Well, it’s official, THE BITE IS ON!!! Offshore haddock fishing has been phenomenal and keeper bass are in. Let me just put it to you this way, I have been ground fishing for over 40 years and this is by far some of the best haddock fishing since I have seen from when I was a kid. Lot’s of haddock up in shallow water, how about 90ft or less which makes it for a real fun time of fishing. You do not need to spend time reeling in over 200-300 ft of line to get these fish in your cooler. We have limited out within 2 hours on the last few trips and have had some time to head inshore for a little striper fishing.

As for the striper bite, well that is definitely on as well. We have had many fish in the 26″-34″ range and there are larger one’s mixed in. Right now it is all light tackle striper fishing. We have been vertical jigging for them or using live bait and it has been on fire.

Now is the time to book your haddock or striper trip. The fishing is on fire right now and will only get better as the days pass. Haddock fishing is hot up in shallow water, come get in on this action before the fish move off into the deep. For the stripers, well, the big fish are here and here to stay for a while. Bring your family to get in on the action, have some fun filling the live well with mackerel and then using that for bait to catch a trophy striper.

We are running both boats now for the season. The Jersey Girl for inshore trips or on those greasy calm days when we can run at 40mph and we will be running the Reel Fin Addict for the offshore trips and those days where we need the extra comfort. If you have a preference on the boat, please ask. Contact Captain Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details. 

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