Fishing 2016 Is Just About Here – Lot’s of New Stuff For This Year

Well, I can admit it, last year was a tough year for getting regular fishing posts up on the site. For many reasons, 2015 was a crazy season both on and off the water. With that said, 2016 is looking to be a promising year for Reel Time Fishing Charters. We have added some new fishing gear to our arsenal (Penn Battle’s For Inshore Light Tackle, Shimano Offshore Spinning Reels for big game and a repower of our Twin 150 Evinrude E-Tec’s). One of the nicer additions to the Jersey Girl happened last fall with a full 360 degree enclosure for the center console. This enclosure made the Jersey Girl feel like a much larger boat on those cold, wet and windy days. It’s shaping up to be a great season and our decks will be red during 2016.

The winter was mild and water temps. really didn’t make it much lower than 37 degrees and right now, they are around 40. With the warm weather, we can expect some early runs of bait and fish to show up during April (30 days away)!! We are working on the Jersey Girl and she will be ready for the first splash of the season by April 18th and from there, we will be ready for the spring runs of fish!! Stay tuned for regular updates and give us a call at 774-437-1882 to see how we can get you on the water this season.

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2015 Fishing Season Is Here

Well another season is upon us. The snow has been melted for a while now but the temperatures still are not cooperating. The Jersey Girl is back in the water at her slip at Brewers Plymouth Marine.

We ran out offshore a bit and the water temps. are still running in the low 40’s. There are a lot of herring invading the harbor now and it won’t be long before the bass start showing up. I suspect everything will be running about 2-3 weeks behind schedule this year. Also, please remember to check out the Massachusetts Fish and Game Website for the most up to day fishing regulations. Some key updates, cod fishing is closed north of Cape Cod and striped bass regulations have changed for both commercial and recreational fisherman.

With the nice weather this weekend, we will be running the Jersey Girl around the harbor in search of that first striper of the season. We will keep you posted with updates next week. May and June are booking fast for striper trips so please contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details at 774-437-1882.

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Summer Fishing At It’s Best

The days have been flying by and it feels like we have been non-stop on the water. The weekends have been jammed with lots of great light tackle striper fishing. The majority of the trips I have done have been all bass trips so far this season. The tuna just have not shown up in good enough numbers yet to go after and the sharks will start showing up in a couple of weeks as the waters continue to warm. All of the fishing right now has been with light tackle spinning gear with bass running in the mid 30lb class range. Below are some pictures from our June and July trips. I have some weekend spots open so if you want to get in on the striper action, give Capt. Roland Lizotte a call at 774-437-1882 for details. The sharking gear is ready to go and with Shark Week coming up on the discovery channel, why not tangle with some monster sharks that are swimming around our waters.

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EPIC June Striper Fishing Continues

Well here it goes. I have used the word EPIC in a few of my posts over the years and what I am going to report today is that striper fishing has truly been EPIC over the last 2 weeks. If I look back to about 2 years ago and read my reports, some of my clients that fished with me in early June experienced some EPIC top water striper action with hours of arm breaking, rod bending, drag screaming fishing during the first 2-3 weeks of June. Well, I am excited to report that’s what we have been experiencing over the last 2 week. Hours of non-stop, top water, light tackle striper fishing. Every day we have fished, we have had limits of fish with lots of catch and release fish….if I had to tally up how many fish we have caught in the last 2 days alone, it’s probably close to, if not over 100 fish…most fish have been in the 35″-48″ range. These are big bruiser stripers in the 20-40lb class range. Below are some pictures from those trips.

All I can say is that right now, striper fishing is EPIC and on fire. I have not seen early June striper fishing this good in a couple of years. If you want to get in on this action, give Captain Roland Lizotte a call at 774-437-1882 and ask how we can get you on the water. Stripers are in, tuna are showing up and and there have been some great sunrises and sunsets to get everyone in the right frame of mind. Keep an eye out for this weeks reports over the weekend.

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Ready To Fish – The Jersey Girl Is Back On The Water

Hi everyone!!! Well I am pleased to report that the Jersey Girl is back on the water parked in her slip at Plymouth Brewers Marine, slip A-11. With a quick shake down run offshore to burn some fuel and make sure everything was working as expected, another season is officially underway. Below are some pics from Saturday launching the Jersery Girl.

With water temps. running in the low 40’s just offshore, it was a very chilly ride at 30mph. I decided to check out a couple of the humps just outside of Plymouth that usually hold some bait and fish this time of year but the water was empty. The tide was ripping which I am sure had something to do with it.

This weekend will be my first offshore trip pending the weather forecast. I am really looking forward to another great season on the water. I can not beleive it is going to be May in 2 weeks. Where does the time go??? Well, there are some spots available so contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for details on how you can get on the early Spring fishing action.

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Well, as I reported last week, the Jersey Girl was uncovered and getting ready for her spring make over. I am happy to report that the boat is ready to be splashed for her first trip off dry land this season. It has been a long winter and I am ready to get off the dry land. The Jersey Girl has fresh bottom paint, a nice new coat of wax, a few “new extras” to start the season with and she is ready for prime time!!! Stay tuned for more to come, she will be making her way back into her slip at Brewers Plymouth Marine this week. Find out how you can get on the water this spring by contacting Captain Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882.

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Fishing 2014 – It’s A New Season – FINALLY

Hi Everyone,

Well the snow is finally gone, the day time temps are in the 50’s and spring looks like it might finally be here to stick. You know what that means… is just around the corner. Freshwater fishing around the brooks and ponds of the southshore is starting to heat up and the offshore fishing for groundfish will not be too far behind. I will be doing a little trout fishing in the next couple of weeks so I will keep you posted on progress there.

We had a long snowy winter and spent some time up north skiing and snowmobiling. The ocean temps. are still running in the upper 30’s (37-40 degree’s) so it is still a bit too cold for early spring fishing. It’s time to get the boat going. This past weekend, the cover came off the Jersey Girl and the boat is undergoing its normal spring ritual of maintenance, bottom paint and prep work. I will be splashing the boat the week of 4/28 and that will officially kick off the 2014 fishing season for us. The dogs (diva and shadow) can’t wait to get on the water and neither can I. Some pics below to share and looking forward to getting you on the water during 2014 for some fun times on the water.

Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 and find out how you can get on the water to fish during 2014.

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July Fishing Continues To Be HOT!!!! – July Update

Well, it has been tough to get reports out because we have been on the water so much lately with the nice weather finally. Despite the hot weather on land, mother nature’s “natural air conditioning” of the ocean has made for some really great days on the water. Winds have subsided, weather has been great and the fishing is just rock solide right now.

So far this summer, we have not used the wire line. For those that have fished with us in the past you know that the mid summer slow downs typically force us to make the fish eat but using the wire line gear. This year, we have been fishing with live bait and light tackle. When have you heard of Mackeral being around in mid-July when the water temps are in the mid 70’s, catching them in 15ft of water. Crazy!!! I can’t remember that since I was about 6 years old. None the less, this has made for some great striper fishing.

Our last few runs out have produced fish up to 45″ with some fish pushing 30lbs, couple that with light tackle spinning gear and you have a battle on your hands!!! This past week, we had one fish that was was 41lbs which is the heaviest for the season so far.

Below are some pictures from the last few trips out. If you want to get in on this action give us a call to see how we can get you out on the water for some fishing fun at 774-437-1882.

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June Striper Fishing – July Is Here

Well, summer arrives and so did the monsoon season and strong Southerly winds that we have not seen in the last couple of years. If it hasn’t been raining tropical downpours with amazing lightning shows, then it has been the winds cranking from the South that last few weeks.

With the strong winds, we have been kept from fishing some of our usual spots and the offshore waters. We have been limited to the inshore waters of Plymouth and fishing primarily with live bait. The nice thing about live bait fishing is that we start the day catching small fish to feed the big fish. Our last few trips have produced some nice sized striped bass in the 34-36″ range. While the bass fishing locally is not on fire, it is pretty solid and we have managed to put some nice fish in the box. If you can get out real late in the day for an evening trip, there has been some good light tackle top water action that has produced fish in the 24-36″ range as well.

I can not believe it is July 4th already. The summer is flying by so now is the time to get out on the water for some great fishing with your family and friends. Give Capt. Roland Lizotte a call at 774-437-1882 and see how we can get you on the water soon. Tight lines everyone!!!


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Live Bait Striper Action At Its Best May/June Update

Well what can I say other than live bait fishing for striped bass is on fire right now, right in my own backyard. For the month of May and so far in June, we have not had to leave the inshore waters for all of our trips. Fishing locally is that good, yes, IT IS ON FIRE!!!! We have been fortunate enough to have a lot of bait around and of late, we have been catching striped bass on light tackle, live bait in about 6-10ft of water, 15 minutes from my dock.

Our last few trips out have started by leaving Plymouth Brewers Marine around 530AM and making a quick run just offshore to catch our live bait. There is nothing more exciting than pulling up strings of live mackerel, putting them in the live well and then feeding that candy to big striped bass boat side. We have been getting our fill of bait usually within the first hour on the water and then we have been heading back inshore to fish for bass. The great thing about this is our crew has non stop action for the first hour of the day catching bait, we do not have long runs off shore and we generally do not have to worry about the weather or sea conditions.

Over the last few trips, inshore striper fishing has been on fire. Below are some pics of some of the great fishing we have had. Our last trip out was absolutely epic. We had big bass in about 10ft of water. As soon as we would put a live bait on the hook and feed it into the water, the bait would immediately come to the surface. If you looked right behind the bait, you would see a big bass circling it, swipe it with its tail and then come up with the gill plates wide open and suck the bait down. Just awesome fishing and for those that have never had this type of action before, it is truly an amazing experience.

We have some spots open in June however they are filling up fast so if you want to get in on the EPIC inshore striper fishing, now is the time. Tuna action is also in full swing and we are now running offshore trips for the rest of the season. If you want to get in on the tuna action and try your shot at a fish of a life time, give Captain Roland Lizotte a call at 774-437-1882 for details on how we can get you on the water.

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