat calm, no wind and we ran the Jersey Girl out to the bank at 30-40mph the whole way
out. When we hit the western edge of the middle bank, the fish finder lit up. There was huge schools of bait with feeding pods of cod right beneath them. At
our first stop, it was not long and before the jigs could hit the bottom, we were onto fish. What we managed to find was a pile of “just under cod” with a slow
pick at market sized cod. This spot gave us the kind of fishing where it was a 1 to 15 ratio. You would go through 15 fish before you pulled a keeper. After a
couple of drifts, we decided to make the move further north and man, was that the right call.

When we arrived at our spot up close to the NW corner of the bank, we were greeted with a fleet of boats (probably 100 or more boats tightly grouped in a
small area). We were fishing just outside of the group of boats and that is when we found our next pile of fish. The cod and pollack were stacked up like a
wall on the fish finder. The school of fish were so thick that the fish finder had a hard time picking up bottom. It would actually give a false bottom reading
once we went over the school of fish. It was time to get the jigs down. Again, within minutes we had tight lines and this time, we were on much better fish. As
the first fish came up, it was a nice, fat 20lb cod. Lines down again!! For the next 2hours, we would have some of the fastest and finest cod fishing I have
seen in a while. We had doubles of 15-20lb cod all morning and we quickly reached out limit of fish. The Qualia Q12 reels performed flawlessly and really
made the job of cranking up these fish easy. Two of the Q12 reels are two speed reels and we can not wait to try these out with those 150lb bluefin tuna
that were roaming the waters last year. Talk about light tackle with big fish!!!

We ended our day moving off to the east into a little deeper water for some haddock. After a steady pick at haddock, we started our ride back home with
warm air in our fast and running at 35mph, it was a quick ride back to the dock. Just enough time to fillet the fish on the way in. So whether you are
looking for fresh cod/haddock for the Memorial Day weekend fish fry or want to plan a summer striper/tuna trip, contact Capt Roland Lizotte
at 774-437-1882 for booking details!!!

2010 Fishing Season Underway-AWESOME COD FISHING With New Qualia High Speed Jigging Reels

Well, our first trip of the season is under our belt and what a great day on the water we had. Kyle and Bob were on board for the day fishing for some early
season cod. The fish were stacked up right we where left them last year. It’s always nice to be able to run 18 miles offshore to the bank at 30+mph in the
early spring. Once we hit the spot that the gps brought us to, it did not take long to figure out what we would find. The fish finder lit up with red blobs all
along the bottom. We were up on the shallow water of the bank (110′ or less), fishing with the new ugly stick tiger lite rods rigged with the Qualia Q12 high
speed jigging reels and 6oz jigs. Talk about a perfect combination for cod/haddock and pollack.

As soon as the jigs got within 20-30′ of the bottom, we had fish on. Every time the jigs dropped, we had doubles in most cases. It was a steady pick at
market sized cod and pollack through the morning. We managed to get our limit after a few hours of fishing. Always a nice way to start the season!!!

Anyway, more reports to come as the season gets underway. The Qualia reels we have been using are truly awesome!!! We have them paired up with
some real light weight rods that have made for awesome stand up action!! For booking details, contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 and if
you can not make a full trip for the boat or find enough people, ask us about our solo trips where we can find some people to split the trip
with you.

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