EPIC Striper Action Continues – 6/5

Here we go again. 3 years in a row now with Epic striper fishing the first 2 week of June. All I can say is that today’s “Birthday Trip” for James will be one for him to remember. Today’s trip started back in February with a phone call from Jame’s wife asking if we could provide a gift certificate for a 40th birthday party trip. So the Jersey Girl pulled together a little package with the gift certificate, some brochures and a nice Reel Time Fishing Charters t-shirt and sent it off in the mail. Two months later, James called to cash in on his gift and I am pretty sure he got more than he bargained for.

Today we left Brewers Plymouth Marine around 530am. We were supposed to run the trip on 6/4 but mother nature did not cooperate with the winds so we had an opportunity to run the trip on 6/5. With the seas still pretty sloppy from the previous days winds, we made our way across Cape Cod Bay towards Race Point. When we arrived, I started to get the guys set up with the spinning outfits when my phone rang. Our buddy Joe gave me a call to let me know he was on the “mother load” of fish. He was not too far away so we made a quick run to the spot where he was at. (THANKS JOE, good freinds and partners on the water goes a long way sometimes!!!).

It was not long before I could see the birds dive bombing the water off in the distance and the surface of the water erupting with fish. I call them “mosquitoes” because from a distance, that what they look like, a swarm of mosquitoes. I mean, this school of fish had to be a mile long. I figured out which way the school was moving, we moved up in front and started our drift. It took a matter of minutes before all the guys hooked up. We had a fire drill on the Jersey Girl all morning where we had all the guys hooked up and we were running around the boat keeping our fish apart. I seriously do not think I worked harder in my life un-hooking fish and tying new leaders on than I did today. First was Juan, then Ned, then Tom, Paul and James, all the guys were on fish, big fish!!! Everyone was pulling fish up left and right, you could not miss, it was EPIC. My favorite word to use to describe fishing like it was today. Sean from my last years charter knows what that means, right Sean???

We had 5 hours of non-stop, forearm burning, drag screaming fishing!!! Every fish caught today was over 20lbs, we did not have one short fish and we had a couple of fish over the 40lb mark with lots of fish in the 30lb class. We caught well over 100 fish and it was catch and release all day!!! These guys had a blast and quite honestly, so did I. I had more fun watching these guys hook up or watching the bass come up and smash the lures off the top of the water. At one point, the fish were so think on the surface, the bait they were chasing came right upĀ under the boat and we were watching the bass pick them off within 3ft of the boat. It was kind of like watching goldfish feed in a tank and our tank was the ocean.

In the end, James had the biggest fish for the day pusing the limit at 42lbs.. I think Ned had the best catch of the day when he decided to try and fish with his own “lure” (check out the photo below, it will make you laugh) and the quote of the day came from Juan. He said, “I have never seen anything like this in my entire life, this was by far the best fishing trip I have ever been on…” That is what it is all about, good times, great fishing and a trip that burns memories that will last forever. We all agreed that James wife did the best job picking out this birthday gift!!! I will be posting some more pictures in the gallery along with some video from this trip. Stay tuned!!! In the meantime, get in on this Epic fishing. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882. You can also follow us on facebook, check our facebook page out and become Reel Time freinds for our Reel Time updates…

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  1. Juan says:

    Hello, just wanted to say thank you again….Best fishing expedition by far, we caught & released more than 100 keepers!! But we could have not done it without the extreme knowledge and abilities of Capt. Roland. Keep up the awesome job.~Juan

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