Saturday 5/14/2011-Another Slammer Of A Cod Trip

Well, what can I say….. Today was another banner cod trip with limits of cod, lots of pollock and some haddock thrown in the mix. You know it’s good fishing when they are coming over the rails two at a time.  

Today we left Brewers Plymouth Marine at 6am with Dave and his father, Tim. It was another “first timer” trip aboard the Jersey Girl. Dave was in search of his first cod and I think today’s action would leave some pretty good memories as well as some very sore arms. The fog was pretty thick as we pulled out of the slip and made our way out through the harbor. Our new Lowrance HDS 8 plotter and broadband radar performed flawlessly and guided us out. I have to tell you that the broadband radar is  amazing. Not only does it have good long range capabilities, its short range capabilities are amazing. It is so cool when you start picking up all the small lobster buoys and flocks of birds flying around. As we came around Long Point, there was a lot of action on the surface of the water with birds and bait. You know the bass had to be pushing the bait up, yes, the bass…they are in Plymouth now. We figured if they were still there on our way back, we would give it a shot.   

Once we made it out beyond the point, the fog opened up a bit and we were able to run at 30mph most of the way out to the bank. We had a 3-5ft sea swell and the waves were spaced just far enough apart so that we could run hard on our way out. After about 35 minutes out, we hit the SW corner and stopped at a few spots where we had fish in weeks past. After a couple of drops and not marking much of anything, we made a move to where we had fish last week. It was a quick ride to our next spot and it was not long before we were on the fish. Dave dropped down and bammm, hooked up. As Dave worked the fish up to the surface, it was a nice pollock. Fish in the box. Next drop down, bammm, keeper cod. It was Dave’s first keeper cod and it was a fat one to say the least. Not a bad way to start the day.   

Dave's 1st Cod

Dave’s father Tim was working his way through small cod and lots of sea robins when he finally got in on the action. We made a small move north (about 1/2 mile away) and made our drop again. This time, it was Tim’s turn. The jig could not get to the bottom without being ravaged by the cod and pollock. Tim was like a machine. Every drop, bamm, reel it up and keeper cod coming over the rails. It did not take too long before we had our limits of cod, pollock and haddock. The action was so fast that our lines were constantly tight for the next 2 hours.  I was pretty impressed with Tim’s tireless efforts to keep up with me today. Drop after drop, he cranked away on on the Qualia reel like a mad man.

The Battle

Around mid day, we made our way back home. With a following sea and light winds, we cruised at 30mph all the way home. Dave had the best seat in the house for the ride back, right up in front of the console. I can not tell you how many people have nodded off while riding up there, its the most relaxing spot on the boat. This was probably one of the best trips I have had in a while. Seeing people hook into that first fish with non-stop action to follow is just an awesome experience. Dave and Tim are great guys to fish with and I had a blast!! I look forward to seeing them on the water once the bass action heats up.  

After The Battle

If you want to get in on the great cod fishing we are having right now (when the winds are not blowing!!!), contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details. The bass are in at Plymouth, start thinking about your next bass trip!!!    


Happy Crew




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2 Responses to Saturday 5/14/2011-Another Slammer Of A Cod Trip

  1. Jersey Girl says:

    Tim – How did your shoulder and arm feel this morning from all that work yesterday?! 🙂

  2. DCREEDEN says:

    I am still taken back at the knowledge, skill, and the selflessness of Captain Roland Lizotte!! I always knew he was a nice guy but out on the boat is where he shines!! The electronics on his craft are state of the art ridiculous! He most definitely did his home work as we hit a couple quick spots with fish before we landed on Cod City. I seriously thought my fathers arms were going to fall off or that he was going over into the drink!! Multiple times we had double keepers coming over the rail!!
    Once again thank you for your kindness, selflessness and monster work ethic on Saturday. The memories of banking all those Cod, Pollock and haddock will last a life time!! Along with seeing my dad’s facial expressions throughout the whole trip!!
    Thank you!!

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