Striper Action On Fire – Fish Over 30lbs – 6/11

So where should I start. Well, I guess I can tell you that today’s trip has been in the making for 3 years and it finally happened. Thomas and his crew have been trying to book this trip for the last 3 years. With the last 2 years, we had to cancel due to strong winds or very heavy thunderstorms. This year, well, the weather was looking good as of Friday night but when I woke up Saturday morning, what a different story.

Thomas, Jing, Hershal, Steve and Etien all arrived at Brewers Plymouth Marine around 6am today. We were targeting striped bass for the day and over the last 3 trips, the bass fishing was EPIC. Hopefully today would prove to be more of the same. We made our way out of Plymouth Harbor and started across Cape Cod Bay. This is when we knew the weather guys got the forecast wrong. It was cloudy, the winds were starting to blow pretty good from the east and there was light rain spattered all over the sirius weather chart. The rain looked like it was staying NE of us so hopefully we could get a few hours of dry fishing in. My buddy Patrick was already across the bay around the Race Point area starting to look for fish. He had warned me it was a “bumpy” ride across. We managed to run at 30-40mph most of the way through the 2ft chop. As we hit the Race Point area, there were lots of boats working fish under the swarms of birds. I rigged up the light tackle spinning outfits for the crew and we started our search. It was not long before we marked our first pile of fish under the boat. I had the guys drop down some 3oz buttefly jigs hoping we could pull up some larger fish that were roaming under the smaller top water fish. That is exactly what happened. It was only a matter of minutes before Steve, Jing, Etien and Hershal hooked up. Our first bass were in the box. Unfortunately, Thomas had missed the first bite and he was still lokking for that first fish!

Next drift, bamm, tight lines again and Jing was on, then Steve, Etienand Thomas. I gave Patrick a call and he came over to get in on the action. While we were fishing, he managed to get some great video and pictures of our trip in action. I will have those posted later this week. We started our next drift, tight lines again all around the boat. At one point, I think we had all 5 rods tight with fish and the crew was running circles around the boat. That’s the one nice thing about a center console, I can step out of the way and we have 360 degree’s of fishabilityfor everyone. Drift after drift, we picked away at the fish. We had 9 fish in the box after about an hour of fishing, with many fish released. Hershal dropped his line down when he hooked into a nice fish. I mean, this fish just screamed away from the boat and the drag on the Penn Battle 5000 had that nice “hummm” that everyone loves to hear. After about 1 5minute battle with the fish, Hershallhad it up to the boat. We took some photos and it was a nice, lean 32lb bass in the box.  At this point, it was all catch and release with the crew hoping they could manage to land a couple of 30-40lb plus trophy fish.

After a quick party break, yes, party break since it was Jing’s 25thbirthday, we started to get back on the fish. This is when Thomas managed to get onto a nice fish. Thomas fought the fish as it made many runs from the boat and when we pulled it up, it was another fish pushing the 30lb mark. All and all, it was another great day of fishing aboard the Jersey Girl. Tight lines all morning withnon stop action, a little birthday celebration in the middle and a great crew aboard for the day. The rain managed to hold off until close to the end of our trip and witha following sea, we had a pretty smooth ride home. It was perfect timing because by the time we made our way back to Plymouth, the east winds were ripping along with the tide.

Whether it has been the bottom fishing for cod, the first tuna hook up of the season or the Epic bass fishing, the 2011 season is off to a great start when the weather has cooperated. Get in on this great action and contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882.

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  1. Thomas John says:

    Thank you for a great day of fishing and fun Captain. We had a blast and look forward to setting up something for next year.

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